Top 10 Worst Rides at Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando

The theme park capital of the world, Orlando is home to two of the most popular theme park resorts in the world, Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando. From classic dark rides to high-tech thrills, these parks have produced some of the most innovative and detailed ride experiences that really set them far apart from your average amusement park.
However, despite all of the top-class rides that can be found at both resorts, there are others that are, well...not so great. It's true that not everything can be a ground-breaking masterpiece, but some of these rides are just inexcusably lackluster or even flat out suck. Without further ado, here are the worst rides that can be found at the Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando Resorts.

The Top Ten

1 Journey into Imagination with Figment

I've only ridden this ride once and that was more than enough for me. Aside from the Glass Pyramids this thing is housed in, this ride is a complete failure in pretty much every aspect. I know it's supposed to be for kids, but literally every single other children's ride at the resort is better than this, and adults won't get anything out of it except an embarrassed look on their face at the end. In fact, "embarrassing" is probably the perfect way to describe this sorry excuse for an attraction. The character of Figment is annoying, the effects are lackluster, the whole ride is completely childish, it's half the length of the original Journey into Imagination ride that closed in 1998, and there's just little to no substance with this ride at all. Like I said, kids might enjoy it, but that can be said for most other attractions as well and it most definitely shouldn't be used as an excuse. The fact that this thing is usually a walk-on even during peak times of the year should be a ...more - SplashMoun10

These lists are incredible. You clearly informed yourself and you make them interesting and write them with passion. I hope to see more of your lists in featured - Martinglez

I feel bad for you. I don't exactly have a strong stomach but I can bare a lot of rides, but this one sounds way too much even for me. - Swellow

I rode this ride when I was a kid, and I LOVED it! I rode it again during our following trip to Florida, and it's just so LOVABLE!

2 Stitch's Great Escape

I know this technically isn't a "ride" but I just had to include it on here because of how notoriously bad of an attraction it is. It's probably the most hated attraction at the entire resort and for good reason. I'll admit that the pre-show is pretty cool and the Stitch animatronic is excellent, but those are the only real positives here. It was originally a replacement for Alien Encounter, which was considered "too scary for kids," but it's not this like this thing is any better in that aspect. In fact, that the only reason they have those uncomfortable restraints is to prevent kids from running away (or anyone else wanting to escape this dreck). The whole thing is basically just sitting in the dark while Stitch wrecks havoc in the room, doing things like jumping on people's shoulder restraints, spitting, and burping chili dog right in your face. How magical. Outside of the pre-show and animatronic, this attraction is a failure in every respect, and it's not enjoyable for kids or ...more - SplashMoun10

Apparently it's gone now, and rightfully so. Easily the worst attraction there. - DCfnaf

Please kill this ride. I'm a teenager and I screamed the entire time. Disgusting, dark, boring, unfunny, and annoying. What is this crap doing in Disney World? Please get this ride out of here already! - DCfnaf

Don't Worry, It's Under Seasonal Operations, So That Means It's Days Are Numbered - JPK

Wow, this ride sounds like it would drive anyone insane faster than the Clock Tower from Epic Mickey got driven insane by the It's a Small World theme song. By the way, I'm glad you finally got a featured list, Kate. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

3 Tomorrowland Speedway

Perhaps the biggest waste of real estate at the entire WDW resort. There's not a single good thing I can say about this attraction other than the fact that it helps decrease wait times for other rides in the park, because there's always lots of people who want to waste their precious park hours on this glorified Go-Kart. I get the ride is supposed to be for kids, but the carts move so slowly and the layout is incredibly boring. Autopia in California is a much better version of this ride with a much more interesting track layout with much more to see, and despite not being that great a ride, it's much more worthy of having the "You can't get rid of it, it's a classic" excuse on it. The Tomorrowland Speedway on the other hand, I don't think would be missed by very many people. It's loud, smelly, and doesn't fit in with either Fantasyland or Tomorrowland, making that entire transition between the two lands awkward. I hope in the near future it gets scrapped for something better. - SplashMoun10

I think if I farted, no one will notice! - Maddox121

4 Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem

Motion sickness usually isn't a problem for me when it comes to rides, I generally have a pretty tough stomach, but this ride... Those with weak stomachs should avoid this at all costs, and even those that don't could utilize their park-time much better than by spending it on this ride. In my opinion, Despicable Me is a highly overrated franchise and I'm sick to death of seeing the minions everywhere, but I actually find the theming pretty well-executed for what it's worth. Gru's house is pretty neat and the preshow is decent, but that's where my list of positives end. The ride itself is literally nausea-inducing and seeing as Universal has so many other simulators to compare it to, it not only doesn't stand out as far as attraction-type goes, but it flat-out pales in comparison to all the other 3-D/4-D simulators. Definitely isn't worth waiting hours in lines for if you ask me, though it is consistently a big draw for some reason. It's by far my least favorite simulator-type ...more - SplashMoun10

Not gonna lie, I liked this stimulation and never got sick from it. I liked all of them - DCfnaf

