Song Rant: Drinkin' Too Much - Sam Hunt

Time to redo this post.

So, Sam Hunt has been very successful with the release of Montevallo, which spawned four top 40 hits on the Hot 100, and one more that only barely missed it. I didn't mind Sam Hunt at first, but once you look past the layers, he becomes up there with Thomas Rhett in terms of sleaziness and creepiness. Break Up in a Small Town and Ex to See were the best cases of that in the Montevallo album.

As of right now, he has released the promotional single, Drinkin' Too Much, and wow does it blow hard. In fact, it actually got way worse since I first heard it.

First off, Sam Hunt cannot pull spoken-word off well to save his life. It didn't work with Break Up in a Small Town, it didn't work with Take Your Time, and it certainly doesn't work here. It does fit well with the production, however, because it boring as hell! It doesn't even sound remotely country either (then again, you could pretty much say that about Sam Hunt in general). You know how country fans refer to Sam Hunt as the Drake of country music? That's a pretty fitting description, since this really sounds like a Views reject.

The production doesn't matter though; the main reason I am ranting about this song is those sickening lyrics. For those who don't know, this song is about Hannah Lee Fowler (there is a lyric on here that even specifies HER NAME), who is currently Sam's wife. Along with that, this is an apology to her after violating her privacy by referencing her several times on the Montevallo album. That doesn't sound like a bad idea on the surface, but here's the problem.

HE RESTATES EVERY SINGLE DETAIL ABOUT IT!! Because of this, strangers are following her on social media and she's lying in the bathtub for hours while crying. If you though that with all that ruckus, that Sam Hunt would be a real man and make things right, he instead guilt trips her with payment for student loans, the trip to the CMA Awards, and worst of all, his overdosing on alcohol.

In the song, he also specifies that Hannah changed her number and that she doesn't want anymore unwanted attention. As a result of that, he wrote this song and hopes that Hannah will listen to it. Hey, Sam, why don't you just take a hint and not respond at all? Then we get to these lyrics ...

"Hannah Lee, I'm on my way to you
Nobody can love you like I do
I don't know what I'm gonna say
But I know that there ain't no way, there ain't no way
No there ain't no way we're through."

Again, take the hint, Sam, TAKE. THE. HINT. This is also less about wanting to make things right and just wanting to not break up.

Want to know the REAL worst part about this?

For the outro, he sacrilegiously sampled the Christian hymn "How Great Thou Art." Yeah, I'm done.

Score: -1/10. If it weren't for Logic, this would have topped my list of the worst songs of the year.


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Well, even if Juju or Swang applied, I don't think either are as horrible in every way as this song. - WonkeyDude98

God awful song, Among the worst I've ever heard, but not even his worst... - ProPanda

Lol it's a strong 1.5/5 now - ProPanda

Whoa, This is song is worse than Trumpet Lights and I Might Go Lesbian... - AlphaQ

My rant on RYM is still like 5 times this length and anger even after you beefed it up lol - WonkeyDude98

Heh, still funny in retrospect. - WonkeyDude98