Top Ten Worst Robot Masters

They're the bosses you know and love the robot masters. Yeah, everyone know that you can't have a megaman game without the robot masters, while some of the robot masters are completely awesome there are some that just make you want to say, WHY? Why do you exist? So here's a list talking about all those terrible ones.

The Top Ten

1 Quint (Mega Man 2 Gameboy)

So the story behind the second mega man game for the gameboy is that Dr. Wily steals a time machine, finds out his future self has given up, steals the future Mega Man and reprograms him for battle. That sounds awesome let's battle him. But it's a guy on a pogo stick, REALLY? He shoots rocks that have really short range and his weapon is terrible because unless you destroy an enemy in one hit it hurts you. He doesn't even get a boss theme. - FlamingYveltal

2 Oil Man (Mega Man Powered Up)

The biggest reason I hate him the most is because he was racist in the Japanese version - FlamingYveltal

3 Plant Man (Mega Man 6)

Oh this guy, long story short his fight sucks, his design sucks, and his weapon sucks - FlamingYveltal

4 Aqua Man (Mega Man 8)

How did Capcom get away with this guy?! I LOVE MEGA MAN I don't want them to be sued! His design is just a stupid water cannon thingy and his stage is just awkward along with his fight. He doesn't have that much of a backstory at all and his weapon is half decent.

"H2O? More like H2-NO! " ~Aerodragon2

5 Toad Man (Mega Man 4)
6 Spring Man (Mega Man 7)
7 Top Man (Mega Man 3)
8 Pump Man (Mega Man 10) V 1 Comment
9 Dynamo Man (Mega Man and Bass)
10 Sheep Man (Mega Man 10)

Sheep Man is a real thing? I... I have lost faith... - TrueBlueHeroes

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