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41 Disaster Transport - Cedar Point

It's just a U. Yes, a U. It is not even long. It take 10 seconds. This should have been the worst ride right behind the Wild Cat. They both are terrible. There is no thrill what so ever -_-

A piece of junk that Cedar Point is trying to hold on. The ride isn't thrilling, the theming sucks and it's SO hot in the line. - EricShayna

This not so thrilling ride was torn down. They say a Dive coaster will come in its place at 2016

42 High Roller - The Stratosphere Las Vegas

It goes in a circle. That's it. Literally. I'm being serious.

43 Nemesis - Alton Towers

Really bad and dissapointing

Nemisis is one of the best B&M inverts in the world

44 Coast Rider - Knotts Berry Farm

Who ever replaced a ride with this!

45 The Boss - Six Flags St. Louis

This wooden is coaster is one of my favorite wooden coasters I have ridden. It is smooth, fast, and intense!

This is not bad. Of course it's rough on some parts, but the ride's EPIC!

But, then and again, my brain was rebounding on all sides the entire time - N64Dude

This ride rules. รต_o - N64Dude

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46 Seven Dwarfs Mine Train - Magic Kingdom Park
47 Flashback - Six Flags Magic Mountain

This ride is bad - Gunner224

WAS bad. Unless you rode the pieces of scrap metal from the ride. - ReakMayhem

48 FLY: The Great Noreaster - Morey's Piers

SLC's are awful! This ride deserves to be in the top 10

49 Pirate's Hideaway - Playland's Castaway Cove

Well, it is boring and has no pirates. Enough said.

50 Hero - Flamingo Land

Pain. Absolute pain. Nothing else.

51 Tornado - M&D's
52 Flip Flap Railway - Boyton's Sea Lion Park

This was one of the first true looping roller coasters, and also the worst. It was designed in 1895 at Boyton's Sea Lion Park, and its main feature was a 25 foot tall vertical loop. It had a horrific 12 gs of force, enough to kill, because its loop was a perfect circle rather than a tear drop shape on most modern coasters. It did revolutionize the amusement industry, though Roller Coaster inversions would not be made until 1968 when Arrow Dynamics designed the corkscrew prototype, and in 1976 when Anton Schwartzkopf designed the first modern looping roller coaster. A designer, Edward Prescott made racing looping coasters at the start of the 1900s, but they were never successful with a low capacity of 48 per hour compared to the well over a thousand on most rides today. - jaguarkid140

Most people black out at 5 gs! Imagine how many people died on this! - N64Dude

53 Stealth - Thorpe Park

PoisitronWildhawk told me he got stuck on this ride for 2 hours. O_o - N64Dude

54 Rebel Yell - Kings Dominion V 1 Comment
55 See Through Coaster - Kamine Park
56 Dragon Fire - Canada's Wonderland
57 Ricochet - Kings Dominion

This roller coaster to me is one of the worst rides ever it has tight turns and very poor speed and small drop hills and about no airtime hills

58 Hades 360 - Mt. Olympus
59 Barnstormer - Disney World

This ride was so slow I fell asleep

60 Jr. Gemini - Cedar Point

It only goes SIX MILES PER HOUR and it's 19 FEET HIGH. Even babies won't cry on this crap

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