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61 Cookingatulip

I met Cookingatulip on The Iron Cafe once. She was abusing her admin powers, labeling it as "having fun with admin". After seeing her PROFILE, however, I now realize that she's probably just some 8 year old girl with no sense of humor. Her places SUCK, first of all. And her blurb?

"muffins. DEAL WITH THIS POINTLESS BLURB! " No, I will not deal with that pointless blurb until you apologize to all of those who you have bullied!

Back to admin abusing. I wasn't being abused, someone else was. I decided to stick up for this person. It wasn't aggressive or anything, but I simply said, "Okay. I think we should stop abusing admin and have fun." Then came a world of jails and punishes, and many many many insulting remarks. The other admins (which were probably her friends) were in on it, too.

I distinctively remember some other guy that was associated with the abusing saying "Interesting story, but... yawn" after I spoke up with MY ...more

In the summer of 2014, this admin in The Iron Cafe started torturing innocent ROBLOXians, especially TheRobertsFamily3.

Eventually, the victim gave up and reported 6 times; 5 to ROBLOX and 1 to IronInforcer. - TheRobertsFamily3

62 Agspureiam

Agspureiam is the worst because he rickrolled and mlg'd me at Kohl's Admin House but still awesome for a reason.

63 EvilMagoo

That guy is wanting us to stop Five Nights at Freddy's and MLG

Wanting us to Stop the Five Nights at freddys and MLG

64 Thecoderbunny

His Animations are poorly animated. He makes them bad. Has the worst place called the Bunny Island

65 XMurderMadnessX

He is a trolling 5 year old. He was being a jerk to everyone in Work at a Pizza Place. He was screwing up the orders, next he (F Word)ing up the pizzas! He is just being so rude to my friends

66 Dued1

Dued1 is not bad. Anyone that posted him on this is stupid.

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67 Rainmondjaun

A 9 year old brat who just stole idev2 famous game his fans from a clan called RWE are slaves he tried to be funny and he fails is worst joke was what do you call a goat with only one ear he then said van goat HAHAAHAH NOT FUNNY

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68 Churdmunkee123

He is an annoying troller who likes to pretend he has a YouTube channel just to get more popular!

69 iispeeder

Finally someone added this guy still waiting for someone to put Kingcharlesballer he scammes trades and is so annoying don't send these guys trades.

Annoying person ever says send me trades so annoying he gets them then sells them he has a domuious Rex and just sells other people's hats a scammer of 2015.

70 Dignity
71 iiAnimalGod
72 UltraCyberMaster
73 Elephantfarts1
74 MacrosV1
75 Fleskhjerta

What did he do?

76 JAwesome7


Stole muh robux - TheManWithaPlan

77 MaskedDalek47


78 Txawesomeness

This scrub tries to act cool, but in reality, she's just a whining loser.

79 ScoobDoobDo

This guy makes misleading Roblox games, his group Obby Productions always does misleading, and he makes fake gamepasses just to get money, YOU GREEDY DIRTBAG! - TeamRocket747

80 iiSaltySavii
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