Top 10 Worst Rocko's Modern Life Episodes

Despite being easily one of THE greatest animated shows ever made, RML still definitely has its weak episodes (at least by its standards) regardless; here, we'll be counting down the weakest of the bunch, based on a combination of how lame the concept behind the episode is and how bad the overall execution of the episode itself is

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1 Seat To Stardom

Basically, Rocko (as a joke about how he literally wears only a shirt and shoes, never even bothering with pants) becomes the local underwear model of O-Town in what can only be described as a laughably botched and watered-down imitation of Camera Shy (which, by the way, was actually a god-tier episode even BY the show's standards) - xandermartin98

2 Rug Birds

Is horribly unfunny and features Filburt attempting to get his own friend murdered by a giant scavenger eagle just so that he can finish his stupid wig collection using the wig that he stole FROM said bird; NEXT - xandermartin98

I really didn't like this episode. - egnomac

3 Nothing To Sneeze At

It's a lot better than Spongebob's nose episode, I'll give it that, but regardless, the only really funny part of this episode (mostly just by comparison to the rest of it) was when Hutchison had the concealing bandages that she had wrapped around Mrs. Bighead's prosthetic nose tied to a cruddy old television, which she then proceeded to unravel said bandages by shoving right out the top-floor window of her operation room

(seriously, I'm not even kidding; the plot is literally just "Mrs. Bighead wishes she had a nose so that she could smell") - xandermartin98

4 Belch Of Destiny

This episode was just really immature... - KalloFox34

One good thing about this episode is Heffer hit the lady.

I could see an episode plot like this in something like The Loud House, but seeing it here is just insufferably out-of-place and in remarkably poor taste as well (basically, Heffer is trying to win the local burping contest; YAWN) - xandermartin98

I could hardly remember anything about this episode. - egnomac

5 Frog's Best Friend

In yet another extremely watered-down and disappointing sequel to an all-time-classic episode of the series (Trash-O-Madness in this case), returning one-off character Earl The Psychotic Stray Dog is finally freed from the local animal-testing lab (please don't ask what goes on in there) so that he can live a happy life with the Bigheads. Predictably enough, Earl acts like a sweet little kitten toward Beverly but is downright vicious toward Edward, launching the episode into yet another laughably bad knockoff of another show that had already executed its concept a million times better (Tom & Jerry, in this case); taking away a few particularly chuckle-worthy moments like when Earl's psychotic wild goose chase after Ed literally takes them right through THE straight-up orange maze from Ms. Pac-Man, this episode is easily skippable in the grand scheme of the series if you aren't an obsessive-compulsive completionist like I am - xandermartin98

6 With Friends Like These

Honestly, the title is probably the only thing good (again, at least by the show's standards) about this one.

Basically, Heffer and Filburt both want to go to an upcoming wrestling match, but the cinch is that Rocko will only allow one of them to go WITH him, so the two of them effectively end up spending the entire remainder of the episode torturing Rocko senseless for basically no reason whatsoever outside of childish "privilege jealousy" (in other words, holding a contest with each other to see which one of them can whine more obnoxiously to get Rocko to let him go to the event with him, despite the fact that it's probably going to be broadcast on T.V. anyway) and because mercilessly tormenting Rocko is (to say the least) part of the show's schtick - xandermartin98

7 Put Out To Pasture

Honestly, this right here is an episode that I've got some SERIOUSLY mixed feelings about.

On one hand, it's extremely entertaining and features not one but two of the funniest moments in the entire series in my opinion (Mr. Bighead accidentally getting his freakishly handsome Lex Luthor face of yesteryear mashed up in a blender to make it look the rather admittedly disgusting and hideous way that it does in the show proper in the first flashback sequence, followed by Heffer getting hilariously owned [literally SERVED, if you will] by Filburt and being used as a living potato battery in the third and final flashback sequence)...

but on the other hand, the sheer amount of utterly insane and downright idiotic plot inconsistencies that it adds to both itself and its own series as a whole simply for the pure fun of it (ESPECIALLY considering that it was placed right at the very end OF said series) is borderline unforgivable even for the type of show that RML is (seriously, ...more - xandermartin98

8 Fly Burgers

Again, very needlessly and generically mean-spirited toward Rocko (as well as a COMPLETE ripoff of Come Fly With Me from Goof Troop, unfortunately minus the part where the guy that got turned into a fly travels inside the hot sexy ear canal of the show's resident MILF character so that she can hear him yelling for help; for the record, it would have been even MORE boner-inducingly amazing if Rocko had flown his way THROUGH the aforementioned resident MILF's AKA Dr. Hutchison's ear canal into her thick, juicy brain, but I digress) - xandermartin98

9 Flu-In-U-Enza

Normally, I would scoff pretty audibly if someone told me that he/she considered Rocko's Modern Life a "pointless wannabe ripoff" of Ren & Stimpy (inanely overdone and grotesque gross-out imagery and all), but to be fair, I REALLY wouldn't be blaming them if they were talking about this particular episode (in related news, however, it's also where I got the Neoclassical Elizabethan Buildup joke in Filburt's Postmodern Wife, so at least it has that and the infamous prostate-exam and ball-examination innuendos going for it) - xandermartin98

10 Leap Frogs

Don't get me wrong, this episode IS absolutely hilarious, in its own incredibly weird and disturbing way; however, the adult humor in it (Bev Bighead's ridiculously over-the-top attempts to seduce Rocko into letting her cheat on her husband with him, to be exact) is...well, just that, ridiculously over-the-top (and REALLY not in the good sort of way that the series is otherwise generally known for, mind you). And GOD help you if you ever stumble across the Rule 34 comic strip that BlargSnarf made for this episode (shudders) - xandermartin98

The Contenders

11 An Elk For Heffer

Wasn't really a fan of this one. It was a pretty boring episode - KalloFox34

12 Power Trip

Rocko gets put in charge of the store when his boss leaves and hires Filburt to help out his boss also specifically tells him "DON'T TOUCH THE GREEN BUTTON! " and of course while in his office sitting in his chair he does exactly what he was told not to do and presses the green button and transforms into a huge jerk and repeatedly calls in Filburt and berates him for not selling the new Really, Really Big Man comics and when there aren't any in the store the customer attack Filburt and wreck the store all while Rocko continues to scream at Filburt from the intercom and when Filburt finally arrives at the office Rocko now looking like his boss yells and fires him then kicks him out into the street, then Really Really Big Man shows up to show Rocko the error of his ways at one point he shows him his possible future if he dosen't change using his nipples of the future which I don't know how they got that past the censors but hearing the word nipples used in a kids show is just wrong, ...more - egnomac

13 Fish N' Chumps

Why is this episode bad? - KalloFox34

14 Speaking Terms

I actually like this one. - KalloFox34

This episode was just plain stupid and ridicules. - egnomac

15 Short Story
16 Eyes Capades
17 Hair Licked
18 Tooth And Nail
19 Mama's Boy
20 Popcorn Pandemonium

This one's my personal least favourite. But oh well, win some lose some. - Rocko

21 Hypno-Puppy Luv
22 Day Of The Flecko
23 Snowballs

More or less just a ripoff of "Carnival Knowledge", but it takes place at a ski resort. - KalloFox34

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