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Black Veil Brides is an American rock band currently consisting of Andy Biersack (vocals), Jinxx (guitar), Jake Pitts (guitar), Christian Coma (drums) and Ashley Purdy (bass), that formed in 2006 in Ohio. more.


This 'band' it the true epitome of crap. They wear their tight-ass emo trousers so they can appeal their majority 13 year-old audience. They then begin to parade around singing of how they are quote: "fallen angels". I know right. And it only gets worse from there on, all their songs are pop punk garbage with conditioned repetition scattered throughout, they wear more make-up than a group of self conscious oompa loompa's (it's hard to tell the male members from the female members, in fact I still don't know the gender of the band members, they must have a hermaphrodite somewhere in the group).

Many teeny girls talk about how this band and their fodder have saved them from suicide with their mass produced, all their songs are designed to feed off of the insecurities that many teenage people have and attempt to offer somebody who understands them (reinforcement from these); really they are producing this crap to profit from the insecurities that teenagers have and fill up their ...more

It really bothers me that they are rated this high on this list, higher than Creed... Seriously? I don't understand why people don't like their music I mean they love their fans and try to accommodate to everyone with their music. The music itself is amazing too, to be honest I don't know any modern rock guitarist right now (besides Kirk Hammett) that can beat Jake Pitts, he's a very talented guitarist and can actually down pick unlike others.. (I'm talking to YOU Slash! ). And they respect everyone too I mean you don't have to like their music but don't be an idiot and flip them off at their concerts. And I don't think any band cares if people think they suck or not becuase in the end everybody is laughing their asses off all the way to the bank (except Creed).

The music is bad, absolutely bad. Some of it doesn't have proper structuring. It's cheesy... cheesy metal, cheesy hard rock and that should never be done. They need a separate genre. The guitar is clearly the flogged hero and I still don't think it's enough. The instruments don't blend well but it's so watered down which helps it to not be noticed. The lyrics are the WORSTE. The lyrics I've come across tend to lean on a particular broad emotion rather then anything really meaningful and offers up a fantasy solution to it with no responsibility/effort of getting a solution, it's just handed over on a plater which is the epit of self entittlement and appealing to narcissim. This is probably why it's mostly younger gens flocking to this crap. And to the fans out there going on about people hate because of how they look, no. I couldn't give a crap how they look. I grew up on 90's Manson (Which the fight song face paint didn't skip my notice when Andy had the exact same thing), Slipknot ...more

Why is this band so low on this list. They are horrible. Not only that, Rush are way higher on the list. I mean come on! Rush is one of the greatest bands to exist and yet they are higher on the list than this garbage

These guys are extremely mediocre, not much originality at all. They are basically to "emos" what One Direction is to teenage girls. They cater to a specific group of people. Also Andy Biersack is extremely arrogant saying he is the savior of rock and roll, and calling himself a rock god. Those would be titles you earn, not ones you give to yourself. I wouldn't even consider them rock anyways.

Any crappy "scene" (emo, screamo, something-core) band should dominate the list with JB and 1D. All sound the same and all have the same gaudy looks and gaudy fanatics.

And Coldplay? Really, guys? Perhaps because they are not heavy metal? They are not, but they create really good music. Their music is at least memorable as they really have a great sound (and emotion) to them. Also, they worked with Brian Eno (who excelled in ambient, experimental music and is a legend is the music industry). That latter statement alone is too much to say for "scene" bands alone, who aren't respected by either the mainstream audience or music critics.

They make wonderful music, have intense guitar riffs, and great drumming. The lyrics are beautiful, and they were so sweet to meet

I think Black Veil Brides are a great band and care for all of their fans. I mean Ashley has told people not to commit suicide. If they are saying suicide is not the answer they most likely don't promote suicide.

I love black veil brides. Their music has helped me a lot in life. Especially the song Saviour. I know everyone has their opinions but some of y'all's statements aren't even true in the least bit.

You don't have to like Black Veil Brides, but you should respect them. To the person who said Andy came from a rich family, he did not. Before you bash everything about them you should get your facts right ok? Ok.

To the person who said they look like girls... Despite the fact that they often expose their chests it's pretty obvious they're dudes.

