Top Ten Worst Robloxians

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21 PowerOfTheC0mmunity
22 Pieperson50

One of the most well known bait and switch scammers of 2007-2012, Pieperson50 ranks among a few of the worst Robloxians due to his infamy with the bait and switch scam games having misleading titles like:'Who killed Spongebob? ' - 654o6t04

Just a sad, poor, scammer with a giant group that rarely does stuff.

23 Mypenisiswet

He's a pervert and a bad rep NOOB he scam one of the most weirdest stupidest and sexist robloxions ever

24 Bakyl

False clannie that changes groups 24/7

25 JustSeven

A scammer with no life.

26 SuddenRush12G

So glad he's banned. He was the second worse scammer of even today. He goes on the front page for YEARS and is left unbanned.

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27 lolmanXD444

Lolman makes great games but stalks me every time he sees me.


27?! should be 1.


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28 stickmasterluke
29 Guest 666
30 korea1124

They're the worst robloxian to ever live! they scam and they troll! they should be banned. - nyaaa

31 John Doe

Why is John Doe here? The account is a test account along with Jane Doe for starters. Roblox even confirmed it themselves.

32 Taymastar

There is nothing wrong with Taymaster he makes original games but loleris takes his ideas and just tricks good scripters and builders into making loleris's games and just puts "Mad" over it and loleris takes all the money and the credit.

33 Dark1020

Free models, ODer games, He's a ODer, Has HORRID scripts that usually are 100% not by him. If I was a admin I would ban him forever. Oh made a alt? FEEL MY WRATH.

I agree. His games have so much online dating while he dates. His fans are of course online daters too. He is also a copy cat who actually have been copying others games ugh. :

This guy isn't banned yet for all he has done? Step up your game admins...

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34 Uglypoe
35 DarkGenex
36 mw3grunt

What did he do?

37 YourCaesarSalad

This guy owns a group called Blox Channel. Him and his friends (the admins) may seem serious and civilized on the outside, but in reality, they are bullies. - thunderstar1124

38 Guest 999

Why is a guest even on

39 Gabemattyb
40 XeronteWolfe

An egotistical brat. He gets other people to make everything in his game and thinks he's some kind of hero, after copying other's sprites on the claiming to be his.

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