Worst RWBY Episodes

These are the least good episodes in RWBY. The ones that made you expect more but you didn't see much. These are my ten personal opinions and that's about it.

The Top Ten Worst RWBY Episodes

1 A Perfect Storm

This was the newest episode that came out of RWBY and oh boy was it disappointing. The best part about this scene was Raven and Cinder confronting each other. But Blake's side of the story really dragged it down. So far nothing has happened in her arc and has been pretty boring. And yet there's a lot of hype with no good pay off. The small fight scene they had really sucks too. Like how they animated Sun twirling his weapon or how Blake didn't attack the Albain brothers when they were stuck. Was it really necessary to add in Ozpin wanting to talk to Qrow too? - RoseRedFlower

Only good thing about this episode was seeing Raven roast Cinder, Mercury, Emerald, and Arthur. Everything else was just bland.

2 Breach

This was the finale of season 2 and it was a major step down from the previous episode. I was hoping for team RWBY to actually have some sort of problems dealing with the army of Grimm. But nope, everyone is completely fine and the Grimm are as dumb as rocks. Seriously, Ruby is kicking them in a circle and the beowolves are just standing there not even moving. Then Coco just blasts through a DeathStalker and a Nevermore effortlessly. This episode had no tension and made me wonder how the Grimm were such a problem. - RoseRedFlower

The show didn't get dark and edgy until S3. But yeah, I wanted the finale of S2 to be similar to the S2 finale of Legend of Korra. - TwilightKitsune

3 Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back

Volume 4 just sucks.

This episode felt rushed and I mean very rushed. First off Yang's PTSD seems to be solved in seconds. She has no problem with her new arm, doesn't get shaken up at all and defeats her dad easily. Her arc was supposed to be about her struggle with losing her arm but it's resolved right after this episode. Weiss' summoning arc seemed too quick too. She summons her knight with no troubles and then wants to leave with Klein. This episode felt rushed with way too much going on within only fifteen minutes. Because they also added in Blake and Ruby too. - RoseRedFlower

4 Menagerie

This episode had a problem with exposition. A world of Remnant episode just came out explaining Meagerie and this episode also explains Menagerie. Why couldn't they just add it in the World of Remnant episode instead of more exposition dump? It's also really convenient that the Albain Brothers just so happen to tell Ghira and Kali about the White Fang at Beacon the moment Blake arrives. Other than Blake's sweet interaction with her family, this episode just wasn't very good. - RoseRedFlower

5 The Badge and the Burden: Part 2

I finally got around to liking Weiss in the third Volume but this episode almost made me give up on her entirely. The way she berates Ruby and treats her like an idiot was so mind boggling to me. I know Ruby isn't perfect but Ruby isn't a moron either. She told Weiss how to defeat the Boarbatusk that was giving Weiss such a hard time. And Weiss listened to her but she still argues with Ruby about her being a nuisance. - RoseRedFlower

Every time I try to evaluate why Weiss would act this way, I would think back to this episode and then give up. Seriously, Weiss’s development in this episode felt rushed and all it did was show that she changed her attitude in an instant. Talk about lazy writing.

Ruby's advice about the Boarbatusk eas actually damn useful. It could have saved Weiss' ass (and everyone else's for that matter) in the S2 finale. - TwilightKitsune

6 Taking Control

This episode has five points of views and the episode is only fifteen minutes long. Cinder and Salem's training went by too quickly, Weiss breaks out of her home with no troubles at all, Yang's part of the story could have been cut out, Blake finally treats Sun with some decency after she's slapped him and thrown away his scroll and the Nuckelavee looked kind of goofy. Don't cram so much into one episode RT! - RoseRedFlower

7 Jaunedice

This is probably one of their weakest story arcs (no pun intended.).

Cardin's a bully. There I said what happens. Jaune's getting bullied by Cardin because Cardin is a jerk. There's no specific reason as to why he's like that, he's just a big jerk. The episode was funny though but it wasn't enough. When I finished watching this episode I made a 'Really? ' face and moved on with my day. - RoseRedFlower

8 The First Step: Part 2

This one was just here to establish that Jaune and Pyrrha teamed up and Ruby and Weiss teamed up. This episode was way too quick being only 4 minutes long but no one was really developed from this. It was funny and how the characters landed was pretty cool. But I expected more after Ozpin informed how dangerous this mission would be. But there was no danger at all. - RoseRedFlower

9 Rest and Resolutions

Personally I liked this episode

The bird argument killed the episode

The bits with RWY and JNR were really good but the episode was once again too short. And they once again explained stuff we already knew from before. This already happened in Volume 4 episode 8, volume 5 episode 3 and then it happened the episode before this one. It became tiresome and what made it worse was the forced drama. Raven doesn't trust Ozpin because he gave her the ability to turn into a bird. But she chose this power and she abandoned her duties with Ozpin. It's not like the transformation is painful or anything, in fact, she turns into a bird all the time. That forced drama just felt unnecessary like the second part of this episode. - RoseRedFlower

Uninteresting except for the second part of the episode.
The reunion between all the protagonists felt super naive and silly. I understand that the showrunners wanted to make the heroes catch up with each others, but this is AWFULLY done (they all have an inappropriate and incumfortable laugh almost after every line, funny or not).
I consider this episode as the worst of the show at the moment

10 Welcome to Beacon

This one kind of made Ozpin out to be an idiot. First, General Ironwood dispatched troops in order to ensure that the people of Remnant would be safe. Especially after Qrow's message. But Ozpin doesn't want that and wants to treat the situation tactfully. But he hasn't done anything about the situation! Then when he asks Blake a lot of questions about her past, he doesn't become suspicious and looks into her past. Seriously, it seemed like the writers were going out of their way to make Ozpin seem incompetent just so that the villains could somehow infiltrate Beacon. - RoseRedFlower

The Contenders

11 Never Miss a Beat
12 Seeing Red
13 The More The Merrier

Our Heroes KNEW Lionheart was leading them into a trap yet they fell for it anyway and act surprised when it happens. That and our heroes are made look like idiots who had never been in a fight before, especially Ruby.

14 The Greatest Kingdom
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