Top Ten Worst Roblox Updates

I love Roblox. But there are some updates that tick us off easily...

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1 Saying Goodbye to Tickets

I'm not righting about this, but no one wrote this: having only 200 friends.. I don't know if this is an UPDATE but its really stupid why can't u just have more than 200 friends how is it breaking the rules or anything? It's so annoying when u create a new friend and wanna friend them but u gotta delete a friends you already have

At LEAST you can change your package from 3.0! - MichaelAftonUTTP

Worst update of Roblox ever made it was just dumb to remove something I love when I was a 9 years old boy and I hate Roblox remove it

Tix were great..

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2 Number Censoring

What is the problem of telling the age?

I understand this update, people can be pretty dumb sometimes and might give away there phone number or credit card digits.

I can't say one or put numbers in a sentence. This should go away now

I can't put RP age stuff in the bio or something thanks to this - starryrcad

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3 Tags

You can only speak properly if you understand the complex language of Tags. Oh and say goodbye to numbers, like "one". It's tags now. THIS IS BAD.

This is why people add dec with the number

It censored yes.


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4 Robux Only Given to BC Members

Making this update is a BAD idea. without Tix, you are not able to get some stuff for your character and won't be able to get free robux without being hacked. But when it comes to this Builders Club members think they are cool which takes the icing of the cake. If this update stays People without because will go bankrupt and because people won't care about it. And the only way to solve the problem is because! Will this nightmare ever end?!

My parents will NOT let me buy anything digitally. I'm called a Noob all the time when I have been playing a long time.

How are people supposed to play ROBLOX without ROBUX? They should get 5 ROBUX daily! - Datguyisweird666

This is literally what causes players with robux to bully poor players. Roblox, what have you done?

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5 Starter Pack is 3.0

In my opinion, I don't really think this is bad. Sure it does look like lego but whats the point of powering imagination if there is limited tools. All roblox wants to do is to have a new look for players and if you don't like it you can change it. Simple - TheMinecraftGamer

I thought the old default avatar was bad; now it looks cute compared to the new avatars

3.0 is an ugly lego rip off. It does not fit the ROBLOX blocky look at all.

Old avatar: 1.0, hat and a random color for legs and torso
New avatar: 3.0 and bacon hair - Datguyisweird666

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6 Forum Removal

Can't they at least let us VIEW forums?

Blame this user named QuackityHQ for this! - InfinateSuperstorm

So, we know about TIX and Guest Removal. But ROBLOX has gotten rid of the forums. I never really went on the forums, sometimes I did. The forum was the best ways to communicate and trade. Now, ROBLOX has decided to remove it so you can communicate in other ways. How can you communicate when everything you type is tagged? So, no more forums. What's next? Is ROBLOX gonna remove the groups?

Ever since David Baszucki took over ROBLOX after Erik Cassel died, he's been making this game worse and worse. I bet he pays the ROBLOX staff that much money to agree with his ideas. I cannot wait until the day when ROBLOX gets a new CEO and turns the game round to its former glory. No more ODers, No more tags but a game where it was like it was 10 years ago.

7 Price Floor

This should be the #1 Worst update universally hated by pretty much everyone and the ROBLOX staff just ignored the month long protest and kept it in.

Its five robux anyway so whats wrong in that? - cone6267

25 Robux and 300 Tix? REALLY? - ZachTheSuperSaiyan

8 New Profile Layout (As of September 2015)

Its good, no problem here actually

It's not worst. But It's good. - LapisBob

Bot Bad

9 Comments are Disabled

Don't blame ROBLOX, blame the stupid annoying scammers. They put down the comments. - Datguyisweird666

It was a good update in my opinion. Cause it stoped the scams and "hOw tO mAkE yOuR vOiCe sOuNd dIfFiErNt" comments.

