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61 Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da - The Beatles

The Beatles are amazing but this song is just worthless filler. Why Yoko? Why?

Why is Yoko the blame for everything The Beatles did? It's not like she was the CAUSE of some of their songs that aren't too good. It's not like Yoko came up with this entire song or something like Revolution 9 - kaitlynrad11

Not my favorite song from the Beatles... But the Beatles just don't deserve to be in any worst list

Great melody but nonsense lyrics that ruin the song:b

Happy song it's really good - SammySpore

62 Little Lion Man - Mumford & Sons

How could a Mumford and Sons song even make it onto this list? They're one of the best bands right now. PAthetc

63 Use Somebody - Kings of Leon

Who put this song on the list?

64 Famous Last Words - My Chemical Romance

Why is this on here?! My Chemical Romance Green Day and Stairway to Heaven do NOT belong on this list. Whoever made this list does not know good music!

Why is this song on the list? It's one of the most inspirational songs of the 00's.

I honestly love this song. Why is it on the list?

What the £@&€!? This is my favourite song of all time, why is it on this list? This is a joke...
This band saved my life. They stopped me self harming. I would probably be dead without them.
And even though they split up, My Chemical Romance, your memory will carry on. X

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65 Bodies - Drowning Pool

If I hear one more person use this for their youtube playthrough, I'm sticking an ax in my computer!

One of the most overused songs on the web.

Ouch! This song is so dumb and annoying!

I dare you to play this song ONE more time...

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66 Hello Kitty - Avril Lavigne

The worst rock song ever! I just ought to put this on this list, otherwise I couldn't sleep at night! - Fan_of_Good_Music

This isn't even ROCK! But still, it's one of the worst songs I've ever heard

Might as well put all her albums here, she...SUCKS!

It's not even a rock song: it's edm from a former rock artist. But thatd oesn't mean it doesn't suck.

67 Forced Gender Reassignment - Cattle Decapitation

The music video didn't even make it to YouTube due to it's extreme gore and sexual violence it looks like that Cattle Decapitation had just released the most disgusting music video there ever was

This is only this high because of the music video - christangrant

Rate the song for gods sake. Not the music video.
This song is awesome.

Shut up. This song may have a gruesome music video. But they didn't say CRAP about music videos, just about the SONG itself! Sure its even violent in lyrics, but its saying no to people who are anti gay. Anti gays are terrible people.

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68 Bycycle Race - Queen

I'd like to meet the idiots who voted for this song. Its slightly underrated and I'm pretty sure most people have never heard it. Listen to it and then you'll be thinking. - ImAKillerQueen

Why is this not higher? It's certainly Queen's most embarrassing song. Certainly worse than Stairway. - naFrovivuS

This is a great song from an awesome band - TheSorrow1

Nothing by Queen Belongs on this List - christangrant

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69 Dani California - Red Hot Chili Peppers

No. I will not accept this. This song helped me like rock music. It was the first RHCP song I ever heard. I love this song. It helped me gain my epic taste in music (yes I can say that). It built a love for rock, everywhere. No one cares that this sounds like that one Tom Petty song, because it's good, but Dani California is epic. I love this song.

Best song on Stadium Arcadium

Seriously this is one of the BEST SONGS EVER

70 F*** Time - Green Day

This is a tough time for Green Day. Hope you can come by to your 90's roots soon.

71 Rock of Ages - Def Leppard

Nope this is awesome - christangrant

72 Lullaby - Nickelback
73 Losing My Senses - Megadeth
74 Radikult - Morbid Angel

This song is Why Mayrlin Manson and St. Anger by Metallica should never be put together - christangrant

75 Aerials - System of a Down

Do you even know what this song mean. This song is meaningful than other songs out there

Why is this on here the song is amazing and the meaning is so deep

Never like them! That damn intro is so disturbing it sounds like a old man drowning it just about a guy in a river to a waterfall and trying to drown that is just plain crazy I found out that the band is system of a down not aerials who could think of a band with a crappy name like that?! It's also in guitar hero (only on wii, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 version) and in rock band on the same platforms I WISH IT NEVER LISTENED TO THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE!

No - christangrant

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76 Nightlife - Green Day
77 Drops of Jupiter - Train V 1 Comment
78 Wonderwall - Oasis

You're WRONG! Oasis is my favorite band! To be fair this is one of their weaker songs but it does not deserve to be on a worst list! - BlackPikmin1998

I really like Oasis, but I have to admit that this is crap. Songs like Fade In-Out and Some Might Say put this to shame. - PositronWildhawk

This is their best song besides don't look back in anger. You are a music noob! - SammySpore

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79 Animals - Nickelback

This is a great hard rock song - christangrant

80 In the End - Black Veil Brides

Unoriginal, boring and simplistic poser metal crap

Why is this not higher - christangrant

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