Top 10 Worst Rihanna Albums

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1 Unapologetic

There is only 2 songs I like from this album...Stay and Diamonds - spodermanfan1000

2 Rated R
3 Talk That Talk

Ok I LOVE rihanna and I've bought every album except this one... I mean what is birthday cake? Its like 30 seconds

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4 Loud
5 AOL Sessions
6 R8
7 Good Girl Gone Bad

No way! This is her BEST album!

Hey this album is great! - spodermanfan1000

8 Music of the Sun

WHA? This isn't number 1? She can't sing in this album. The only good song in this album is Pon de Replay - spodermanfan1000

9 Anti

100% explicit from her 8th album, huh?! What happened to Rihanna in 2015/16?
Also, her voice definitely not the REAL sound, seriously.
I want "old" Rihanna back!

I miss the Music Of The Sun to Unapologetic Rihanna. The one that didn't swear a lot and use a headache inducing beat (Needed Me). The only good songs here are Goodnight Gotham, Never Ending and Consideration. Work is also medicore but that doesn't help.
EDIT: I like this album now. Except for Needed Me, still - Hotheart123

10 A Girl Like Me
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