Worst simulation ride at Universal easily, and on an overrated franchise to boot. There is nothing fun or funny about this ride whatsoever! Even the Transformers one is better than this, and that was basically the exact same thing as the Spiderman ride. - NuMetalManiak

What's weird is that I actually liked this. I can see why people would get sick, but I didn't. - DCfnaf

5 The High in the Sky Seuss Trolley Train Ride

This is supposed to be Universal's answer to the Peoplemover at the Magic Kingdom, but it comes nowhere close for a multitude of reasons. For one thing, Seuss Landing is just nowhere near as captivating a land as Tomorrowland (though it is a well-executed land for what it is, it's a kids area after all). The ride is only a few minutes long compared to the Peoplemover which pushes around 10 minutes and there's nothing all that interesting to see. You get a nice view of the park I guess, but that can be said for the Peoplemover as well, and it's not enough to make up for the ride's faults. The worst thing about this ride though? That god-awful audio track! While making this list, I went to look at a video of this to refresh my mind on this attraction and I couldn't even finish the video without putting it on mute. That's how embarrassingly-bad the audio is and I remember cringing hard when I rode this. Doesn't help that we waited 45 minutes in line for that, I wouldn't want to ride it ...more - SplashMoun10

6 The Magic Carpets of Aladdin

At first glance, it might seem strange to consider this ride as one of the most, because hey, it's just a harmless spinner ride for kids, right? However, the Magic Kingdom already has two spinner attractions, Dumbo and Astro Orbiter, and both of those are arguably more popular. But the real problem with this ride is that not only is it unneeded for the park, (I suppose it was originally included to help with the wait times for Dumbo but I could be wrong) but it's plopped right in the middle of Adventureland taking up a huge amount of space. It feels tacky and out of place in an otherwise realistically themed area of the park and the space it takes up could be used for something much better and more fitting for the land. The ride itself isn't necessarily bad, although I guess could be taken aback by the water-spitting camels, but it's an unnecessary clone of a more popular ride in the park and it completely wrecks the atmosphere of Adventureland, thus it deserves a place on this list. - SplashMoun10

We have 3 Dumbo rides in one park. Any copycat? - MrEmerik2000

I loved this ride - venomouskillingmachine

7 Frozen Ever After

Since someone was bound to put this on the list eventually, I thought I might as well just put it on here myself. Now, I don't actually think this is that horrible of a ride, it's certainly not in the same vein as something like Figment, but I still think this has pretty good reason to be here. As you could probably expect, I don't care at all for Frozen and think that it garnered far too much popularity for what it's worth, but I'm not opposed to a Frozen attraction in general. And this ride does have good things going for it such as a great queue and top-notch animatronics. However, it's pretty lackluster in just about every other aspect. Now let's get to the elephant in the room, the controversy over it's location in the Norway pavilion and the removal of Maelstrom. Now Maelstrom was never that great of a ride and I wasn't too sad about it's closing, but replacing it with Frozen was just a complete mistake. Not only does it serve as an example of Epcot being dumbed down, but they ...more - SplashMoun10

What the other guy said. I'm not opposed to a Frozen ride, but don't replace a chance for children to actually learn about culture with this. It's literally a Frozen pavilion now. Unless they had flags or you go into the gift shop, you probably wouldn't even know what it's supposed to be.

Maelstrom Forever

8 Pteranodon Flyers

Gonna say right now that I've never actually been on this thing before. Why you ask? Because you have to have a young kid in your party to ride it. That's right, there's an age limit on this thing, except unlike in most cases where you have to be old or tall enough, you have to have someone young enough with you to ride. But from what I've seen, it doesn't look like anything all that great, it's basically just this swinging kid's "coaster" above the Jurassic Park area, and the views from it aren't even that great anyway. It's also a very short ride on top of that. It's probably much more fun from a kid's point of view, after all, this ride was meant for them, and it's admittedly pretty cool seeing the vehicles zip over the land, but other than that, there's not really any other good things I can say about it. It's exclusively for parents with kids, which isn't a bad thing, but even then, there are better kids rides in the park anyway. Overall, if you have a young kid with you (and you ...more - SplashMoun10

Tear apart this & Harry Potter world and expand on Jurassic Park.

9 Doctor Doom's Fearfall

I have to admit, this ride looks really cool from a distance and it's usually the first thing I see upon entering the Universal Orlando Resort. Aside from looks however, this is just your average drop tower that you can find at any regular amusement park. It's for sure got nothing on the abandoned Hollywood Hotel just down the road, but then again, the ToT is completely in a class of its own. What makes it even more lackluster is that it's sitting right next to one of the most innovative theme park rides of all time, The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man. On top of that, the ride is very short and you hardly get anything out of it outside of the first drop. At the very least, I'd like them to make the drop sequence longer, even though that probably won't change the consensus very much on it. All in all, this isn't a bad ride necessarily, it's just nothing special and it could be so much better. - SplashMoun10

There's a reason I didn't go on this ride when I went to Universal... - DCfnaf

Its ok..

