10 Worst Rihanna Songs

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1 Birthday Cake Birthday Cake Cover Art

Ok, apparently even Rihanna wanted to get rid of this song in fact it was supposed to be excluded from the album but was included because fans asked for it after its leak.
Let me say: the original is not a disasterpiece, it's just short and incomplete and it's enjoyable.
But the remix with Chris Brown? UGH!
"Give to her in the worst way" "can't wait to blows that candes out" "remember how you did it? " How can anyone listen to this without thinking about that day when Chris beaten Rihanna's face? It almost looks like this song is making fun of it!

Birthday Cake gets a pass for the original but NOT for the remix.

On this song, Chris Brown sings: "Give it to her in the worst way/Can’t wait to blow her candles out"

Do I seriously need to explain what's wrong with this? I know it's about kinky sex, but did nobody look at this and consider the alternative interpretation this could have? When you consider what happened between Chris Brown and Rihanna, a line like this sung by him to her comes across as an abuser justifying his actions and taking delight in abusing his victim. Chris Brown already gave it to Rihanna "in the worst way"! We're supposed to find a song about this to be sexy?

This alone makes this Rihanna's worst song. The ear-bleeding music and stupid lyrics were bad enough, but when a song paints Chris Brown's abuse in a positive light, it cannot expect to get any respect from me.

Let's see... Repeating a single word over and over until your ears bleed? Check. Awful beat that sounds like every single bad dubstep song ever made? Check. A feature from Chris Brown AFTER the assault? Check.

I don't get why this isn't #1.

Rihanna is my favorite singer. But this is her worst song. And I don't know why it's not number 1. She did better than this

2 Bitch Better Have My Money Bitch Better Have My Money Cover Art

I love Rihanna, but song is just the worst. The video is the most atrocious thing I've ever seen, especially after Chris Brown!

I think the only reason why it shouldn't be #1 on this list is that you can't call it a song, and this list is about songs.

This was the first sight of cringy Hip-Hop Rihanna. Plus the video is basically Spring Breakers 2

I almost cried by listening to this song. It's horrendous

3 Work Work Cover Art

My friends from my robotics team and discussed weaponizing this song. It sounds pretty feasible, but I'm worried that peoples' taste in music is just too bad for it to work. If somebody could explain to me why people like this song enough for it to be at the top of the Billboard Hot 100, please tell me. It is the one of the most brain-dead things I've ever heard, and the video is no better, being sold solely on sex appeal.

It's awful. My dorm neighbor blasts this on speakers with her door open along with the other incoherent songs that drone on that she listens to, and I can't help but wonder if it's supposed to be "ebonics, the song". At least with other top hits there's a hint of catchiness (not as much in the recent years but still), but this drives me mad and gets me into a angry ranty mood.

First, Justin Bieber became popular with the song "Baby" by saying the titular word over and over again. This has happened again with this abomination of a song from Rihanna. I'd rather punch myself in the face infinitely than ever listen to it again, but I can't avoid it since it's 'effing everywhere.

Face it, most people who have heard it just voice the lyrics in the most annoying, irritating way possible to make others laugh or to try to comprehend how awful the song is, but still become a "hit" record.

Just pure comedy for people with taste.

4 Phresh Out the Runway Phresh Out the Runway Cover Art

This is literally the worst song to start an ambum with.., worse than BBHMM in my opinion.

5 Pour It Up Pour It Up Cover Art

Yeah this song is wack as hell and rihanna is a crappy artist as a whole. She only has a few good songs throughout her entire career but honestly even those would sound better if someone else sang them.

No melody. She's just talking. Another excuse to show her ass.

I do love Rihanna's music but this song & music video are utter garbage. Sorry Rihannanavy...

Even the objective queen of pop has her mistakes...

6 Numb Numb Cover Art

I love Rihanna a lot, but this is definitely her worst song.

7 Needed Me Needed Me Cover Art

This song is very boring. The background music barely qualifies as music.

Really horrible and inappropriate

It's just her cussing over and over

8 Cockiness (Love It) Cockiness (Love It) Cover Art

Is this even music? This song literally has no key, no appeal, horrible lyrics (I want you to be my sex slave), a really annoying chorus and some idiot shouting 'you' for the longest amount of time possible. Quite frankly one of the worst songs I've ever heard. Even the bass sounds awful!

This song is horrendous on so many levels, and I'd say it's a lot worse than Birthday Cake. There's barely any key (I can just about hear an 'C minor' voice in her voice). The bass and production are horrendous, and the lyrics are cringe inducing.

