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21 Umbrella

This song is actually pretty good

Liked it and think it is her best song like in 10th

Umbrella, Umbrella, Umbrella, Umbrealla, OKAY ALREADY!

This song was way overrated. I can't believe it stayed at the number 1 spot for 10 weeks! With such stupid lyrics too!

22 The Last Song

I love this song, and all other Rihanna's songs, but this is one of worst songs of the queen!

This is pretty deep. Should not be here - Hotheart123

Yes not her best

23 Diamonds

I don't think it's a worst song. You are the Rihanna haters and you should go away in the world.

This song is good in my opinion

I don't get why people like this song. It tries so hard to be catchy, but it comes off as boring. Sia stated that she wrote this song in 14 minutes. It shows.

If I hear the words "shine bright like a diamond" I am going to sue Rihanna. The song is hideous and repetitive. Rihanna sounds like a cow that has got tangles up in electric fence.

This is my song it's so alive

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24 Where Have You Been
25 Right Now

The definition of basic.

26 Shut Up and Drive

Trashy song & video! Both of them make no sense! - Fan_of_Good_Music

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27 Take a Bow

Why is this song here?! It's one of her best works, and this is coming from someone who does NOT like her current hits.

This is the best song you dumb this song is the best

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28 Cockiness (Love It)

Apparently I'm alone in my hatred for this song.
Either way, I can't stand this. I find it distressing to listen to.

Is this even music? This song literally has no key, no appeal, horrible lyrics (I want you to be my sex slave), a really annoying chorus and some idiot shouting 'you' for the longest amount of time possible. Quite frankly one of the worst songs I've ever heard. Even the bass sounds awful!

I like Rihanna but this song is terrible - venomouskillingmachine

Yeah this isn't good

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29 This is What You Came For
30 You Da One

This is a great songs why it's on 20th place? It's shouldn't be here

Are you kidding this song is horrible!

This is OK. Only complaint is her saying the N word in the bridge - Hotheart123

The matrix song id call it 💁 - Ihaskitty1234

31 Loveeeeeee Song
32 Four Five Seconds

What is this song about? I don't think she even knows. All of them just sound so uninteresting, even copaired to Rihanna's other songs.

She like only does three notes in this 'song' and it doesn't even seem like they are singing.

4-5 seconds to wildin'... W t f does that even mean?

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33 Breakin' Dishes
34 S.O.S. V 2 Comments
35 Photographs

Cool song, identical just for relaxing after hard work... - Fan_of_Good_Music

36 Nobody's Business

Best song ❤. Her & Chris brown show how despite what happen they stand a change together. & it ain't nobody's business

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37 Cheers (Drink to That)
38 Stay

That's it, people this is one of the greatest hit songs by Rihanna. - Fan_of_Good_Music

I think stay is a very well written song. that is my opion

Love rihanahh hate this song who's freacking idea was it to put diamonds on here anyway I love that song

Dislike it because of awful mikky ekko

39 Man Down

This song is perfection... This made me love her music so much... - Fan_of_Good_Music

This song is so bad, especially when Rihanna sings it live.

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40 Can't Remember to Forget You
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