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1 Mind Eraser - Six Flags America

Well I went on this and I came of with a bloody nose! That was a piece of crap!

It erases your mind.

Never been on it, I am glad

The one at Elitch Gardens in Denver is very uncomfortable. It violently jerks your head around.

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2 Anaconda - Kings Dominion

My Anaconda don't, my anaconda don't, my anaconda want none

The corkscrew was extremely painful.

I don't want none.

3 Hurler - Kings Dominion

Most painful wooden coaster I've ever been on

Three minutes of pain

4 Manhattan Express - New York, New York Hotel & Casino

Of course Togo makes rough and painful rides, but with one that is 203 feet tall, I'd find it hard to ride. - jaguarkid140

Now they just call it "Roller Coaster" - N64Dude

Ok so, I went on this and I had so many headaches for the two weeks after I got off this piece of crap! I went on it alone and, yeah, this coaster is actually overrated! Not that it gets any love but, it deserves less than it actually gets, if that even makes sense! I cried on it and, it hurt so much and I actually fractured a slight part of my skull on it! Togo should let Intamin make their rides good. If it was smooth, it would be a great ride and apart that the inversions do not even make sense, if it was smooth, I would be okay with it

So... Yeah

Togo went out of business. Look up Windjammer Surf Racers at Knotts Berry Farm, it was such a failure that knotts sued Togo. - railfan99

5 Ninja - Six Flags Over Georgia

The ride was built incorrect. For some reason, the engineers thought it would be an "ingenious" idea for the track to actually turn in the middle of the vertical loop. Needless to say, my favorite part of the ride was the break run.

That absolute most PAINFUL ride still in existence. It hurts your head just to look at it. If It didn't hurt, It would be fun. - EricShayna

I don't normally hate coasters, but Ninja, man that thing sucks. I actually had to come up with a brace position just to be able to tolerate riding it. Why is Six Flags tearing down the amphitheater for the new water park when they could easily tear down this disgrace to coasterkind.

I rode Ninja for the first time when I was five years old and got whipped around so much and so hard that I had to get ice packs to put on my head to help with the pain. Good thing SFOG refurbished it because it definitely needed to be refurbished!

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6 Corkscrew - Cedar Point

It was very painful so people with spine issues shouldn't go on the corkscrew at cedar point! It was one of the 2 roller coasters at cedar point!

Main reason why I hate Arrow. I've been riding this for years now, and I still don't like it today.

The one of the worst rides ever

NOO! WHY IS TATSU NUMBER ONE!? By the way, Corkscrew sucks. - ThatStrangeKid42

7 Tatsu - Six Flags Magic Mountain

I've never been there andi just voted to say to whoever said this is awesome that this is supposed to be the WORST not best roller coasters.

Who ever put this at number 1 is plain stupid

This is supposed to be worst not best coasters

This shouldn't even be on the list, let alone number 1! In my opinion, this list should be dominated by vekoma's, but to see b&m's and intamins on this list just baffles me!

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8 Mean Streak - Cedar Point

I grayed out on the ride from the sheer pain it caused and I had to take ibuprofen like candy the night that I rode it. I'm glad I rode it because of the nostalgia and that it is being redesigned now, I can at least say I experienced the original. Would I ride it again if I had the chance? NO

Awful... Yes woodies are supposed to be rough but this thing is painfully rough to the point where I sprained my rib... On top of that the pacing is bad, and the MCBR kills any chance for speed or airtime. This ride is awful. Go on Blue Streak it is a much better coaster with more airtime.

Not only is it painful, but its very long, slow, and boring!

They tore this down

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9 Wicked Twister - Cedar Point

Why in the world is Tatsu number one!?!? - ThatStrangeKid42

Boring! Just a two pump chump.

What a neck snapper.

I guess it's ok for people who are scared of real coasters. No stomach drop, no inversions, no airtime and being blinded by the sun = lame

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10 Great American Scream Machine - Six Flags Great Adventure

Rough and painful, this proves to be a pile of junk. Most rides designed by Arrow are very rough, but this proves to be possibly their worst ride, rides like the Demon at Six Flags Great America is rougher, but unlike this ride, it is well themed and a very fun and exciting ride. - jaguarkid140

Thank God This Is Gone!

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11 Sidewinder - Hershey Park

Another Vekoma copy. Like most boomerangs, it will gave you an intense headache, and it provides a quick, uncomfortable, and painful experience that is not worth waiting in line for. - jaguarkid140

This will probably be the last Hershey Park rollercoaster I'll ride; I've heard so many negative comments about it, including my dad's.

This ride busted my stomach it hurt for a week all because of this piece of crap ride

Best vekoma boomerang, not rough at all

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12 Medusa - Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Best ride I ever been on!

I had a heart attack on this line.

Lol kraken is better

Gtfo asiaplayer you member of the GP

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13 Star Flyer - Star City

Look at this they think its giant but it's the smallest suspended roller coaster in the world and they think it an inverted. - asiaplayer1122

But if you will ride on it it will make thrill..

It's a Pinfari. Need I say more?

14 Canyon Blaster - Adventuredome V 4 Comments
15 Magnum XL-200 - Cedar Point

This is not one of the worst. Sure it is rough, but it was the first coaster over 200 feet. This was a groundbreaking rollercoaster at the time! It is only rough because it is old.

I rode this when I was 8 and I got whiplash injury and I rode it again when I was 12 and I screamed I'm gonna die. This is the roughest ride ver.

You must be crapping me sideways here! This coaster owns you wusses.

This is probably the roughest steel coaster in the world.Though it was the first ever hyper coaster it was the roughest.The airtime hills were actually feeling like sudden jerky movement that hurts your head,back,or legs(If there big enough)

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16 Nitro - Six Flags Great Adventure

Rated number 3 every year for best steel coaster.
Not sure why this is on the list.
Bunch of trolls

How The Hell Is This One Of The Worst!?
It's One Of The Best

Asiaplayer shut up nobody likes you

Can you scream "Overrated"? You just described this thing. I got a bad ride on it, and it's nowhere near as forceful as Skyrush or any other Intamin hyper.

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17 Superman The Escape - Six Flags Magic Mountain

Now called: Superman: Escape from Krypton

But it's still awesome - N64Dude

Why is this the 6th worst rollercoaster in the world? I think it's great based on stats and point of view's

It's just so short

I mean look at this junk and non-sense when people ride it later you wake up the fun is over. - asiaplayer1122

18 Merlin's Revenge - Castle Park

I don't Know anything about this rollercoaster

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19 Vortex - King's Island

With typical roughness of an Arrow, and over cumbering restraints, this ride takes the cake. Thought I guess it can be comparable to rides such as Orient Express or Diamondback - jaguarkid140

Have you had your daily dose of head trauma... Take one ride on this piece crap and call your physician in the morning... If you can! - chad.brown.3551

Sometimes, arrow just, fails, this is defenetly (really hard to spell for me :/) a fail for them, they have 2 other similar models, at Carowinds and California's Great America, they both suck

I love this ride! - funnyuser

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20 Thi3teen - Alton Towers

Quite good, but a little dissapointing. However, I haven't been on ANY of these coasters, as I haven't visited america. - nic1997ps3

It's not in America, it's in the UK. but, as for the coaster, I was kind of disappointed at how mild it was. other than the freefall section, it's pretty much a kiddie ride. even the trains are the exact same type that intamin uses on their family coasters.

So over hyped boring

1. Should be thirteen

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