Top Ten Worst School Assignments

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1 Five Paragraph Essay

One time I had to do a 10 PAGE essay. I CAN'T EVEN TYPE 5 PAGES!

Highschool is all about the essays! :)
Last year we had to do an essay on William Shakespeare, and Elizabeth Barrett Browning (A famous poet during the 1800s, if you didn't know :) ), she was known for her love poems to her husband, she was compared to William Shakespeare, which is obviously a very high honor. - CloudofMercury

Was assigned one in science and it was ridiculously repetitive about buoyancy and Newton's 3rd law or something. I felt so condescending repeating the same concept in different wording so many times... - keycha1n

I hate these especially when we have to finish the essay for homework. - cosmo

2 Multi-Part Research Project

I had a history assignment where we had to research ancient egypt. In total we had the assingment for 2 months and I was working until the due date. we had to research and then write an 'extended response' which is another word for 3 page long and over 3000 words. it was torture. and, on top of all that, half the class didn't pass

3 Science Fair

It's quite easy, as I did an award winning lava lamp for 1st and 2nd grade. During 5th, I was ripped off by some girls, but the award winner was some sort of machine. - Captaincrunch2015

I'm tired of doing those - JaysTop10List

They're not that bad. - cosmo

4 Summer Reading

This year we are going to do Harry potter for summer reading - Ihateschool

I read over the summer anyways, so I don't really see a problem! - music-is-life

I never do summer reading but I still pass

Last summer, I read The Great Gatsby, 1984, Fahrenheit 451, Rebecca, Animal Farm, Lord of the Flies, and The Grapes of Wrath. None of which were assigned. - PetSounds

5 Read a Whole Book In a Week

I can read a 400 page book in 2 days--- easy. While I lended my friend a 300 page book and she said it'd take her a month to finish it. - Luckys

Though to my own credit, I'm a very speedy reader, anything that involves reading is really quite an awesome assignment to me! Unless it's boring or repetitive, no offense to Oliver Twist or anything, I'm sure the story is really good, but Dicken's can be very redundant. I imagine the book could be half as long if all of the "extra" words were taken out! - keycha1n

I can do that, I just skip the words like "The wind blew on the footpath" or whatever. But there mustn't be much homework in that week. - Animefan12

I don't mind this at all. This is easy, since I love to read. - Minecraftcrazy530

6 Essay

Any essay that requires at least 3 pages=TORTURE

I had to type 10 PAGES once!

Especially the 3-5 page ones.

7 Making Models
8 Dissection

I had to do this to a squid and a rat once. It was pretty weird. - Onalitie

I did it to an earthworm and a frog once. It was cool and gross at the same time.

Think of all the frogs we could've saved.

You think frogs are bad and gross? I had to disect something an owl regurgitated. It was disgusting, it had bones in it. - ToptenPizza

9 Bring Your Pet to School

Bringing my hamster to school would be so awesome

My dog would bite, so I would have to keep him in a cage. - Captaincrunch2015

That would be awesome. - Pony

This would rock - Ihateschool

10 Video/Movie Questions

Can’t we just enjoy the video?

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11 Copywriting
12 Presentation

Presentation is just plain horrible. My writing teacher makes us do it for our daily 1 paragraph journals. For the friday journals with 2 paragraphs she actually grades everyone's journals. - Captaincrunch2015

13 What Did You Do Over the Break?

A typical reply of mine if I had to do these:

Over the summer, I stayed home the entire time while my relatives cousins went on awesome vacation. My sister took a billion summer classes and my parents are boring as hell cause they don't want to go anywhere. I just eat, sleep, and played on the computer all day long. That's my summer vacation. The end.

14 10+ Page Essay

I struggle with writing essays a lot. I have trouble with even 2-3 page essays sometimes, and once a teacher made me type TEN.

15 Reflections

How do you feel about this assignment? Why is this important? etc...

16 Personal Information

They do this in special ed classes

17 Maths

I am Asian and I am HORRIBLE at math

18 Tell Us About Yourself
19 Punishment Sentences
20 Literature/Poetry Analysis
21 Reading
22 Research
23 Compare and Contrast
24 Critical Thinking
25 Math
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