Top Ten Worst Robloxians

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41 TylerMcBride

Tyler McBride has never copied any games! What's wrong with him? He's the ADVENTURE MAN!

Tyler is the worst guy ever!

Tylermcbride copies people's games

42 JarlSoda

Owns one of the most obnoxious groups ever and screams cuss words whenever he dies

43 JapperBong

Wrecked the WWII community with Hydra, Vietnam community with USM 1960's, He's a Hacker, and scammer no wonder he's banned..

44 TheScraggyKid

This man is a bad man. I don't like jim - biddyfox

45 Abacaxi514

She goes on the OT forums and she is such an annoying SJW. Most of her threads consist of bait or whining that people are oppressing her for being LGBT. She's hostile to you if you're a Christian or if you don't have similar political views. Also she can't even stay on one account for too long because she always gets banned and goes on alts. Very arrogant troll and whiny SJW.

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46 DxpeKris

Someone who claims that she hacked and removed many accounts and the one who likes to starts fuss and worsens it every time I talk and wants to hack my account which she also call me Noob and I told her there's no point if she wants to hack me since I'm Noob so she likes to threaten people for fun... Likes sabotaging people too

47 ItssPaladin
48 Christina8787
49 BuildIntoGames V 1 Comment
50 TheBoringFox

Makes a ton of obby for robux games, when he is builders club and I believe this is a scam.
Makes fake gift spoiler places.
He had another account which got banned.
All he's games failed.

He is awesome!

51 Cindering

I know team rocket is right glitches happen - toptenforlife

I hate Cindering he is such a bastard lmao. Once I was in Roblox High School fan group one day I went to my group page and found my rank in the fan group as "Banned" seriously?!?! THIS IS RIDICULOUS I NEVER DID ANYTHING BAD IN ROBLOX HIGH SCHOOL. HE DESERVES TO BE IN THE PYSCHOLOGIAL HOSPITAL AND GET TERMINATED

Ever heard of glitches? And your joke about the hospital is unfunny and you've gone too far. - TeamRocket747

52 Thaisonle

This guy is the best at project pokemon. In fact, he reseted his stats 3 TIMES

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53 MistyShade V 1 Comment
54 PlatinumFalls

Cringe, just plain cringe

Just stop making those obbys. - TeamRocket747

56 Sleepy Studios

Has one clickbait tycoon on the front page, changes the damn title EVERYDAY but the game NEVER CHANGES. - Yaboistingy

57 Everyoneissuck
58 DontClickOnMe
59 Guest 999
60 Cookingatulip V 2 Comments
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