Top 10 Worst Roblox Town and City Games

These Town and City games were rotten to the core and are just so unpleasant!

The Top Ten

1 Life in Paradise

This made the front page? Really? Because this has less effort than a free model land I was going to build. - legomen444

Seriously? Babies you adopt just want you for your things... And big family guys, ignore rest.

This game is a joke. There's no creativity involved in it. All you do is waltz around, asking every single guy (or girl) to role-play/be your boyfriend (or girlfriend)/husband (or wife). Then, once you've got your "partner" you adopt some lame kids who spend more than half their time crying at you. -

2 Welcome to the Different Town of Robloxia

The remake no one wanted! - legomen444

3 Life in Hollywood

123 for a boyfriend in this stupid game! It even rips off Life in paradise! - legomen444

4 Adopt and Raise a Cute Baby!

No and yes there is so many I could not put them all on that is for a different list. - legomen444

5 Life in Paradise 2

A sequel no one wanted - legomen444

6 Welcome to the Town of Robloxia

More like welcome to the town of free modelia - legomen444

7 Ro Island

How bout no - legomen444

8 Hotel Elephant

Now when you look at this game tell me please what do you see? Its just a boring old game! - legomen444

It's really beautiful but I don't even know what to do in here.

Yes I hope they add to it because you can’t really do anything in it

9 Boys and Girl Prom

If roblox even cared about reporting then this would be a death trap and higher. - legomen444

10 Roblox High School

This one is low on the list because I like to troll around here. - legomen444

The Contenders

11 Meepcity

Here lies the good chat filter. - MrLoser

12 Be a Pet or Adopt One

Ya know I am going to make a stupid ODing adopt and raise a kid game but I think I will do it by using pets and have a thumb nail thing accessible to show how lazy I am" Lizze915 - legomen444

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1. Life in Paradise
2. Welcome to the Different Town of Robloxia
3. Life in Hollywood



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