I think it was a good update because scammers were everywhere! Now all they need to do is remove comments from clothing, as those cringe users keep commenting "/e free" on them - AlexImmortal420


10 Guest Removal

I actually like this update. I know about the good sides for being a guest, but the fact that they broke rules and NOT be reported is something that really I didn't like about them. - GodzillaFan8520

Yes, guests can be annoying, but now u can't play if u can't get an account

Once guests were removed, many fake myths came to be

I saw a faceless guest after the update😐😐😐

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The Newcomers

? New Custom Admin Rules All

So annoying. So if your in a Roleplay game looking like a boss this giant admin with wings will rip your head off! It makes us Roblox players look like weaklings and want to really have admin!

The Contenders

11 "Sorry, your account is restricted from playing Experimental Games unless you are friends with the creator."

We can't play games for our childhood thanks to this update

The whole point of ROBLOX was to share games! Now, 99% of ROBLOX is not allowed to be played, and classic games are no longer used.

This is one of he most "StupiD" updates to ever exist

Dang, this update was 50 times worse than anthro. Thank god this tragic update was removed. - BlueBobYT

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12 Removal of Copyrighted Audio

All of my IDs are now classical music, and also that A LOT of the game music is now stupid music!

Ok I understand this update because the more people send more copyrighted audio the more that roblox is gonna be charged with, But I am mad about this update because all of my favorite songs got replaced with classical music now Like for example, Literally have I bought all of the Green Day and RHCP Audio that roblox possibly had and now almost all of it is gone, Roblox why did you had to ruin people's childhoods with music?

Copyright is bring hell to the world this year. It brought hell to google, YouTube, and now ROBLOX. - TeamRocket747

Roblox is not as good as it was before until they chose to remove copywritten music. Now all of my favourite songs are replaced with crappy classical music.

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13 Only Allowing One Color at a Time

I got a way to bypass this! You can click Advanced in Body Parts, Color, and you can change your body parts to different colors! - HelloWhyImHere

I'm a newer roblox player, so this is really the first bad update that affected me.

The advanced body color settings exist for a reason... - starryrcad

Just a note, there's text that says "Advanced" at the bottom of "Skintone". Click on it and you'll be able to color each individual part of your Avatar.

A color hex would be nice, now that they have one in Studio...

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14 Game Icons

Extra work for your game? We'll take it! - ZachTheSuperSaiyan

WOW! one guy stabbing another in one hand, and in the other, he's fighting a bear?! I GOTTA PLAY THIS much disappointment.

15 Forum "Upgrade"

They need to correct it to *Downgrade

16 Removal of Most Heads
17 New Explosion, WAY too laggy.
18 Server List Removal

God, this makes me pull my hair out of it's roots.

I was delighted when ROBLOX allowed you to choose servers.

Is there an annoying brat trying to troll you? Server's full? Is your game lagging because of the amount of players? Exploiter on the loose?
No worries, all you need(ed) to do was join a smaller / empty server. But then ROBLOX thought they were doing all the little tikes on ROBLOX a favor when they removes the option to choose what server you wanted to be on.

You could only join servers your friends are on.

I have a suspicion that ROBLOX did this to secretly force private servers on players. I like private servers, but it's just like joining a server with (a) friend(s), but without any other players you aren't familiar with, which ruins the fun. Plus, it costs us a pretty penny in my opinion.

I don't even have a lot of ROBLOX friends, and none of them even share the same interests in the same game(s), so there's no way I'm gonna find one ...more

I remember when I had a laugh computer and found only not lag when I showed a small server. Until I started using the home computer I had to deal with lag because of this update - IHSCOUTII1973

I just want to join a server where there is a YouTuber or an empty server! Now I can just only view my friends! Good thing they brought it back. - Datguyisweird666

19 You Must Wear Clothes

A solution to this is to make a completely blank Shirt. There's some "invisible" Shirts on the Catalog...

