Worst Riverdale Characters


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1 Ms. Grundy

She is really a 2 dimensional character and she is only their for her and archies affair.

Honestly I hated her with Archie and I hated when he tried to defend her but without her we would probably have Barchie Instead of BugHead

Absolutely disgusting, a pervert and more

Made the first few episodes very cringe worthy - tetuo

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2 Principal Weatherbee

Not my Weatherbee! He's not even fat. - judo8alex

3 Chuck Clayton

He changed in season 2

He is mean to all girls. Respect women, man! - judo8alex

Things Chuck Clayton definitely lies about: his penis, having herpes, and how many women he’s been with. - judo8alex

He's a jerk! - judo8alex

4 Clifford Blossom

Honestly, that wig closet is scarier than him killing his own son... - judo8alex

5 Penelope Blossom

She is funny I like her but sometimes she irritate me

She wants ginger grandchildren BAD. - judo8alex

6 Archie Andrews

What how is Archie here he is like, a leg.

The way they made the main character the most irritating, stupid and cringeworthy is just unbelievable.

Ikr?! he's so annoying

7 Myles McCoy

His wife does anyway - judo8alex

Takes bribes - judo8alex

He wasnt there for Josie - judo8alex

He is a secret Brony with that fedora. Also, what an A** - judo8alex

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8 Cheryl Blossom

She's become so annoying

She canceled. Toni deserve better than toxic Cheryl.

She can be such a brat! Super cringy lines too.

Shut up! Cheryl gives me life

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9 Jason Blossom

What. How he's the worst when we didn't even get to know him

Was probably into incest. - judo8alex

Well I mean we didn’t even hear him talk

10 Veronica Lodge

Spoiled brat that runs to her daddy when ever she needs something at least shes gaining some balls now and actually standing up for herself

Spoiled annoying mary sue

A wannabe shady woman, but an average spoiled cliché of a girl

She is such a stupid bitch!


The Contenders

11 Hermione Lodge

She does not deserve the name Hermione. Miss Granger would be ashamed. - judo8alex

12 Fangs Fogarty
13 Mayor Sierra McCoy

She takes bribes - judo8alex

14 Kevin Keller

Betty just let the farm take him

15 Betty Cooper

No I love betty! - Kitten-lover-123

She is sooo overrated and cringe

Honestly she's sooo annyoing. Besides the show keeps making her seem like some sort of detective which makes me cringe a bit. Sorry to those Betty Cooper fans out there

It sounds like every word she speaks she is trying to remember the script and her r’s are exaggerated, all around annoying

16 Chic Cooper

Bitchy intruder that cries when someone has some sense and accuses him

17 Hal Cooper

Can we please get rid off Hiram..He is Such an ass

Definitely a Trump voter. - judo8alex

He's the black hood so.. yeah. He murdered so many innocent people, almost made alice get an obortion for her unborn baby, lock up polly in the sisters of quiet, lie to betty that she was sick, but actually, she was pregnant with Jasons baby. He blackmailed betty, and threatened to kill her friends if she didn't break up with jughead, and hurt veronica and her mom. He also bought out bettys dark side. I rest my case. I say no more. Thankyou.

18 Penny Peabody

She's the worst to me. She just messes everything up.
Also, am I the only one thinks Chuck is hot? I guess I'm just weird

Heartless b****!

19 Ethel

She is a very annoying character, that just makes me want to smack my head against my keyboard.

I just hate her

She fat

I hate her so f’ing much. She could die in a whole and I wouldn’t care. Sorry bout it. But she thinks jughead likes her, she blackmails people all the damn time, she’s so rude to Veronica, and I could go on

20 Hiram Lodge

He threw my baby Archiekins into jail! - AngelOfTheSky

He is the core villain of the show, especially Season 3
Season 1 core villain: Clifford Blossom
Season 2 core villain: Black Hood
Season 3 core villain: Hiram Lodge

21 Alice Cooper

Literally the most selfish person

22 Jughead Jones

He was amazing in season 1 but season 2 ruined his character

I love Jughead Jones he is so cool.
where is veronica lodge she is horrid! - Kitten-lover-123

The worst character BY FAR. He’s a terrible person and Betty really deserves better than him. Him being the “serpent king” is beyond cringed. Not to mention that Cole Sprouse isn’t a good actor. Overrated.

23 Evelyn Evernever
24 Joaquin DeSantos
25 Kurtz

Worst character in the show!

26 Nick St. Clair Nick St. Clair
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