Top Ten Worst School Policies

This is a list of the most annoying or pointless school policies. This is not meant to be completely universal, just policies that exist in some school districts.

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1 Dress codes

At my school, we get dress-coded for showing bra straps or shoulders. What is so distracting about that? It's even worse when you miss class just cause you got dress-coded. I mean, are you saying our clothing choices are more important than our education? That it's our fault if other people (mostly boys) are "distracted" by our outfits? At my school, the dress code is very sexist, mostly targeting girls. I understand things like no gang symbols or crop-tops but no shoulders? Seriously? They had a dress-code video that used students as examples and in the video, they specifically targeted and called out girl students for breaking the dress code. Only one boy was featured in the video, while about six girls were shown.

You know what have a behavioral assistant work with them/other kids

Hats are not criminal!

Girls have dress codes, too

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2 Semester/quarter bathroom limits

I have a teacher who gives 50 extra credit points at the end of the semester but every time you use the bathroom you lose 5 points - Randomator

In my high school, the staff would LOCK UP all the bathrooms in the school. It started after they found kids were smoking in them. They would only leave 1 or 2 open. The nurse has a bathroom, but it was for emergencies only.

If you're a female and you're on your period you MUST get unlimited bathroom breaks. Either let us change in the restroom or else you'll have to deal with bloody chairs daily for a week each month!

My school doesn't have this but it probably really sucks

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3 School start time being earlier than 9:00am

This is easily the most pointless policy any school has. Even companies should stop attempting sleep deprivation.

This can cause sleep deprivation and now the start time is a global problem

My school has it pretty good. We don’t start until 8:40. - 3DG20

And then WE get in trouble for falling asleep in class. - username34

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4 No backpack during school

Thank god they don't have that rule in my middle and high schools - Stazemar000

This is so dumb but luckily my high school lets you have them in class - Randomator

When I was in high school, I had a homeroom teacher who forced the entire class to cram our HUGE backpacks into our TINY lockers. My locker had gotten jammed/stuck several times because of this.

In middle school, the only time we can have a backpack is entering the school and leaving the school. Otherwise, they stay in your locker - kaitlynrad11

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5 No listening to music

My teachers always allow us to listen to music except when we have to listen.

This is seldom allowed, but occasionally we can. - PackFan2005

Unless you went to a special needs school and the teacher plays it lolololololol.

At my school you can if you’re doing work - Randomator

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6 Being tardy because of missing the bus leading to an unexcused absence

I don't have that at my school yipee

Once my bus was late to my high school and I went to the office to get a late pass and they marked me as an unexcused lateness and gave me a detention. They later crossed off the detention and changed it into an excused absence.

Glad my school doesn't do this.


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7 Not sitting in your seat when the bell rings (even if you're in the room) leading to an unexcused absence

To the school with these rules: you're brains are on airplane mode!


Lol this is stupid. its your fault if your not in our seat and "socializing with my friends" yeah technically you only supposed to do that during lunch and passing periods

This one is SO easy to fix, sit down in your seat and you won't get that unexcused tardy.

How about the ones who have a life outside of school and want to socialize with our friends? - username34

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8 No kissing

It's a perfect rule because

This is my 3rd most hated rule in school and my 5th most hated rule in the entire world

I agree if kids want to kiss at a young age let them learn their own mistakes don't hand everything to kids. - kaylanah

This is understandable in elementary school and middle school. - 3DG20

This is a good thing - Randomator

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9 No chewing gum

Gum is proven to help kids focus. - 4Noobs

I agree with PackFan2005. Students would either drop or stick gum under desks and chairs which is disgusting and can potentially attract bugs. And all of the chewing and popping would get annoying, especially to people with misophonia like me. - Gabriola

Gum Help Kids to Focus

If anyone would see the bottom of the desks at my school, it’ll make you realize this rule isn’t so bad. - PackFan2005

10 Punished for not having a ruler/pen/pencil

With caning and closet time thanks Mrs Holt

My high school special ed teacher once made a kid pay her $1 to borrow a pencil from her.

Keeping up with this stuff is the hardest thing to do and its very common for someone to steal a pen or a pencil if they see it laying down and then they rush us out of class when the bell rings without time to put them up or you'll be late to your next class so you carry it through the busy halls where it falls or someone steals them (my experience as a 7th grader)

Some students struggle with living. Not everyone can afford school supplies

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? Playground equipment, each class gets a turn, ours was on Wednesday

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11 Having to add on extra days to the school year because of a snow day

We have school until may 24th do to snow

My cousins only had 2 days of spring break due to the snow

Hate that. - RebelGamer


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12 No energy/fizzy drinks

Nooo its worse - GatorBoy

I don’t like most of them anyway - Randomator


I only understand this rule if it’s to prevent spilling it on your work. I’m not a fan of soft drinks myself, but I don’t see anything wrong with having them unless you drink a lot. - 3DG20

13 No swearing

Lol in a school play my line has a swear I'm so excited because I am not allowed to swear - XxembermasterxX

I kept saying "God damn it" so much in high school computer teacher asked me to sit outside.

