Top Ten Worst Scenes In Frozen


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1 Sister Drama at the End of Coronation Party

The sister drama tension strife at the end of coronation party was really upsetting to watch. Man, Anna was so rude.

Ugh. Anna's argument with Elsa was the most insufferable moment ever of all time anyway.

I hate 2 Princesses. (Elsa and Anna - I wonder why(! ))
Elsa mocks the Disney formula of True Love, and Anna is an insult to it.
Elsa just had to shut down German fairytales quick! I hate Anna and Elsa!
Elsa and Anna are very contradictive characters, with Elsa being shallow and Anna being energetic. They're not as complete, in my opinion, as others like Ariel, Belle or Snow White. Plus, I prefer the older classics. This was just too unique for me to love. The whole 'progressive' thing with Elsa and Anna was annoying only because everyone credited them for it and to me, it seems that the filmmakers clearly planted it in there to gain attention. I think that the directors were trying to mock Disney's past and claim that their Disney princesses were better or whatever, but that may be just my view on it. When I saw that scene in the theater, I immediately knew that lots of Disney mockers would pick up on it and praise the movie. I don't blame you when it comes to Elsa and Anna.

I hate stupid pointless overdramatic scenes, they're the worst. - Anonymousxcxc

2 Anna Sleeping In Drool Like a Slob


3 The Trolls' Song

Its creepy and I am sure the trolls are demons! Even my cousin was terrified of them.

All I could think of in the theater was MAKE IT GO AWAY! - Elric-san

Worst part hands down it was absolutely annoying

4 Olaf's Song

It had NO significance to the rest of the movie whatsoever! - Minecraftcrazy530

5 Anna and Kristoff Meeting Olaf
6 Olaf Saving Anna
7 Anna and Elsa's Parents Getting Killed at Sea

No fair. They didn't have to kill the royal couple off, did they? No they did not. Stupid creators of Frozen should've let the royal couple come home alive, safe and sound back then before.

it was sad

8 Anna and Elsa Being Sad When Their Parents Die
9 Hans Revealing That He's Evil.

Seriously? Just only that? Been the boyfriend of a princess only to been a king? How this movie win o oscar?

10 Kristoff's Song

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11 Marshmallow Chasing Anna and Kristoff
12 Hans Fighting Marshmallow
13 Let It Go
14 Incident in the Ballroom
15 Anna freezes and almost dies
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