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21 Shockwave - Kings Dominion

Togo Built this. Enough said.

This ride is closed. - railfan99

22 Ninja - Six Flags St. Louis

This ride is really bad really slow and bangs your head

Feels like you're being beaten up by a ninja

A very rough and jerky experience

I have absolutely no reason why this rough Arrow Looper isn't higher. Nitro at SFGAdv and Tatsu - both of which are great B&Ms, are higher on this list, don't really know why. Ninja is rough and jerky and has horrible inversions. The corkscrew and helix at the end of the ride really kills it. SFStL should just demolish it because they could really put something cool in its place. By far my least favorite coaster at SFStL and one of the least favorites that I have ridden. Ninja should really be higher up.

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23 Superman Ultimate Flight - Six Flags Over Georgia

I actually liked this roller coaster. It was my second favorite at the park behind Goliath. I would definitely recommend this one.

Why is this on the worst list. This ride is awesome.

Manta at Sea World Orlando is better.

This coaster is good

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24 Goliath - Six Flags Over Georgia

Let me just say this coaster is epic must ride in front!

I don't get this. I love this rollercoaster! Why is it on the worst list?

NOT COOL MAN I LOVE IT ha you have been placed@the ever its number 1


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25 The Smiler - Alton Towers

Lol just because there was an accident on the ride doesn't mean it is a bad ride.
Idiot gp.

Just because the Smiler crashed in 2015 does not mean it's a bad ride. It was down to human error and not the ride itself.

The actual ride is phenomenal and an exhilirating experience.

26 Space Mountain - Walt Disney World Resort Space Mountain - Walt Disney World Resort Space Mountain is the name of a space-themed indoor roller coaster attraction located at five of the Magic Kingdom-style Disney Parks.

It's too jerky and will hurt your back and neck, Disneyland's is better.

Sure, complain all you want, but Space Mountain makes a lot of sense being on this list if you remember the original version vs. the new version. You can't see anything anymore. Remember when the rockets glowed in the dark? You could kind of make out where you were going. Think Disney would let that continue? HA HA HA HA HA, NOPE! They ruined a classic ride. - railfan99

27 Kong - Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

It shakes you so hard you have a million bruises on your head from it shaking around!

And I SO do NOT agree with whoever ditched medusa! It th best ride ever!

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28 Grizzly - Kings Dominion

Grizzly is old and made of wood witch has to bend flex shrink and grow. All wooden coasters get rough but this was the second roller coaster I've ridden the first being the scooby Doo. But way better then Hurler. In my opinion the Grizzly is way better then those steel monsters that rust but all roller coasters are hated because the age of the material age

I know that there are many mixed opinions about this figure-8 coaster, but in my opinion, it is rough, uninteresting, and will give you an extreme headache. Many people believe that it is the worst wooden coaster ever created. - jaguarkid140

never rode it going back there over and over - powerpufflover

Better then Hurler at Kings Dominion

29 Ricochet - Carowinds

If Ninja is the ultimate headache machine, Ricochet is the ribcage killer. Once again, don't normally hate coasters, but this thing sucks

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30 Raven - Holiday World

How dare thus coaster is on here, this is not most overrated people it's worst, so stop putting amazing coasters on this countdown, make a overrated coasters if you want to do that - u_maddox_bro

HOLIDAY WORLD IS OVERATED TOO. Rant aside, it's just terrible that it is so well loved.

31 Son of Beast - King's Island

Ugh, nearly every coaster enthusiast will agree that the SoB is painful and belongs here. Hyper coasters, wooden terrain coasters, and looping coasters are great ride designs, and I guess the designers at RCCA thought it would be a great concept to combine the three, and ended up creating a real horribly executed beast. Luckily the loop was later removed, and now the ride just sits, not in operation unlike it's father, the Beast, an excellent ride. - jaguarkid140

This ride is the roughest. Pure roughness. With a LOOP! (2000-2006) But when I rode it, the loop was already taken down. I hated the ride. But I will admit, I am a little sad that they tore it down. I'll miss it, even though I hated it. They could've done an Iron Horse treatment, but oh well. Looking' forward to Banshee though

I hate this ride! I'm so glad it wuz torn down! I was only 8 when I first rode it and let me tell you they have horrible seatbelts! There is a loose seatbelt and then you have to hold on! I was about to fall! And I was crying! My mom and little brother said they heard the ground thumping! So this ride has long lines and is just bad!

Glad it was demolished

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32 Millennium Force - Cedar Point

Intimdator 305 belongs in this spot. Millenium Force is one of the best coasters of the 150+ I've been on. I-305 makes you black out, no air time, and just a bunch of twisting around. One of the worst.

Most disappointing coaster in the park. Should be called millennium forceless! No airtime whatsoever.

I've rode this coaster honestly I think a kings dominion the intimidator 305 eats up the millinnium force and craps it all over cedar point

Duh... Everyone put great coasters in this poll so I put one too!

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33 Blue Streak - Cedar Point

It was so uncomfortable, the seats were really tiny. And the coaster was just a bunch of steep hills and nothing else. No loops or corkscrews or anything.

Cedar point should of called it the boo! Streak because it terrible.

The seats were really small and uncomfortable and all it is is a bunch of big hills. - Gunner224

34 X(2) - Six Flags Magic Mountain

Now this will be incredibly surprising, and unless you are some coaster geek (like me), you would know that this ride would help drive the company, Arrow Dynamics, into bankruptcy. The prototype ride was $36 million to construct, and was another $10 million when S&S renovated it. That is almost twice as much as Millennium Force, and more than 6 times as much as The Voyage! It isn't the most reliable ride either and drove the company, created by the two veterans as just a machine shop Carl Bacon and Ed Morgan, into bankruptcy. Such a shame that the manufacturers of the first tubular steel coasters, modern inversions, and hyper coasters no longer existing with their classic coasters (such as the big bad wolf) are slowly being removed. - jaguarkid140

35 Hurler - Carowinds

I road this a month ago and there's one small hill and your head gets jerked around slot but I love carowinds.

Hurler At kings dominion is worse than the one at carowinds

This one hasn't been that bad ever since they retracked it.

It's so jerky it's jerkier than beef jerky. Carowinds only bad ride.

36 Goudurix - Parc Asterix

There have been many coasters on this list that aren't supposed to be on here but thanks to Goudurix's pain, the list now has one coaster that is meant to be on here.

I'm glad I've never been on this! But I can tell it's the true worst coaster, not great rides like Nitro.

No roller coaster comes close to as bad as goudurix

The French call this "Merde"!

37 Seven Dwarfs Mine Train - Magic Kingdom Park

This ride is for Pussies

It’s just a small ride for little ones who are not into big ones, sure it’s fun for kids and some youngsters, but not for thrill junkies.

38 Gwazi - Busch Gardens Tampa
39 Griffon - Busch Gardens Williamsburg

O. K, I wish I could of voted for this to be the BEST COASTER! This ride is AMAZINGLY awesome! Why don't you like this! It was my aunt's first rollercoaster period. She has never done one that can be considered a rollercoaster, and it's 2 ft. High, and cruddy. REAL FIRST ROLLERCOASTER! You know what, she loved it!

This ride is tall, fast, and ULTRA SMOOTH! It shouldn't be on this Worst Coasters list

40 The Dark Knight - Six Flags Great Adventure

I hate this one. Also it's in Six Flags Great America. It's just sitting inside while you move up and down while looking at things pop out.

Not what I expected at all! It's basically the wild mouse in a room. Great movie, bad ride.

It is SO BAD. You are inside and can't see anything while there are things popping out. Not fun.

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