To bypass this, you can change your body parts to different colors. - HelloWhyImHere

You can just get a shirt that has nothing on it... - Datguyisweird666

I hate that TIX got removed, however, this made me LOATHE roblox, you can't be the good kind of noob, or a weird colored alien thing, no, if you try, they automatically put clothes on you. - BlueBobYT

20 Anthro

I only have 2 games that I actually like, if those games didn't existed, I would quit

Anthro is too realistic a lot of users will quit the game if it is added I will still play though

If this happens I will murder the maker of roblox

And I thought the bacon hair noobs were worse.
But then I realized hat Anthro will cause users to quit ROBLOX
But not me.

Unless the next noob avatar is a combination of bacon hair and Anthro. - AlexImmortal420

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21 Rthro

Rthro is so bad

Why roblox, why!

Really ugly.


22 The Future of the ROBLOX Avatar (R15)

It's so crappy now. - TeamRocket747

Its good at least - Ihatedigimon

23 Removal of Copyrighted Stuff.

I agree with removing copyright games because you can't remake already-existing games on Roblox, however I disagree with removing copyright audio, because you can't play any good music anymore.

I agree this update is horrible

This has got to be one of the worst updates, maybe even worse than removing tix. Some audios have changed into boring music now we have to upload small bits of copyrighted songs. and then before that they removed pokemon brick bronze, one of the most popular games on ROBLOX. come on copyright is retard when it involves paying. I get giving credit. and video game music has to be so people buy games. but having to pay money for music... god dang it. - Ihatedigimon

24 Backpack Removal

I have never seen a backpack in ROBLOX other than those free modeled ones. - Datguyisweird666

25 New Cheez it Logo

I wish I could eat it. - Datguyisweird666

26 Default Clothing
27 Friend Changed from Unlimited to 200

This is the worst update ever! If roblox doesn’t remove the friend limit I’m gonna murder him and do it myself. Stupid roblox community.

28 Removing Daily Robux

This actually happened. Back in the good old days when there were not as many players, every day you log in you get 5 Robux. I wish they would bring back this feature. They removed it before they removed tix! I agree that most updates are horrible. I personally think that a 13 year old child, like me, could administrate roblox better than the ADULTS that own roblox do now!

I’m a newer player and I think the sound of robux each time you login sounds great so that should be put back in.

29 Ready Player One Event

Good movie
Bad event

Really Annnoying

30 You Can Only Buy Robux in the USA

That's stupid

31 Different Animations
32 New Avatar Editor Update
33 Separating the feeds and the games

It's so much more work to go to the feeds now, I usually access games made by groups through the feed but now it takes longer and I might as well just look up the title of the game in the search bar to get there.

It’s easier and also made it lag badder. Like if I join a game it would freeze but go well.

34 Stopped paying people who help with events.

This is ridiculous. ROBLOX has stopped paying people who with events because they think that "exposure" is a good enough payment. They didn't even get payed that much, and those people who help with the events put so much hard work into their game for the events. Most people who help with the events turn the Robux into real money so they can pay for things like college, but now they can't.

Exposure isn't worth anything when people are only playing for the events and wont play again, and they gonna do 50 games from 50 people for next event which is very awful!

35 Allowing Illegal Content

Why roblox? WHY? I think roblox like oders and rich people and hates poor people. I HOPE ROBLOX (the user) GETS BANNED AND ROBLOX WILL BECOME GOOD AGAIN!

36 New Graphics

Screw this update!

I'm ok with the new graphics update, but I despise the Anthro update - AlexImmortal420

37 Copyright Clothing

Most groups and players spam the same clothing over and over with the same file
its getting ridiculous not finding the specific clothing when they spam the same thing

38 Audio Removed [Content Deleted]
39 Clock Time Reset in Roblox Studio
40 The 2nd Version of Anthro

-Mr Grey
-More like what the hell is happening to roblox,Anthro? damn,Might be replacing r6 and r15 and come out with the R rated Anthro

41 New "Games" tab on home page
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