I got in trouble for putting a word that is NOT a cuss word in my homework.
(that word was idiot)

According to a study, people who swear have a higher IQ than those who do not. - 4Noobs

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14 No cell phones

I do happen to agree with this one. It is a bit disrespectful to be on your cell phone while a teacher is trying to talk. So, I can understand why this is a rule.

You are allowed to use it for a calculator, though in a math class. - Stazemar000

Oh, but I can replace my calculator, ruler, and protractor with a phone. But if they went paperless they could save thousands of dollars by requiring kids to use phones. Really, simple logic. - Kaboom

At my school it depends on the teacher but most let you use it if we’re working on class work - Randomator

In my school, they let us use them. Just not during class - RebelGamer

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15 No phones in class

I HATE this rule, the teachers do NOT pay my phone bill they do NOT have the right to possess private property without the parent/child consent. MY phone does not have a case on it all the time but if they drop I'm suing. PERIOD! - kaylanah

16 No wearing hats in school

They think you are a criminal if you are wearing hats. THIS RULE IS BULLCRAP! IT'S SO STUPID!

At my school we are allowed to wear hats. - Ilovestephanie

Yeah this is kinda dumb - Randomator

I wear my beanie to school and no one cared ( well, except my LA teacher)

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17 Not allowed to have long hair

Super, duper dumb. I have long hair!

This is the absolute WORST rule!
Why don't I get to look the way that I want?

Last I checked, you’re here to teach us, not to judge us based on how we look, so do your job and do it properly. - 3DG20

18 No boyfriend / girlfriend

This is understandable in elementary and middle school. Not in high school. - 3DG20

I'm forever single anyway. - Pegasister12

Why does school need to ruin peoples social life?

No one follows this rule

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19 No eating in the class

What if we haven’t eaten all day? - 3DG20

When I was a kid, I had this rule - JolteonIsAwesome

I plan on bringing some Poptarts to school soon, so I can eat them in the period where I have a nice teacher that lets us eat in there. - Pegasister12

Lel yeah. We have this rule. - username34

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20 You have to show your work whenever you answer a question


Sometimes I have a hard time explaining how I got the answers. I just did, okay? - 3DG20

Its like when you catch a fish,you have to throw it back because "you didn't show your god damn work"

I mean why can't they just apprieciate it

What is one plus one? Explain your thinking.

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21 No fidget spinner in school

Fidget spinners? What year is this again? - 3DG20

When these things were popular, I had a teacher who smashed them with a hammer whenever he saw a student with one. - PackFan2005

Well they are irrelevant at this point anyway. Nobody really thinks they are cool anymore - Randomator

Good rule.

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22 No wearing jewelry

U a gay

23 Hall passes

Want to pass on a simple hall and you have no PASS? GO TO YOUR DAMN CLASSROOM!

Honestly they’re pointless. I’ve never needed to show a hall pass to anyone. And do you really need a pass to go across the hall? - Randomator

24 No standing up in the cafeteria

I have to deal with this on a daily basis at my school.

Wait, now we can't stand up in school?

How would we even get from one class to another? - Stazemar000

25 No talking during lunch

Wait! During lunch? Are you serious? - 3DG20

26 No hitting

I Despise this rule.

Makes sense - XxembermasterxX

27 No bathroom breaks
28 English only

It's not racist lol, It's the most universally spoken language in the entire world. Also one of the easiest languages to learn. - 4Noobs

I remember that in foreign languages class in middle school/high school they won't let you speak English at all...

It's racistt

29 No jackets in cold weather

My high school would turn the air conditioning on even if it was 20 degrees F outside. Students were allowed to wear vests and sweaters, but they don't always provide enough warmth. So many kids were sick with a cold/fever because of this, including myself.

People could die from this. I've never seen a school with this policy though. - 4Noobs

What kind of a school would have this rule? - PackFan2005

30 No makeup

I can understand it not being allowed in elementary school and only being allowed for special occasions in middle school, but it should be allowed in high school. - 3DG20

Every girl or boy should be able to express thereselves

31 Getting Saturday School when sick for a week

That not fair

People send their kids to school sick because their kids don't want Saturday School

32 Time limit to eat lunch

In high school, I stand in line for 1/2 hour and only have like 5-10 minutes left to eat. Also no food outside the cafeteria. This is why I eat so fast (and eat snacks after school)

33 No motocross shirts
34 No scooters


35 No throwing snowballs

Not like my school ever gets snow anyway - Randomator

36 No going near the snow
37 The grading system

Teacher doesn't assign test/work, then gives you a zero for it, then your overall grade dramatically drops. Need I say more?

38 No drinking drinks in the halls

15 Seconds, Detention for you! When will you learn...

39 If your lunch account balance is low, you don’t get any food at all.

In those cases if the students already got a lunch, the school makes them THROW IT AWAY.

40 We are allowed to have boyfriends/girlfriends

I agree

41 In school suspension for fighting


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