Worst Sam and Cat Characters

Sam and Cat is a rip-off of Drake and Josh. So here are all of the characters from Sam and Cat, one of the worst shows ever put on Nickelodeon.

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1 Cat Valentine Cat Valentine Cat Valentine was one of main character in American-teen sitcom Victorious . She was portrayed by Ariana Grande .

Most annoying character in this show. She's rude in some episodes too. In Lumpatious, she snapped at Dice for simply saying that his noodles were too long. In Victorious, she at least had a few redeeming qualities like talent and kindness. Here, all that is gone. Cat sucks.

She's overrated as hell and is easily the worst character on the show. She's annoying, too stupid to be funny, and she's Ariana Grande. She's worse than Goomer. - DCfnaf

First of all, Cat is the best character in this show. Second of all, What's the point of making this list if you don't even like this show. I mean almost everyone one in the show is on this list...

Somebody, please get rid of this annoying chick! She deserves to have her larynx permanently removed!

2 Sam Puckett Sam Puckett

In twinfection,cat said to sam that she is really smart and then sam laughed at cat just for saying that

She hurts almost everyone for no apparent damn reason!

She is so annoying. She was jealous of Carly in iCarly and now in Sam and Cat she is jealous of Cat.

Sam was great in iCarly but now she's too much of an ass. - DCfnaf

3 Dice

Dice is completely useless. He's just the neighbor of Cat who only exists just to be tortured. He's tortured for absolutely NO reason and when he isn't tortured, he adds NOTHING to the episodes at all. He's a waste of space. - DCfnaf

It's a movie dummies. Just because the characters have weird names, are mean, or even annoying doesn't mean that's how they are like that in life.

Dice seems like a butt.

Its just a movie. DUH.

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4 Goomer

Goomer is so stupid. In First Class Problems, his stupidity led to poor Sam and Cat having to spend the night in the airport with those two bratty rich kids, and he wouldn't let Dice explain that the "bombs" were the last names of the two kids and they just forgot their timers. And then Goomer tries to escape, so the airport goes on lockdown and they can't go to the Bahamas! He's such a retard and a nuisance!

This guy is such an idiot. He's a wannabe Spencer. Spencer was funny because he wasn't the biggest idiot on the planet like this moron. - DCfnaf

Somebody! Anybody! Get this guy out of Nickelodeon, Please!

I found Goomer so unfunny and facepalmed every time he got done showing that he was stupid.

5 Nona Valentine

I hate nona

Oh no! Not HER! She gives me nightmares

"Oh ya twit about it on your tweeter! "

Wow she is way too realistic. She's the perfect representation of an elderly woman who isn't funny and thinks she's "with it" even though she's not. - DCfnaf

6 Max

Max is annoying and weird!

7 Chloe

Is she a boy or a girl I cannot tell!

She's such a lame-ass know-it-all.

Who is this girl?

8 Gwen

More like Gwoshbag

She talks funny and weird

Who is this girl? 1

Gwen seemed sweet at first, but then she was... EVILLL! I mean seriously she is so evil!?!?

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9 Dilben

Somebody fire this guy!

How the heck is dis a charecter

10 Ruby

She talks funny and weird

She's cute but evil!

She is for no absolute reason.

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11 Jeff Du Shell

He produced "That's a Drag! ". More like "That's a Drug! "

More like Jeff Douchebaggotohell.

12 Darby

"Rigby" is a better name.

13 Miss. Torso

I feel really bad for her son

She's an ass.

1. Why do you care if Sam enters a texting competition?
2. Meeting the Vice President? What do you accomplish?
3. Why is she so intent on getting Sam disqualified? What the hell did she do? Why didn't she try to get the other contestants disqualified?
4. Why did she think Butler would win for her after gluing Sams hand? - DCfnaf

14 Mr. Sikowitz
15 Jade West Jade West Jade West (Elizabeth Gillies) is a frenemy of Tori from Hollywood Arts. She has a gothic sense of style—always wearing dark clothes with eyebrow piercings and different colors of streaks in her hair—and is the long-time girlfriend of Beck Oliver. She is very protective of her boyfriend and is known ...read more.
16 Robbie Shapiro
17 Freddie Benson Freddie Benson
18 Nora Dershlit
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