Top Ten Worst Retro Gaming Console

The Top Ten

1 R-Zone

A terrible version of the virtual boy, as if the VB wasn't already terrible enough. The games are awful, if you can even count them as games.

2 Virtual Boy

It cases headaches and eye strain - Jake09

3 Philips CD-i

Terrible, but I have to give some credit. Without the cdi YouTube poop wouldn't exist

4 Atari 5200

You can't even play it, because the controllers don't work, and it's HUGE

5 Pippin
6 Neo Geo CD

This shouldn't be on the list. Was it a good console, not really. But it was not bad.

7 Sega 32x

I'm a diehard sega fan, and I'm embarrassed as a sega fan that this was released. At this point, they shouldn't have focused on increasing the genesis life span, but on the SATURN. Which came out 6 MONTHS after the 32x release

Its pointless even buying it - ikerevievs

8 Intellevision
9 Sega CD
10 Action Max


The Contenders

11 LazerActive
12 RCA Studio II
13 Nintendo Entertainment System

Why is this on here it saved video games! - Jake09

Danteem Shut up this console is great! and controls are easy! Call of Duty PS/Xbox Sucks at control! and you must die by cancer!

14 Atari Jaguar

64 bit? More like 64 BULLS---! The Jaguar only had a handful of games, the Jaguar CD barely functioned, and the controller was awful.

15 Atari 2600 Junior
16 Playstation
17 Sega Saturn

The console has a lack of third-party games and did not sell well as the PlayStation or Nintendo 64

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