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1 Nickelback Haters

@christangrant Maybe people don’t like their music, ever think of that? It’s painfully average, and no amount of money donated to hospitals will change that

If you don't have a good reason to hate Nickelback why even hate them what did they do to derserve the hate by the way haters they donated $10,000 to a childrens hospital so what makes them the worst rock band ever if they donate to children hospitals. - christangrant

2 Theory of a Deadman Haters

Same situation with Nickelback why hate them if you don't have a good reason to - christangrant

3 Pink Floyd Haters

People only hate this band because they think only stoners listen to them. This music is good even if you're not stoned I can't understand why anyone would hate this band.

People who hate Pink Floyd and Queen are douchebags who can't appreciate quality music. Or these haters are just jealous because they know their favorite bands can't hold a candle to Pink Floyd and Queen. - Metal_Treasure

There is no reason to hate Pink Floyd - christangrant

4 AC/DC Haters

Some of their music might be a bit repitive and sound similar but they aren't bad.

5 Pantera Haters

Anyone who hates Pantera is a idiot pop fan who has only listened to 1 Metal Song in their life - christangrant

6 Linkin Park Haters

I explained why I despised this band in great detail already, I'm sure you don't want to hear it again. - SwagFlicks

At least you actually explained why you don't like them I'm talking about the people who hate on Linkin Park because they got rid of their heaviness from Hybrid Theory and Meteora - christangrant

Oh lord I hate them. Can't they just move on from Hybrid Theory and Meteora?

Especially the ones that cannot move on and accept that LP's no longer Nu Metal they won't go back to their HT stuff anytime soon so stop requesting them to damn it!

7 Queen Haters

The most ridiculos haters of the world. There is a Freddie Mercury hater on TopTen, he writes everywhere his sick comments about Freddie.

Real Queen fan is okay. In fact, they have lots of knowledge. But poser queen fans are annoying. Don't have a reason why Freddie Mercury is the best singer ever. They follow other fans taste. I bet all the poser queen fans think Freddie Mercury did all the singing. Don't know about Roger Taylor's high pitched singing. - zxm

These are the most pathetic haters under the sun. - Metal_Treasure

Really pathetic... Freddie Mercury has more talent than most pop bands now a days.

8 Creed Haters

Again just like Nickelback and Theory of a Deadman if you don't have a good reason to hate them why hate them at all - christangrant

9 Iron Maiden Haters

Iron Maiden haters are easily the worst out of all these band haters. Anyone who hates Iron Maiden is either a pathetic pop fan or a Ghost fan and both of those fans suck so yeah. -Avery

Same with Metallica if you don't like a Metal band give a legit reason to hate them if you don't then why would you listen to their music?

10 Slipknot Haters

Most people who hate on Slipknot are metal elitists who claim they aren't metal somehow. Heck, some go as far as to call them POP ROCK! Oh, so apparently if a metal band doesn't have crappy death screaming that sounds like the singer is choking on a giant pole in every single one of their songs, they're a pop rock band. Nice logic right there. Not. - NikBrusk

They are good, they should not be compared with A7X - Ananya

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11 Metallica Haters

Yeah especially people that bash them for being "metal" that's really not a valid reason to hate a Metal band hell... Cannibal Corpse haters have better reason to hate CC then Metallica haters!

Their fanbase is ok, but some of the fans are too much obsessed with Metallica. Can't stand any other metal bands. - zxm

12 Green Day Haters

Zxm, a great point right here. Agree 100%. Couldn't explain it better. And this is true for many bands I have grown away from. Currently I am a metal fan who likes more complex music with more technicality and musicianship. - Metal_Treasure

In my opinion, no one hates Green Day. Everybody has enjoyed Green Day more or less. But when a person gets older and listens to more music, he starts to like green day lesser. there is a reason. Green Day is a band usually a lot of people start with. so its more likely a simple band. because music taste grows for more complex music. It happened with me too. I though Billie May be the best guitarist ever, Tre the best drummer and Mike best bassist. But as I grew older, I knew their music is kinda very simple. But I don't hate them. - zxm

13 Van Halen Haters
14 Black Metal Haters

Black Metal isn't a band. But a lot people have wrong concept about black metal. - zxm

15 Avenged Sevenfold Haters

I just hate A7X because A7X fans shove this band down everyone's throats! I mean my god... I literally called out a visitor that thought A7X was the savior of Metal music. Please Metallica is the savior of metal music not this trash!

On another site I saw few of them used cuss words just because of their appearances. Didn't appreciate Afterlife's solo. - zxm

16 Led Zeppelin Haters

Their haters that do their homework and know what they're discussing aren't bad at all. In fact, they're pretty cool. - Metarock

I admit their fanbase is very annoying but some of the zep haters are as annoying as them. I saw a solo technique of Jimmy Page. it was just about a technique. And even on that a guy started to comment "did he create the sound'. I don't get what does it has to do with the video. It was about the technique, not the song. - zxm

17 Korn Haters

Similar with Slipknot they get deemed not metal like just because they don't like Iron Maiden or Judas Priest.

18 Deep Purple Haters

Those who say Deep Purple was just a hard rock band, need to listen more Deep Purple songs. They have all kinds of songs. From soft/blues rock to heavy metal. - zxm

19 Five Finger Death Punch Haters

Grove Metal's still Metal and their at least better than Disturbed...

20 Judas Priest Haters

Honestly only a anti- metal douche would hate this band!

21 Marilyn Manson Haters

I personally don't like Manson but at least give the guy some credit for trying to spread messages that need to be heard. His haters are too ignorant to realize that.

22 Dream Theater Haters

Who'd hate this band? - zxm

23 DragonForce Haters
24 Lynyrd Sknyryd Haters

I bet the only reason people hate this band is because they are from the south of the USA which is a really Stupid reason to hate a band - christangrant

25 Evanescence Haters
26 The Who Haters

Now where do I start?
Well, most of you know that The Who are regarded as one of the greatest rock bands of all time, but not everybody likes their music. It's a completely uncommon opinion in public, however, online, you may find some comments saying negative things about The Who! I'm not saying they're bad because they hate a great rock band, but the way they treat us, the fans, is what bothers me.
Most of them say that we are idiots for listening to The Who and that we should stop listening to them!
Argh, so annoying, it's really getting on my nerves! I'm sick and tired of these haters!

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