Browsing YTV XVI ''WWE Top 10: Worst Royal Rumble Entrants Of All Time''

To continue the Royal Rumble Week let's talk about the not so good wrestlers that are in the match these are individuals who don't always fair well and always get crubbed stopped pretty fast while the action goes on. Seeing a video like this that's what I would expect to see let's go ahead and play this...


#10 Chris Nowinski - Ugh... You mean the last match he ever worked until returning months later with a brace for his face because of concussion problems derailed his career because landed awfully when he was eliminated. I mean his up there, but at ten I can think of some others over him. The original Harvard educated grad though had potential at first, but alas I guess.

#9 Muhammad Hassan - Well in defense Hassan was the most loathed heel in the early portion of 2005. Him getting eliminated by everyone in the ring made a lotta since, but to put him in the top 10 is indicting many other wrestlers you forgot about.

#8 The Hurricane - Yeah, probably should be higher on the list if were going by multiple appearances, and not doing hardly anything in the match in the years that his been in for the most Part Hurricane is a joke when it comes to the Royal Rumble. Think about it his first appearance he goes next to both Austin and Triple H what happens eliminated immediately. Skip a year here's the 2004 rumble a blue chipper named Matt Morgan easily tosses him out as if he was flying while injuring his knee on the way out. 07 rumble as himself out of character he didn't last too long, but sadly that his best performance. Making his return in 2018 Hurricane once again gets tossed by John Cena as the crowds totally boo'ed that elimination, but than again going by history I can see why Hurricane has had his bad fortunes in the match.

#7 Vince McMahon - Yeah that would been a great one to start here's the chairman of the whole thing not doing anything for like 99% percent of the entire match getting beaten or just doing commentary point is Vince was just not what an entrant should do in cheap tactics. Still wins thanks to a distraction by the Rock thus one of the three worst Royal Rumbles of all time because the booking and finish was atrocious.

#6 Warlord - The big buff jobber guy who teamed with the Barbarian awe yes most infamous for having the shortest amount of time in the ring until a certain wrestler years later would break of course why not. The only one he did subpar decent was the 90' Rumble where he got tossed out by Andre other than that his drawn every late number, and has been tossed out pretty quickly, and two of those times were by Hulk Hogan.

#5 Hornswoggle - Its impossible for somebody that small to actually win a Royal Rumble match just not happening. He entered the rumble in 08', and in 11' both times I cringe seeing it happen. At least in 2011 he tried, but in 2008 he just played the hide and seek game eventually got DQ'ed which is a first for a Royal Rumble match

#4 The Great Khali - The only one he did well was the 07' rumble when he was tossing people over right and left only to job after that. What I mean is the next year Undertaker easily takes him out like nothing. Dumped out by Vladimir Koslov, putting over Beth Phoenix was cool to see. Ganged up by the New Nexus, somehow hopples over and goes out thanks to Cody Rhodes. Eliminated by both members of Team Hell No (Daniel Bryan, & Kane). Once again eliminated by a team The Shield, and finally for one more times sakes eliminated by Bobby Lashely, and Braun Strowman so yeah being top 5 absolutely almost perfect spot as well.

#3 Michael Cole - Now its a great laugh to play as Michael Cole in video game form fine, but in real life yeah here's a wasted spot in the rumble of unpredictability. The commentators all get into it, and the worst of all is the one doing absolutely nothing in the middle of the ring luckily Kharma ends that awful possibility what if Cole actually won the 2012 rumble.

#2 Santino Marella - In his time Santino has the record for being in the shortest, and actually being in a final two push only to be treated like a joke in the process. Since the 2008 Royal Rumble the single handedly worst of the wrestlers side of things is the so called ''master of the cobra.''

#1 Drew Carey - Yeah can't disagree with this one Drew Carey was only there to promotion rather than actually complete pretty ballsy though at the time.

The list isn't entirely bad, but its missing a bit of others I fought should of made this list. Titus O' Neil for sure his just a jobber whose always tossed out usually doesn't hang on too long. Another one that's kinda like him, but was much better is Shelton Benjamin he never really did that much in the ring, and would always find himself out just rapidly. Bushwhacker Luke one half of the duo never really stood a chance, and was always a comedy elimination spot filled entry. David Otunga, the other Harvard Grad, and a C-List guy who never was any good to begin with. I know it feels a bit unfair, but how about Scotty 2 Hotty everytime he get into the ring he either exits of injury, or he doesn't last too long in the match. That's really the ones I feel could have made the list, but otherwise what's seems fine is fine see ya next time.