10 Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon

3D is not calibrated and the motion feels off. You will vomit after this ride. Be Warned!

Thoughtless, churned out, cash grab.

Boring 3D simulator. Embarrassment to Universal Creative.

Why is NBC a T.V. station in a MOVIE park! It makes no sense!

The Contenders

11 Storm Force Accelatron

Another ride where there's just nothing all that special about it. It's your typical spinning tea cups ride themed to Storm from X-Men (and when I say themed, I'm using it loosely). There's nothing particularly wrong with it, I mean it gives younger kids something to do at least, but for everyone else it's easily skippable. I also don't care too much for it's location, it's one of the first things you come across when you go left into Marvel Superhero Island from the entrance and it just feels oddly out of place. Usually you see these kinds of rides in big open areas like Fantasyland, not in a strip-like land that MSHI is. Speaking of Fantasyland, Mad Tea Party isn't a particularly spectacular ride in itself, but it's undeniably a classic and there's more going on in terms of theming than in Storm Force Accelatron. Nothing much else to say other than the fact that this is among the less impressive rides at Universal and can easily be skipped. - SplashMoun10

12 It's a Small World Ride It's a Small World is a water-based dark ride located in the Fantasyland area at the various Walt Disney Parks and Resorts worldwide; these include: Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California, the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, Tokyo Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, more.

This ride is terrible, but I feel like everybody should go on it at least once to understand the pain and misery of the ride. - DCfnaf

Half of everyone in the world hates this song; it was done by the Sherman Bros. - MrEmerik2000

Those dolls are evil!

I think this one is perfectly OK. And somehow I seem to be the only one who didn't get annoyed by the song... - redhawk766

13 Fast & Furious Supercharged

I do not understand how Dr. Doom is higher on this list than this sad excuse of a ride. The plane ride to Orlando was more entertaining than this. Not even the hyper 6-year-olds were entertained.

Replaced Earthquake with another 3D ride.

Just rubbish!

Another pointless 3D screen ride from Universal.

14 Mission: SPACE Mission: Space is a centrifugal motion simulator thrill ride at Epcot in Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.

Worst Ride Ever I thought I died.

From June 2005 to June 2006, paramedics treated 194 Mission: Space riders. The most common complaints were dizziness, nausea and vomiting. Of those 194 guests: 25 people passed out, 26 suffered difficulty breathing and 16 reported chest pains or irregular heartbeats. -railfan99

This is a masochistic ride.

This ride makes me want to commit suicide. -Mark101

15 The Haunted Mansion

Oh wow, this ride is here. You have to be joking! - DCfnaf

This one is good because they add new scenes, CGI hitchhiking ghosts and a whole new cemetery. Can we have a report for this due to not fitting on this list? - MrEmerik2000

Why is this on here? This is considered one of the best rides at Disney World. - thunderstar1124

That one was awesome! - redhawk766

16 Superstar Limo

Why is this on the list? It was never at Disney World! - MegaSoulhero

I Heard It Was Awful - JPK

It's from DCA, not at Disney World. - MrEmerik2000

17 Jurassic Park: River Adventure

It was boring, like Splash Mountain, until the big drop, which ends up not feeling that thrilling.

18 The Simpsons Ride (Universal Studios)

Made me nauseous and bad technology. The pre-show is better.


The Simpsons ride is absolutely amazing. I went to Universal for the first time ever 4 weeks ago and I rode this. Ever since I keep telling my mom I want to go back and ride this ride specifically. It was put together so well and it was so funny. The motion on it is amazing as well. It also has many unexpected things while waiting in the queue and when you get into the seat I’m planning on going back in a couple years. See you soon Simpsons ride. - Byler

19 Space Mountain Space Mountain is the name of a space-themed indoor roller coaster attraction located at five of the Magic Kingdom-style Disney Parks.

Too rough

Overrated! -railfan99

20 Universe of Energy

It's closed

21 Dinosaur

A boring, loud dark Ride. Is an embarrassment to Disney.

22 Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit

It's a jerky roller coaster, and it has NO neck or head support, so you're banging all around during each drop and turn, which will cause headaches and backaches.
There was an issue with the anti-rollback device on the 90 degree lift hill that failed, causing MONTHS of a delay.

23 Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

I put this here because people wouldn’t stop raving about it, it’s a little coaster.

24 Peter Pan's Flight

Very boring and very short! Get a fastpass because it isn't worth the 80 minute wait

25 Spaceship Earth

Hear me out: it isn't as good as it was before, it was better when Jeremy Irons narrated it (11/23/1994 until 7/09/2007) They completely gutted the ending and replaced it with you looking at a cartoon, which was fun for the first few rides but it got old fast. It isn't a bad ride at all but it's not as near as good as it was before. It's still a good ride but they need to redo the ending to make it have substance. - Frodomar49

One word, Education. - MrEmerik2000

26 Captain EO

Not a ride but went to see the show once. It was awful. Thank god it closed. - Yankees2003

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