Linkin Park

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Linkin Park is an American rock band formed in Agoura Hills, California, in 1996. The members currently include Mike Shinoda (vocals, keyboards, rhythm guitar), Brad Delson (guitar), Dave "Phoenix" Farrell (bass), Joe Hahn (DJ) and Rob Bourdon (drums). Linkin Park are associated with a mixture of Nu-metal more.


Linkin Park is overrated and I don't say that term just because "I don't like them" or some other fake reason fans do that. They get way more acclaim and appreciation than they actually deserve, which is basically overrated in a nutshell. Bad and overrated aren't the same thing, but people need to stop calling Linkin Park the "best band in the world" because the truth, simply put, is that they aren't. I enjoy listening to Meteora sometimes, but don't defend Linkin Park; Their newer albums also prove that they are selling out. And let me also just say, they ARE NOT a metal band, and if anyone considers them that, then they shouldn't be arguing with me.

What? Why they're on number 19? You can't be serious! They should've been number 1! But thanks God Muse are so far below them! Most Linkin Park members have no talent of playing music. I mean, the "guitarist" can't play solo, the "bassist "only can do basic riffs and melodies, the "vocalist" can't do any vocal technique, just basic singing without vibrato. But the drummer and the rapper have some talent, though. I've ever seen Bleed It Out drum solo and it's amazing! The rapper is the real musician because he mastered almost all area of music. He can rap, sing, play piano, play guitar, and even draw, paint, etc, etc. Linkin Park is a band that has way too many members in my opinion. Chester should'nt have been there. He has no reason to join Linkin Park. He's there to sing? Mike's voice is better than him. Play guitar? Mike can do it. Piano? Mike is enough. If Linkin Park often features any other rapper Mike can sing instead of rapping. Linkin Park also have lots of songs without rap, ...more

People listen, Linkin Park has released some awesome head banging records, but I don't think in my opinion they are the best band, but they are definitely not the worst ever. You fans should be happy that they are not any higher on this list of crap.

The people with the most likes in the Linkin Park comments are their fans.
I hate how people say they are legeneds, just average stuff, now I'm gonna get some dislikes from the fanbase, yeah you fools!

Wanna a good rapper?
Listen to 2pac.
Want a good guitarist?
Listen to the Jimmy Hendrix Experience or I don't know there are HUNDREDS OF GUITARIST BETTER THAN THE GUY IN LP.
Want a cooler bassist than this one?
Listen to Primus, Dream Theater or Rush.
And about the dj section whatever.
Want a greatest drummer?
Listen to Rush, The Who, Led Zeppelin.
Better singer?
Queen, Muse, Jeff Buckley.



Whether your ears are numb from the music like a papercut across your entire canal, going to bleed it out; or you're one step closer to breaking the habit of listening to crap music, ready to burn it down. Let's all be serious, in the end, Linkin Park are a joke for wannabe guitar players going through puberty.

The only good album those guys ever released was A Thousand Suns, and it was hated by their fans because they can't appreciate actually good music even if their lives depended on it. The fact that they went back to the generic nu-metal garbage they were making before ATS in the following albums make them warrant a place in this list, bunch of pussies.

Why did no one include Linkin Park in this list? Am I the only one who can see the truth that this band sucks and that they're producing garbage music? I really hate to break it but somehow I thought those Linkin Park fans out there are deaf and that they can't hear and appreciate the real taste of music. They should open their eyes and ears to legends like Tool, Nirvana, Dream Theater, Radiohead, Alice In Chains. They deserved far better appreciation than this rubbish band. - joshsanz

Why don't they just retire already? Nobody even likes them anymore (and I know Chester's death was unfortunate but that doesn't change the fact that the band is mediocre and overrated). - Aragorn98

Just too simple. Seriously. Linkin Park is amateur music, and the quality of their songs aren't even fit for a flash game.

Linkin park are the greatest. Ever

Overrated, but good. They just get too much attention, but they are a good band. I only like their song In The End, but it is great though, I like the rapping, the meaning, and Chester's powerful vocals. - AnimeDrawer

I know linkin park is going down hill I their later years but they still make great songs. YOU POP LOVING BASTARDS NEVER HEARD OF THIS WORD "MUSIC" (I only like pop/hip hop and rap from the 80s,90s and early 2000s)

Linkin Park is good why are they on here

Get em off this list. Though I'd love to see them go back to their nu metal roots, their newer stuff is good too. (Except "Heavy", that song sucks) - OnyxDash

Stop calling them the best band ever. They aren't.

Can this website be PLEASE terminated?!?! Linkin Park? Seriously? THEY ARE THE BEST BAND I HAVE EVER HEARD! And You call it the worst one?!?!

This should be at least top three. They had such a talented singer, but can't write a good and/or original song to save their lives. - Sop

In the end as many of their songs are so edgy I cannot even finish listening them

Whoever just put that long comment saying Linkin Park is awful has no life. Who are you to judge them and say that everyone in the band sucks. They are a great band. You know nothing about rock. Go listen to your gay pop music. That is what you are good at. Here's a question to see if you know anything about rock. (Which band did the drummer of Nirvana go to after Kurt Kobain commited suicide? Don't use the internet either.

Like this comment if you think Hybrid Theory is their best album.

I think this band is overrated but is far for being the worst

Too much attention but I don't care - Neonco31

God, I start shouting louder than chester when I hear their songs phew

This deserves the number 1 spot on this list