Worst Rides and Attractions at Kennywood

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1 Garfield's Nightmare

Yeah. Let's take the classic old mill, slap Garfield all over it and not worry about the ride experience itself when half of the effects are broken. Great job, Kennywood.

2 Ice Age 4D

The most pointless addition to Kennywood. Man, I hate Palace Entertainment.

3 Cosmic Chaos

Let's make a fun spinning frisbee ride. Now let's ruin it with the worst designed harness in the world. It comes up from behind and presses you forward. My groin, back, and chest suffered at the same time on this ride.

4 SS Kenny

Basically the mini Cosmic Chaos. It does not have that terrible harness that Cosmic does. However, it spins so much and so wide for a kiddie ride that I threw up violently after ridding it once. It remains the only ride that made me sick after riding it.

5 Auto Race

Auto Race was a great ride back when I was very young. It was faster then most car rides at amusement parks plus it was a rare type of car ride not seen very often. Unfortunately, it broke down for a long time and had to be renovated. The renovation was botched up and it is so slow now like a typical turnpike ride.

6 Mini Turtles

A bad version of the actual turtles ride. 1 ft Hills and a circle smaller then an average classroom

7 Lil' Phantom

Yeah it's a kiddie coaster, but it is generic beyond belief. It's just a 6 ft lift hill, 3 ft drop, two bunny hills, and done. Only bonus is that you go around twice.

8 Kennywood Stage Near the Lagoon

Let's get rid of the swing around ride and put an area with annoying shows. I came to ride rides, not hear a bunch of actors butcher the English language for little kids.

9 Kiddie Merry Go Round

Just stick to the actual merry go round with the kids. Your bottom won't hurt on those tiny seats.

10 Bayern Kurve

A great sled ride that goes in a inclined circle and gets faster. The one reason it's on here is because of that stupid loud horn that blares for a solid ten seconds when the ride hits max speed. One thing manges to ruin a fun experience.

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11 Black Widow
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