Worst Sabaton Songs

Even at their worst, Sabaton is a GREAT band, but these are the songs that make us press the next key.

The Top Ten

1 The Ballad of Bull

How is this bad? Every time I hear this song, I want to cry my eyes out because of how beautiful the piano coupled with Joakim's vocals are. - Metalhead1997

I still have no idea why I have this on my playlist. it's a different approach by Sabaton, but it failed, miserably. However, this song is proof that even at their very worst they're still "Meh."

2 Shotgun
3 Inmate 4859

This song is still LEAGUES better than The Ballad of Bull, but it's a bit too calm for my taste. It's a great song, GREAT song, but it's still one of the worst Sabaton has made.

Really? - Metalhead1997

4 A Secret
5 No Bullets Fly

"Look to the right and then look again
And see the enemy in the eye." - Metalhead1997

6 Metal Machine
7 7734

"Double-seven 34." - Metalhead1997

8 Counterstrike
9 Nightchild

It would have been a great song, heck, it IS a great song, but it's exactly like Purple Heart, only with worse lyrics.

10 We Burn

This song features some of the best Sabaton lyrics of any their songs, the verses are awesome... Then comes the chorus, starts off awesome, and then "Flesh turn to ash". It's a really short chorus and there's no change in tone, just the same tone as the start of the chorus. And then the chorus ends, anticlimactic, ruining the entire song.

The Contenders

11 White Death
12 The Price of a Mile
13 Carolus Rex
14 Swedish Pagans
15 Last Dying Breath

Worst song ever

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