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1 DrTrayBlox (DanTDM)

He his not bad. he is a youtuber.

Inticed many little kids to join the game, and further ruin a community that is already rather bad. There are more kids trying to copy his outfit than the lines of code in Phantom Forces!

DanTDM was good once, as a youtuber, but quickly went downhill as a younger audience populated his channel through Roblox.

2 DontClickMe

An absolutely spammed scamming account.

Don't click me click me stuff are all over my Darkrai_IsAwesome account.I hate that.They just to it to my friend requests. its scary and it freaks me out.I need answers

3 Admin

Well I don't know what me did and I think he made a huge hack

You are basically saying that ROBLOX, the literal creator of ROBLOX itself, is the worst ROBLOXian. Lmao get a life dummies

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4 1x1x1x1

I'm so glad and joyful that 1x1x1x1 and his group got banned. If he never got banned he would have done something bad and terrible to roblox.

He is the best hacker on ROBLOX

111is friends with him

He used to be a deadly hacker and hacked thousands of accounts and stealing hard earned Robux.

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5 loleris

He honestly hardly does or edits any of his games. Instead, he hires builders and scripters to work 24 7 for him while he sits around, whining on his twitter getting all the credit. When I play his games, I give credit for the scripters/builders who made the game. Not him.

None of his ideas are original. He just steals one game's concept and somehow makes his game more successful. Also, he is short tempered and calls everyone who ticks him off a 'sad person who can't develop' or a 'scrub'.

He is SO OVERRATED. All of his fans are suck ups. He's a spoiled brat who tries to be cool and funny but tries way too hard. 'MAD INSANE POTATO'. for the win

Loleris is crap

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6 Julius5005/juliuscoles/v2

First off, I'm sure Julius Coles is his own name which is completely against the rules. Second, he made a copy of The Town of Robloxia added free models and called it different. The worst part? HE GIVES NO CREDIT. He claims that it's his own. What an idiot.

I hate this guy. He is an awful person, he wishes everyone that plays Roblox to get cancer and die a painful death. He should be hated more than any of these people. He copied games, claimed them to be his, and wishes for little kids that play Roblox to die of cancer. This guy is a disgrace to humanity.

Lol anyone who thinks he is a good creator is probably a fan of him. In his games compare some areas and other areas and look at the difference. You can tell there are free models

He is like the Loleris of town and city games. Steals ideas and makes them better.

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7 Jaredvaldez4

He hacked almost all my friends and my only best friend, FloraOfHearts!

Copies games, gives no credit AND HE HACKED 1Dev2!

He's a huge noob my account alt is now banned thanks to him

So true.

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8 ClickMe
9 Igotmyrunningshoeson


He copies games and says they're his own. Igotmyrunningshoeson will name it something like "Survive a Mega Shark! " But when you are in the game, its actually ANOTHER copy of Survive A Plane Crash. Igotmyrunningshoeson also steals robux from people! He is the WORST ROBLOXIAN EVER! Igotmyrunningshoeson, please take your running shoes off.

Thumbs up if you agree!

This guy makes fake roblox games I hate him so much - Stevenpenguin

Terrible games

More like Igotmyrunningshoesoff!

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10 Mypenisiswet

He's a pervert and a bad rep NOOB he scam one of the most weirdest stupidest and sexist robloxions ever

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? ThingsGetMessedUp2
? korea1124

They're the worst robloxian to ever live! they scam and they troll! they should be banned. - nyaaa

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Extremely overrated and has no dignity. His group is inactive, he doesn't make anything himself. He would rather have his lackeys build and script while he takes credit.

People have said that they have been sights of Sonic hacking, I don't know if this is true but I believe it is.

He even made His OWN FAN CLUB that twit..

I'm in his military group,and we just recently started a war,"inactive" huh?

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12 Pieperson50

One of the most well known bait and switch scammers of 2007-2012, Pieperson50 ranks among a few of the worst Robloxians due to his infamy with the bait and switch scam games having misleading titles like:'Who killed Spongebob? ' - 654o6t04

Just a sad, poor, scammer with a giant group that rarely does stuff.

13 Bakyl V 1 Comment
14 TheBoringFox

He is awesome!

He makes tons of obby for robux scams when he is builders club. - TheBoringFoxHater

Makes a ton of obby for robux games, when he is builders club and I believe this is a scam.
Makes fake gift spoiler places.
He had another account which got banned.
All he's games failed.

15 JustSeven V 1 Comment
16 SuddenRush12G

So glad he's banned. He was the second worse scammer of even today. He goes on the front page for YEARS and is left unbanned.

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17 Dark1020

Free models, ODer games, He's a ODer, Has HORRID scripts that usually are 100% not by him. If I was a admin I would ban him forever. Oh made a alt? FEEL MY WRATH.

I agree. His games have so much online dating while he dates. His fans are of course online daters too. He is also a copy cat who actually have been copying others games ugh. :

This guy isn't banned yet for all he has done? Step up your game admins...

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18 DarkGenex
19 Taymastar

There is nothing wrong with Taymaster he makes original games but loleris takes his ideas and just tricks good scripters and builders into making loleris's games and just puts "Mad" over it and loleris takes all the money and the credit.

20 mw3grunt V 1 Comment
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