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61 Hades 360 - Mt. Olympus
62 Barnstormer - Disney World

This ride was so slow I fell asleep

63 Jr. Gemini - Cedar Point

It only goes SIX MILES PER HOUR and it's 19 FEET HIGH. Even babies won't cry on this crap

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64 Banshee - Kings Island

Imagine me looking at you with the WORST, MEANEST FACE EVER for putting this on here.


U guys r all haters.My favorite roller coaster I've ever rode in my life and I have been to so many other parks!

65 Flying Ace - Kings Island
66 Mystery Mine - Dollywood
67 Tennessee Tornado - Dollywood
68 The Racer - Kings Island

This sparked the new age of roller coasters

Hey if the king of all roller coasters didn't exist

No other coaster built after the first golden age of roller coasters
In the 1920 would have been exist

69 Wildcat - Hersheypark

This roller coaster is so rough and painful, when I got off, I had chest pain and a headache for the rest of the day.

Seriously? This coaster's one of my favorites. The roughness and speed make it fun. I'd ride it over and over, and the good part is there's usually a smaller line than that of other coasters.

Bo Wildcat sucks

What the heck?!?! I love this roller coaster

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70 Blue Streak - Conneaut Lake Park
71 Trailblazer - Hersheypark

Kids coaster with one lift pathetic grownups ride too

72 Primeval Whirl - Disney's Animal Kingdom

My mother's arm got trapped in this ride and it's just crap my mum said it could seriously hurt someone

73 Medusa - Six Flags Discovery
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