Top Ten Worst School Policies

This is a list of the most annoying or pointless school policies. This is not meant to be completely universal, just policies that exist in some school districts.

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1 Dress codes

I only agree that the dress code is ridiculous if a certain piece of clothing is not really that bad. I get it that the spaghetti traps are not allowed, but the wide straps should be just fine.

Now there are some girls that are complaining about the dress codes, are probably the ones who want to wear clothes that are more for mature women. Such as tube top, short skirts that are a little too high on the thighs, and short shorts that when you bend over you can almost see her a**. It's a place to learn, not a bar to go pick up guys for a one night stand. Guys should not have their baggy pants down with their boxers showing. Again it's a place to learn, not a prison to find your next jailbird lover ( That's where that trend actually came from.)

Dress codes, are absolutely ridiculous. I find self-expression to be very theraputic, and I often do this through my clothing or makeup. I do consider regular creative outlets to be extremely de-stressing, and not having a dress code is the least the schools can do to foster this creativity and expression.

And come on, that three-finger strap rule that my middle school had? Really? It's just a shoulder! - keycha1n

I'm guessing school uniforms fit under dress codes as it is pretty much clothes you have to wear to school and you have no other options, I think it may have been good for me, but only because I would've worn very ugly clothes to school because I didn't really develop my fashion sense for fear of being seen as feminine by all the other people.

They never enforce the dress code at my school.

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2 Semester/quarter bathroom limits

This is too much. We are only allowed to use the bathroom once a day. You need to pee at least twice in seven hours.

I'm glad my school doesn't have bathroom limits. - EpicJake

At least my school didn't use this. - blst0033

If you’re female, this is just extreme. Why sometimes chairs are bloody are because of this.

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3 No backpack during school

In middle school, the only time we can have a backpack is entering the school and leaving the school. Otherwise, they stay in your locker - kaitlynrad11

Luckily, they don't have this rule in my high school. It would be complete chaos if they banned backpacks... - Turkeyasylum

4 School start time being earlier than 9:00am

And then WE get in trouble for falling asleep in class. - username34

Only too true. This is by far the easiest way to drastically improve the life and well-being of students, yet, no schools make the change and it frustrates me because there's literally no reason not to. - keycha1n

We get in trouble for sleeping in class when we have twenty minutes to get ready? Yeah, makes a lot of sense.

I need my beauty sleep!

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5 No listening to music

They let use ear buds while we're doing work. - RebelGamer

Sadly, we're only allowed to do this in either an after school club or on the bus - kaitlynrad11

That's actually sad - Ananya

6 Being tardy because of missing the bus leading to an unexcused absence

What if the bus makes a mistake? Why should you take the blame for that

Hate this policy! - SamuiNeko

7 Not sitting in your seat when the bell rings (even if you're in the room) leading to an unexcused absence

This one is SO easy to fix, sit down in your seat and you won't get that unexcused tardy.

How about the ones who have a life outside of school and want to socialize with our friends? - username34

Well my seat is the teacher's place since there are two teacher's tables. The teacher doesn't care, though.

I almost had that happen to me once, but the teacher was nice so she let me off. - Pegasister12

Australia doesn't have this at all, which is good. - DJSchollen

8 No kissing

I saw a two students doing that, nobody complained though - Ananya

That is a good thing... - Catacorn

This is a good rule. - RevolNiartRuasonid

I’m going lad that’s this a really uneventful I hate seeing this

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9 Punished for not having a ruler/pen/pencil

Keeping up with this stuff is the hardest thing to do and its very common for someone to steal a pen or a pencil if they see it laying down and then they rush us out of class when the bell rings without time to put them up or you'll be late to your next class so you carry it through the busy halls where it falls or someone steals them (my experience as a 7th grader)


10 No chewing gum

The Newcomers

? Time limit to eat lunch

In high school, I stand in line for 1/2 hour and only have like 5-10 minutes left to eat. Also no food outside the cafeteria. This is why I eat so fast (and eat snacks after school)

The Contenders

11 Having to add on extra days to the school year because of a snow day

Hate that. - RebelGamer


12 No cell phones

Oh, but I can replace my calculator, ruler, and protractor with a phone. But if they went paperless they could save thousands of dollars by requiring kids to use phones. Really, simple logic. - Kaboom

In my school, they let us use them. Just not during class - RebelGamer

Horrible rule

In my school, you can have a phone at school, but you can't bring it to class. Just like what @RebelGamer said. - Catacorn

13 No energy/fizzy drinks


14 No swearing

I break this rule a lot. - Pegasister12

I said S*** when a really strict teacher was right behind me.

15 No eating in the class

When I was a kid, I had this rule - JolteonIsAwesome

I plan on bringing some Poptarts to school soon, so I can eat them in the period where I have a nice teacher that lets us eat in there. - Pegasister12

Lel yeah. We have this rule. - username34


My ELA teacher is cool with us eating in class. This kid next to me was eating some chips.

16 No phones in class
17 No wearing hats in school

I wear my beanie to school and no one cared ( well, except my LA teacher)

Why the heck does this exist?
"It's rude to wear a hat inside"
Ya, but it's also hella rude to take a student's property and force parents to come and get it, an dits also extremely rude to ban backpacks and force us to carry everything. At least let me wear my flipping hat man

18 Not allowed to have long hair
19 No boyfriend / girlfriend

Why does school need to ruin peoples social life?

I'm forever single anyway. - Pegasister12

No one follows this rule

My school has a no friends at all policy. - Kaboom

20 You have to show your work whenever you answer a question

At my school, even if you get the problem right, it will be considered wrong if you don't show your work. - EpicJake

What is one plus one? Explain your thinking.

At my school, you automatically get a zero if you don't show all your work. - Kaboom

I hate this so much.

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1. No chewing gum
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3. No energy/fizzy drinks
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2. Semester/quarter bathroom limits
3. No backpack during school



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