And when you say the name threw you off... When a nun marries the church, the wear a veil. So Andy said that the name Black Veil Brides is about giving yourself up completely to your hopes and aspirations.

Lame, repetitive lyrics and riffs pretty much should make this band 1 on this list.

First of all, I'm not voting for these guys because their music sucks as much as the entire things sucks, if you know what I'm saying. This isn't to say their music doesn't suck.

Andy Sixx (ahem- Biersack) is a prime example of what's wrong with society. You create a demographic that's suicidal (emos), rehash already so-so music (Motley Crue) to them to take advantage of the fact that they won't take the time to research the original band that inspired them, and then make it even more commercial.

The fact that he comes from a wealthy family yet he's trying so hard to be Nikki Sixx, a former gangster, is completely pathetic in its own. It is the sole embodiment of pathetic white peopleness.

Plus, the BVB fangirls are all completely brainwashed with this worse than Justin Bieber fans. BVB fanboys learn to play instruments very mediocrely and claim themselves musicians. Both falsely believe they are at the forefront of our generation, think that they know everything ...more

BVB is great. The music they make isn't for everbody, I'm not gonna lie. I was young when I discovered them and I fell in love, my family however, did not. Over the years I have found inspiration in them, and every bad day I have I listen to them and it's better. It's not music that's supposed to be for everybody, if it was, it would play on the pop radio stations. They aren't a bad band, just some people like them and some people don't, it's going to be that way for every band and every artist. Fans just need to accept that, I did.

Coldplay over this try-hard emo/screamo weirdo-looking band as worst band? Come on!

SO HAPPY they're here. Garbage. The pinnacle of boring, cliche, emo music. All other bad post-hardcore bands bow down to their girly lead singer Beersack or whatever his name is because they are so... Bad. They don't really deserve another description becuase that would be giving them too much credit. None of their fans are actual music fans, they are all pre-teen girls and guys who are trying to be "edgy." Please someone wipe this band off the face of the earth. - Duality

Crappy band that know it all teenagers that think no one understands them listen to and are a rip off of kiss and avenged sevenfold.

Mediocre, boring, pointless. A terrible band that makes terrible music by appealing to the lowest common denominator and trying to be as basic and generic as humanly possible in order to sell as many records to idiotic emo scene kids as they can.

Personally, I love Black Veil Brides. Everything about the band and their sound is amazing to me. I can understand why a lot of people hate them though, the majority of the fan base consists of teenage scene/emo kids who claim "BVB saved my life" and so on. I really hate these type of people for doing this to the bands appearance, and that's why it's listed so high up here in the list. It's really dissapointing, but I still understand why it's here.

This band is the worst rock band out there, not because their look or anything, they can look like whatever they want but honestly their music is extremely stupid, they need to be pop singers you know what they call emo kids that try do sing metal? their lyrics are extremely meaningless and only reason the band is famous is because of the vocalist andy otherwise they wouldn't even be able to make a music video, I don't mean to be mean but they should stop doing ''metal'' music and start a pop music carreer, I support a lot of bands and try to not disrespect them but this kids and bands like Slipknot don't deserve to be in the same genre, they should stop making music as soon as possible.

Black Veil Brides is one of the worst rock bands ever. They look like girls, their music is boring, generic, repetitive, and they have a terrible band name. And people think My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, and Paramore are worse than them? Oh dear me...

If you guys only heard their first album, I understand why you're arguing that they're bad. I'm a fan of bvb, but I admit, their first album,"We Stitch These Wounds" wasn't that good. But if you listen to one to their newer songs, like In The End, MAYBE to some of you who REALLY judge music might admit that song is better than, let's say, Perfect Weapon. Just throwin it out there...

Good lyrics but yeah bad composition the drumming is weak in modern metal they not classic metal and the riff is boring I only liked the legacy and in the end

They turned my friend into a paranoid, fashion freak who is always concerned that he doesn't look like the main guy (Andy I think that's his name)

This band is amazing. I respect your opinion so don't hate on the people who like them.

Black veil brides make great music there lyrics mean so much. there just AMAZING!