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Blink-182 are a Pop Punk band formed in 1992. Original lineup were Mark Hoppus (Bass Guitar, Vocals) more.


I'm assuming the same people who voted for Fall Out Boy also voted for Blink. Again, here's a band that should not be on here! They're not even close to being one of the worst of all time! They're one of the most influential pop-punk bands of our time. - WhiteWalkersAreDeadStarks

How is Blink 182 higher than poser bands like Good Charlotte and 5 Seconds Of Summer? I seriously am losing faith in humanity. How are Nirvana and Metallica so high? Seriously, these guys made history in punk. They put entertaining shows with three talented dudes playing. - AnimeDrawer

Okay, this is crazy! Blink-182 helped bring back punk! You gotta give them credit! Without them, there wouldn't be a lot of your favorite bands! - MojoSpaederman

I think this band is pretty bad. Instumentally and lyrically they have nothing, especially when people say they were better than The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Led Zeppelin. They were and are far from their level of music. They weren't terrible. But if you compare with The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd they are. People should quit doing that.

Ok, they are definitely not one of the best rock bands ever but they are not one of the worst either. At least their music is actually fun to listen to and even Tom and Mark joke about their poor technical skills. At least they are HONEST about it and they always like to goof around in order to put a smile on someone's face. I would even go as far as saying that we actually need more people like them

The lack of musical ability and/or talent is so blatant and obvious that it almost makes you want to burst out laughing when you listen to their music. I heard one of the members talking about a song that they wrote called Natives. He said, "Travis came up with this beat, and it took me the longest time to figure out where beat one was." Beat one was offset by one eighth note. When you're not able to recognize a beat only because it has one eighth note offset, I think that that is a pretty clear sign that you shouldn't be a professional musician. - MistaCrave

Blink 182 is a band that does not deserve to be categorized with bands such as Green Day, The Offspring, and Fall Out Boy. Their lyrics are immature and adolescent and don't fit at all with any idea of pop punk culture. While some people might think of them as influential, the whiny vocals and immature lyrics make Blink 182 one of the worst rock bands I've ever had the misfortune to listen to.

Another band of posers trying to feed off the popularity of pop punk when none of the members of the band have one ounce of punk in their body. They should be compared to the likes of Five Seconds of Summer in that they should just give up the act and realize they are just another pop group trying to set themselves apart from the crowd by using guitars. - Duality

Their music is funny the one who made the list because they suck so bad I just wanna start laughing so hard or sometimes I just walk away in disgust but other than that they do suck

These guys wish they could rise to the level of being as boring and overplayed as Green Day, but they fall short of even that much talent. When I hear their vocals, it makes me cringe and change the song. They are garbage... and I don't mean the band Garbage.

They can't sing nor play instruments nor play good live nor funny why do people like this excuse for a band plus all of their songs sound extremely similar something like new found glory all the songs sounding the same

Why are those Linkin Park and Nirvana are in this list? Linkin Park is the best Rock band currently and Nirvana was the best in their times. And I don't think Nickelback should be on top of the list. Why don't you listen these, Savin' Me, Someday, If Everyone Cared, How You Remind Me etc.

Blink 182 is awesome there PUNK what else band was punk?... Green Day...and they rock so stop posting this stuff there awesome #rock on!

Let me give you reasons why this band sucks

1. They have 2 singers one whiny one and one with barely any range

2. they only have about 3 chords in their songs and use the same 3 chords in every song

3. They are the most generic pop punk band ever most bands they have inspired sound alto like them

4. They are not funny

5. They suck live what kind of professional band is bad live

6. They have an overrated drummer

7. Their music is really boring using the same chords over and over agian and just really predictable

8. They repeat the same album over and over agian you can't expect this crappy band to experiment because they can't, they can only do the same album over and over listen to enema of the state and listen to take off your pants and jacket same EXACT album

9. They sing about the most stupidest things and if you like that you need help

10. Annyoing fans they did not start pop punk and they are not as influencal ...more

To be honest, I have been making a friend of mine listen to various punk music for his reaction. The first words he said were "that guy's voice is awful". To be honest, they are crappy... but NOT THE WORST!

Listen to "I Miss You". I hate this genre but these guys still have talent... Shouldn't be here

Most comments here are sided with blink 182 how come they are still on #14? they shouldn't be on the list - zxm

Why is this band above Hinder? Even if they do swear a lot at least they have talent. I actually really enjoy their music.

They are not bad, don't good lyrics and is not special but pretty enjoyable and should not be on this list in my opinion

Why are you guys so afraid of swearing

That's ridiculous. Blink 182 is one of the best punk band ever - RiseAgainstfan

I choose this one to get nirvana lower and why is Metallica and The Rolling Stones so high on the list? - podo

Poor Travis Barker, If the rest of the band was as dedicated to their instruments as Travis they wouldn't get such a bad rap.

Why is blink 182 here? Rock is being overrun by pop so all the modern rock bands are trying there best.

I agree, it is sad that these bands are trying to make good music for the new gen while pop overruns. - AnimeDrawer

Awesome punk rock trio, sure lots of their old songs talked about sex but it doesn't matter. - jbsucks11