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1 Rivendell

Wow I somehow knew this song would be number 1 on this list and I would agree - christangrant

No this and test for echo are ausome this list has underrated songs

Not true

2 Tai Shan

The only Rush song that's really worthy of the title of worst Rush song in my opinion, it's not terrible, it's just nothing special. Superconductor should not be higher than this on the list, and Rivendell should not be #1, nothing else on this list is even remotely bad, its all great except this song - Derrick_Fox

This is a Pop song by Rush the same band who made 2112 a 20 minute masterpiece made this... - christangrant

The only rush song I don't like. And that's saying something because Rush is my favorite band.

Alex and Geddy themselves refer to it as the worst. - Ku

3 I Think I'm Going Bald

Seriously? How is this not first? I don't think I even need to explain why this gets my vote. The worst song on the worst album. - Xean45

This is one of my favorite Rush songs. Why? Because to all the people saying "Muhh, the lyrics are stupid", "Muhh, the riff is taken from 'In the Mood'" that's exactly why it's great! It's a comedic song that borrowed one of the greatest riffs Lifeson has ever written! Because Rush was a hard rock band, not a prog band. They didn't care about the meaning of the song and the relevancy of the lyrics. They just wanted to write an awesome hard rock song people could rock out to. There are so many worse Rush songs than this. "Tai Shan", "Rivendell", "Madrigal"... And in my opinion, "Tom Sawyer", "Witch Hunt", and "Hemispheres" are worse than this one. - Aweso

My least favorite overall album is probably Snakes and Arrows.

4 War Paint
5 Dog Years

One of the lamest metaphors Peart ever used. This should be first.

This and Tai Shan are the only actually bad songs on this list - dlbk03

Definitely my least favorite song by them.

This song rocks! - Brobusky

6 Test for Echo

Such uncreative lyrics, sung boringly and drably. - thebigegg

For some reason I always liked this song

7 Good News First
8 Garden Road

Come on this is a good song

Come on I love this song - Boi

9 Scars
10 Superconductor

Those 'superconductor' back vocals are so silly, boy I hate that song just because of that!

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11 Ghost of a Chance

The song isn't complete crap, but it does suck. It's a shabby attempt at a love song. They've done better sounding Love songs in the past like Tears and even did better ones later on such as Halo Effect. This one, however, just blows!

What? I just listened to this. How is test for echo worse than this? This should be number one!

Why did they even consider this one? UP YOUR GAME GUYS!

This song's okay, but I'm not crazy about it. Personally, from Roll the Bones, I prefer Dreamline. But, overall, I have to agree that this is not Rush's best.

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12 Dreamline

I don't understand how this song is on this list. This is one of the best Rush songs. Youthful ambition and spirit, great energy put into the composition, and just a fun song to listen to. - Xean45

13 Sweet Miracle
14 We Hold On
15 Xanadu

No way this is one of their best - christangrant

16 Madrigal

This is one of their most beautiful sounding songs. What?

17 BU2B2

Only an overshort sequel to BU2B, without any musical showout.

18 High Water
19 Second Nature
20 Need Some Love
21 Carve Away the Stone

Just terrible

22 Lakeside Park
23 Open Secrets
24 Different Strings
25 Virtuality
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1. Test for Echo
2. Rivendell
3. War Paint
1. Rivendell
2. Dog Years
3. Ghost of a Chance
1. Tai Shan
2. Rivendell
3. High Water


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