Worst Saved by the Bell Characters


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1 Zack Morris

Main character of the series, yet he treated his friends like crap. Got so jealous of Slater he convinced his friends that Slater had a terminal illness. Creepily had a cardboard cutout of Kelly in his room and Kelly never found out. Dreamed about starting a band with his friends and basically had the band named after him and abandoned them all. Tried to sabotage Kelly's modeling career for his own selfish reasons. Kissed Lisa knowing his alleged best friend Screech had a lifelong crush on her. When they made friendship bracelets Lisa treated Lisa like the help telling her to make the bracelets without sleeping and no pay then when Lisa splits he sells Screech into slavery. Also brainwashes Kelly and Lisa to fall for him and Screech respectively and he also had Screech sneak a microphone in Jessie's room so he can hear who Kelly is taking to the dance. Zack had issues. - ShadowSixx

2 Screech Powers

He was a borderline stalker with the way he stalked after Lisa when she made it clear that she isn't interested in him romantically. I'm surprised Lisa didn't file a restraining order on him. It also made no sense for Screech to be valedictorian but asked stupid ass questions and acted like a dumbass throughout the series. - ShadowSixx

Stalker who doesn't understand that "no" means "no". Just because he has a pathetic persona, Lisa is made to look like the heartless one when really he has no respect for her nor sees her as a human being.

3 Mr. Belding

He was a borderline pedophile. Wasn't it odd how he always hung around that group. When he had marital problems with his wife he hung out in Zack's room and to top it off he named his son after Zack. Wow. - ShadowSixx

4 Tori

A biker chick wearing leather, enough said. - ShadowSixx

5 A.C. Slater

For someone that's suppose to be a chauvinist he sure did some feminine things. He kept saying women should be in the kitchen yet he joined a cooking class in school, he danced around in a ballet outfit and his clothes were also questionable. - ShadowSixx

6 Jessie Spano

I'm so excited is all that needs to be said - ShadowSixx

7 Kelly Kapowski

She became quite annoying because she kept winning everything, prom queen, homecoming queen, head cheerleader, won the 4th of July pageant, walked around school in outfits that would get you in trouble in any normal school. - ShadowSixx

Still a cute girl though. - playstationfan66

8 Lisa Turtle

Don't have a problem with Lisa. Was she mean to Screech, yes but she had no choice, the man was stalking her. - ShadowSixx

9 Jeff
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