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1 No bathroom breaks

This rule sucks. One time I started my period in class and my FEMALE teacher wouldn't let me leave. This was online school, so I couldn't tell her privately. I had to wait for class to be over, bleeding.

Wow no hate no gum no facial hair no bathroom breaks no toys from home. Whoever created these rules are stupid. They are more retarded since day light savings existed. Facial hair is a natural part of the body. Thank god my school is not like that. But here's a stupid rule. A teacher in one of my classes does not allow me to wear a hat yet all the other teachers in the other classes hate are allowed. I'm in 8th grade. Also I need to ask before going to the bathroom. They are very nice teachers but don't give a damn if I have to go or not. Thank god I'm allowed facial hair.

If you're a middle school or a high school female then this rule is just cruel. Girls having their periods NEED the bathroom more often. Girls may get a bad rash or infection from sitting in a bloody pad for too long, it gets smelly, and sometimes when periods are at their heaviest times, if they don't change, they will leak and blood will get everywhere. Gross and unhygienic.

No rule can be worse than this, during passing periods the bathrooms are so crowded with jerks that I can't even use them, that's why I always ask during class, and when it comes to limited pass or straight up no bathroom, that's a BIG problem! my 6th period teacher forbids us to use the bathroom during class, period, that's why I hate him

2 Crap is considered a "swear word"

One time, I said "oh my god" in class and my teacher banned it because she thinks Christianity is the only religion.

Well I didn't feel as bad after I read about a school who banned the use of the word Shrek.

If you think that's bad, my grade 7 teacher said that we weren't allowed to say "shut up".

When I was in fifth grade, my teacher said the word crap a lot.

3 No crushes

They may not have some of these at your school, but they sure do at mine. Anyways, this makes no sense at all. How in the heck can they control how you feel about someone? that's why this makes no absolute sense, but yet, they made it a rule.

How is this even a rule? It's not as if we have an 'off' button for our hormones for when we're in school.

I had my first kiss and my teacher was very mad I cried and yelled at her

Who the hell made this list? a bunch of 5th graders?

4 No saying kill or any other "violent words"

I love dinosaurs.
I watch 10 of them die in battle tournaments every day.
This is stupid.

Jeez, how paranoid can you people get!?

This really does suck tbh

What if you’re just talking about a game you like with your friend?

5 No hoods

Apparently we can't wear hats or hoods in school because it is "disrespectful" even if our heads are cold or we have a bald spot.

This rule is so stupid. What do they think is under that thin piece of fabric? A gun?

My school says it's a safety hazard because it covers your face! but does it though? does it really teachers?

I honestly don't understand the point of this rule.

6 Late for even 1 second it's an automatic detention

Oof, sorry people who have this rule

that is too hash even I late for 10 mins the teacher wont even give me anything

7 If your bus is late, your lateness is not excused

A week after one of my teachers said he wouldn’t get us in trouble for being late if it was a legitimate reason, my bus was almost an hour late and by the time I got there, I was supposed to be in the same class, but then when I got there, that same teacher lectured me, even after I told him what happened.

8 No phones even at break and lunch

My high school won't let me do this.

yes phones even at lunch and break

9 No playing tag

Yes, this is still happening.

Mine doesn’t allow this either! Is it because we can trip? LEARN TO GET BACK UP AND GET A BANDAID

10 No video games

Minecraft is good for your mental well-being

during class

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11 No bringing toys from home

My school has this rule

Principal : "here at blah blah blah we want our students to be productive. Oh and well you're at it, no toys from home! "

you're not a kid anymore

12 Hugging is considered sexual harassment

Don't really have that at my school. I sometimes see kids hugging my math teacher, does he yell at them? No.

I do it sometimes too, and does he yell at me? Nope

What if it’s just a friend hug?

13 No talking

I mean in class, I can understand. But the no talking at lunch is ridiculous!

Well, the first amendment was thrown out the window.

I just hate this

Sersiouly though...

14 No doing your homework during your other classes if you finish work early

Teachers be like 'I want you all to be more productive'

15 5 minutes to go to your next class

Well my classes are 30 minutes long

16 Clothing that has to do anything with LGBT is against the dress code

Shouldn't they support LGBTQ+

17 School starts at 7:30 am

Mine starts at 8:35

18 Doctor's note is required if you're out for 5 days even though it is a family emergency
19 Family emergency is not a valid excuse for lateness

This one sucks.

I’m pretty sure you should have sued your school, dude.

20 No jackets

If a jacket isn't our school jacket, we can't zip it because they "have to" see the school's logo. This is just nonsense. There's a difference between wearing a jacket that's zipped and wearing an unzipped jacket.

What if your freezing? My school allows it though.

No wonder so many kids are out sick

21 No best friends

How can they stop you from having best friends, and why would they ever do it in the first place?

What IS THIS RULE, at least mine allows it too

22 No hats
23 No snacks during class

hmmm. you disrespecting the teacher

24 No gum

How does it affect them if we're chewing on a flavored piece of rubber?

its disgusting

25 Only healthy food

I feel bad for you... my 4th grade teacher recommended to us that we should bring in healthy snacks for lunch, but she never really banned it completely. Dang.

We are all exposed to junk food all the time. It's unavoidable. DEAL WITH IT! >:(

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