Worst Riverdale Characters


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1 Principal Weatherbee

Not my Weatherbee! He's not even fat. - judo8alex

2 Chuck Clayton

Things Chuck Clayton definitely lies about: his penis, having herpes, and how many women he’s been with. - judo8alex

He is mean to all girls. Respect women, man! - judo8alex

He's a jerk! - judo8alex

3 Ms. Grundy

Made the first few episodes very cringe worthy - tetuo

Crazy Cougar - judo8alex

4 Clifford Blossom

Honestly, that wig closet is scarier than him killing his own son... - judo8alex

5 Penelope Blossom

She wants ginger grandchildren BAD. - judo8alex

6 Myles McCoy

His wife does anyway - judo8alex

Takes bribes - judo8alex

He wasnt there for Josie - judo8alex

Secretly a Brony. Also, what an A** - judo8alex

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7 Jason Blossom

Was probably into incest. - judo8alex

8 Hermione Lodge

She does not deserve the name Hermione. Miss Granger would be ashamed. - judo8alex

9 Mayor Sierra McCoy

She takes bribes - judo8alex

10 Hal Cooper

Definitely a Trump voter. - judo8alex

The Contenders

11 Archie Andrews
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