Top Ten Worst Roblox Updates

I love Roblox. But there are some updates that tick us off easily...

The Top Ten

1 Starter pack is 3.0

I still hate this. - ZachTheSuperSaiyan

Please just get Lego people off of the virtual world. I HATE SEEING THE SAME JamaicaN HAIRED, CRAPPY JACKETED, MINIFIGURE! I'd rather look at the old starter pack. When I see oders that look like LegoS, it just makes me feel more agrivated about them.

2 Saying Goodbye to Tickets

Saying Goodbye to Tickets = Saying Goodbye to ROBLOX - LolMitch5

Saying Goodbye to Tickets = ROBLOX is ruined!

Should be Number 1!

This update basically ruined ROBLOX! - MichaelAftonUTTP

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3 Price Floor V 1 Comment
4 New Profile Layout (As of September 2015)
5 Game Icons

Extra work for your game? We'll take it! - ZachTheSuperSaiyan

WOW! one guy stabbing another in one hand, and in the other, he's fighting a bear?! I GOTTA PLAY THIS much disappointment.

6 The site is hard to get around. V 1 Comment
7 iPhone and iPad versions were good, but Android was crap
8 New Explosion, WAY too laggy.
9 Different animations
10 Only allowing one color at a time.

I'm a newer roblox player, so this is really the first bad update that affected me.

Wow, Roblox reached a whole new low. -_- - wrests

The Contenders

11 Comments are disabled V 1 Comment
12 It's hard to build when you're new.

Now the creator is just naming things wrong with roblox... - DapperPickle

13 The Future of the ROBLOX Avatar (R15)

It's so crappy now. - TeamRocket747

14 Robux only given to BC Members.

It would be nicer if NBC people liek me could get 5 robux a day, but no, roblox is greedy and greedy and so on. I hope roblox goes bankrupt and never come back to this world.

15 Tags
16 Anthro
17 Useless events

Fruity pebbles
Pirates of carribean
Alvin and the chipmunks
Winter games
Ben 10
Good: Olympics 2016 Kung fu panda around the world art Event

18 Forum "Upgrade"

They need to correct it to *Downgrade

19 Server List Removal
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Top Remixes

1. Starter pack is 3.0
2. Only allowing one color at a time.
3. New Explosion, WAY too laggy.
1. Saying Goodbye to Tickets
2. New Profile Layout (As of September 2015)
3. Price Floor
1. Starter pack is 3.0
2. Price Floor
3. New Profile Layout (As of September 2015)



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