Worst Round 1 Draft Picks of the 2018 NFL Draft

We haven’t seen any of these guys play just yet, but let’s assume here. Did teams screw up by trading wildly. Buffalo? Seattle? We’re looking at the top ten worst draft picks of the 2018 first round.

The Top Ten

1 Rashaad Penny- SEA

Penny was projected as a mid second rounder to a early third rounder. However, it took most by surprise that the Seattle Seahawks took him in the first round at #27, after trading with the Green Bay Packers. I know Seattle needed a running back, but there were still some great ones on the board, like Sony Michel (later drafted by New England), and Derrius Guice. Maybe they should’ve gone defense too. Instead of a RB, they should’ve started rebuilding their once potent defense. I feel Isaiah Oliver or Mike Hughes would’ve been a good pick here. - PackFan2005

2 Terrell Edmunds- PIT

Brother of fellow first rounder Tremaine Edmunds (drafted by Bills), Terrell was projected as a late second round to mid third rounder. Yet, the Steelers take a decent safety instead of better guys for the job (Jessie Bates anyone? ). The point is, he was taken way to early in the draft. I think they could’ve snagged him in the third round. - PackFan2005

3 Denzel Ward- CLE

Yes, Cleveland really needed to upgrade their CB’s. But what about Bradley Chubb? If they had taken him and paired him with Garrett and Ogbah, then Roethlisberger, Flacco, and Dalton would have some trouble against their division foes. - PackFan2005

4 Baker Mayfield- CLE
5 Leighton Vander Esch- DAL

Apparently my comment deleted here. Why does this keep happening? - PackFan2005

Wait a second, with every WR and TE in the draft still on the board, you choose a LB. Decent pick, good player, but consider this. You cut Dez Bryant, your all time leading wide receiver, Jason Witten retires (they didn’t know that until the next day however), and your receiving corps is dying down, and you draft a linebacker. DJ Moore and Calvin Ridley were on the board, and you go defense? Not a good idea by Dallas. - PackFan2005

6 Mike McGlinchey- SF

Waaay to early in the draft for the college standout. San Fran needed a good DB, and Minkah Fitzpatrick and Derwin James were still on the board. When two of the best DB’s in the draft are still on the board, you take one. I feel McGlinchey shouldn’t have been drafted all the way up at #9. Sure, they needed to protect Jimmy G, but there are better O-Linemen in the draft. - PackFan2005

7 Taven Bryan- JAX
8 Kolton Miller- OAK

You could argue that after Roquan Smith went to to Bears and the Raiders traded down to #15, their plans had shattered on drafting a linebacker. But prospects like Tremaine Edmunds and Leighton Vander Esch were still on the board. This is similar to what the 49ers did. Drafted an O-Lineman way too early. Don’t get me wrong, Kolton Miller, like Mike McGlinchey, is a great O-Lineman, but I feel he went too early on on the draft. - PackFan2005

9 Hayden Hurst- BAL

Hear me out, Hurst is a good tight end, but if the Ravens had just taken Lamar Jackson here, they could’ve traded up in the second round to get Hurst, and lose less draft picks, instead of having to trade up to #32 to take Jackson. They should’ve waited for Hurst. - PackFan2005

10 Jaire Alexander- GB

After double trades in the first round, the Packers went with a defensive back projected as a second rounder. Personally, I think they could’ve gotten him there. Green Bay needed a better cornerback simply. I think Mike Hughes was honestly better. They could’ve also gone wide receiver here. DJ Moore was still on the board. - PackFan2005

The Contenders

11 Marcus Davenport- NOS

When you give up a 2019 first round pick to trade up to #14, people would expect you to draft a quarterback. Instead, they went with an edge rusher. I really like Marcus Davenport and all, but there is no reason the Saints should’ve traded up this far and give up next years first round pick all for an edge. That’s the type of trade you do when you want a QB. - PackFan2005

12 Mike Hughes- MIN
13 Frank Ragnow- DET

This definitely isn’t the worst pick, but it isn’t the best either. The Lions needed an edge rusher to work with Ziggy Ansah, particularly Harold Landry, who was still on the board. Sure, the Lions could’ve used a center, but I think Landry was the way to go here. - PackFan2005

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1. Baker Mayfield- CLE
2. Denzel Ward- CLE
3. Rashaad Penny- SEA
1. Rashaad Penny- SEA
2. Mike McGlinchey- SF
3. Terrell Edmunds- PIT


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