Apparently I'm alone in my hatred for this song.
Either way, I can't stand this. I find it distressing to listen to.

Rihanna is perfect but this song isn't it's a bull.

9 S&M S&M Cover Art

This song is just awful and the music video is worse. All she sings about is sex, being a bad girl and bondage and more sex. It's just gross. Share that sort of stuff with your husband not with the whole world.

This song LITERALLY gives me headaches every time I hear it. Why isn't it on the top of this list? I also want to mention it got overplayed for no reason at all just like her previous hit "Umbrella".

Ugh, how could she ever sample Depeche Mode, get insane overplay, get banned in ELEVEN countries, and have the video flagged...

Any song that bash paparazzi is automatically good for me.

10 Rude Boy Rude Boy Cover Art

Are you all STUPID? Putting this song on worst list?

Seriously fella (friend this song rocks if you think it is worst then you know I will... $$$$

I think this song is cool so I think this is on the wrong list

HOW is THIS song number 6? Because is about sex I suppose? This doesn't automatically means it's a bad songs, sex is just a normal thing, people exist because love AND sex, sex is not a bad thing, porn videos, this type of porn is bad.
This song is super catchy and the lyrics are not gross despite being a sex song. - DaisyandRosalina

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11 Mad House Mad House Cover Art

Hey guys, this is the intro of the album, this isn't a song so it can't be good or bad, why is this listed here? - Fan_of_Good_Music

This song sucks I mean no-one in their right mind would like it

It is a pile of steaming ****

Its not even a song she just says la la come on in that's it

12 Raining Men Raining Men Cover Art

It's raining men from out of the sky me-en no need to ask why just close your eyes and catch yer men

This song is just HORRIBLE, Just like Nicki Minaj.

Two crappy artists together, what did you expect?

13 This is What You Came For This is What You Came For Cover Art

Very deep and meaningful lyrics. "Youuu, youuu, youuu" repeated a million times.

14 G4l G4l Cover Art

can you even call this a song... - patsy92

It's kind of dark so I don't really care for it

This song is too overrated and what CRTFY (Can't remeber to forget you) doing here That songs rocks and just get 500000 likes - Huge_Color

15 Wait Your Turn Wait Your Turn Cover Art

Catchy and nice, the only flaw is that the meaning is kinda confused. - DaisyandRosalina

This is my song wrong list I think this song is amazing

Just doesn't make a sense... - Fan_of_Good_Music

Your song is horrible what have you done to your songs

16 Only Girl (In the World) Only Girl (In the World) Cover Art

Why is this song here? People voting for this do not have much feeling for emotion. I am concerned about you people.

What the heck is REHAB doing up there!? It's one of her best ever songs! Stupid people!

This song features one of Rihanna's worst vocals. She's practically shouting the chorus.

WHY! Is this here. Seriously, don't get me wrong, this is amazing! Get off the list, only girl

17 What's My Name? What's My Name? Cover Art

The beat and melody are good, Drake does alright, but again rihanna ruines her own song. I prefer to listen to the parody version of this song, the girl singing is a much better singer than rihanna (mind you, everyone is) - DaWyteNight

Yea no this is not my favorite

the song just tells me how crap a song can be. I love rihanna but this song is crap

My sis love that song 100% my is niya and luis

18 Right Now Right Now Cover Art

The definition of basic.

19 The Last Song The Last Song Cover Art

I love this song, and all other Rihanna's songs, but this is one of worst songs of the queen!

This is pretty deep. Should not be here

Yes not her best

20 Sell Me Candy Sell Me Candy Cover Art

In this list I had to choose one, but Rih's songs are best because she's best

I like all the songs off this album

21 Hard Hard Cover Art

This song is lovely, I even remixed it with Eminem's Survival. Thumbs up, if you think that's a good idea! - Fan_of_Good_Music

This song is not that bad but she did better

Awesome song with fab music... Haters hate because they are jealous - starshivam

I love this song

22 Breakin' Dishes Breakin' Dishes Cover Art

Holy crap. Just holy crap. How can a song actually be this awful? It's literally just noise by an already untalented "singer." If I had to listen to this, "Bodak Yello" by Cardi B or Justin Bieber's "Baby" for an entire day I'd pick Bodak Yellow and Baby in a heartbeat. - DaWyteNight

23 Cheers (Drink to That) Cheers (Drink to That) Cover Art
24 Stupid in Love Stupid in Love Cover Art

This is a great song

What's doing one of her greatest songs here? - Fan_of_Good_Music

This is one of her most personal songs should not be here. - DaisyandRosalina

It's a beatiful song

25 Jump Jump Cover Art
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