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1 No bathroom breaks

I once almost pooped my pants because of this. - MasterHand

No rule can be worse than this, during passing periods the bathrooms are so crowded with jerks that I can't even use them, that's why I always ask during class, and when it comes to limited pass or straight up no bathroom, that's a BIG problem! my 6th period teacher forbids us to use the bathroom during class, period, that's why I hate him - BlueBobYT

Exactly would you rather me pee in your classroom - BreakFastBeast2005

Wow no hate no gum no facial hair no bathroom breaks no toys from home. Whoever created these rules are stupid. They are more retarded since day light savings existed. Facial hair is a natural part of the body. Thank god my school is not like that. But here's a stupid rule. A teacher in one of my classes does not allow me to wear a hat yet all the other teachers in the other classes hate are allowed. I'm in 8th grade. Also I need to ask before going to the bathroom. They are very nice teachers but don't give a damn if I have to go or not. Thank god I'm allowed facial hair.

2 Crap is considered a "swear word"

Schools also considered "stupid", "hell", and "d***" as swear words.

Well I didn't feel as bad after I read about a school who banned the use of the word Shrek. - Scr3aM

3 No crushes

A lot of people have a crush on me and I ended up in the PRINCIPLES OFFICE

How can they even enforce that? I’d go to the Board of Education if I went to your school. - Lilypadgaming

Who the hell made this list? a bunch of 5th graders?

They may not have some of these at your school, but they sure do at mine. Anyways, this makes no sense at all. How in the heck can they control how you feel about someone? that's why this makes no absolute sense, but yet, they made it a rule. - Scr3aM

4 No saying kill or any other "violent words"

I love dinosaurs.
I watch 10 of them die in battle tournaments every day.
This is stupid.

My new math and language arts english mrs. heather edwards for example

Jeez, how paranoid can you people get!? - Scr3aM

Some examples
gun as in imaginary gun in my school
"shut up" seriously can't classmates shut their mouths for once

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5 No hoods

Apparently we can't wear hats or hoods in school because it is "disrespectful" even if our heads are cold or we have a bald spot. - MasterHand

This is the stupidest dumbest why just why... - BreakFastBeast2005

My school says it's a safety hazard because it covers your face! but does it though? does it really teachers?

How is wearing a hood or hat disrespectful

6 No playing tag

Yes, this is still happening. - Scr3aM

7 No bringing toys from home

Principal : "here at blah blah blah we want our students to be productive. Oh and well you're at it, no toys from home! " - Scr3aM

8 No doing your homework during your other classes if you finish work early

Teachers be like 'I want you all to be more productive'

9 If your bus is late, your lateness is not excused

A week after one of my teachers said he wouldn’t get us in trouble for being late if it was a legitimate reason, my bus was almost an hour late and by the time I got there, I was supposed to be in the same class, but then when I got there, that same teacher lectured me, even after I told him what happened. - 3DG20

10 No gum

To be honest, I don't care about this rule. Plus, I hate it when people stick gum under the seats or wherever, so I kind of actually like this rule. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Yes, I have to agree that it's annoying when I find chewed up pieces of gum under lunch tables and seats - Scr3aM

How does it affect them if we're chewing on a flavored piece of rubber? - Scr3aM

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? No recess
? Sitting next to the opposite gender is considered sexual harassment


The Contenders

11 No hats allowed


12 No phones even at break and lunch

My high school wont let me do this - ihatetrump

13 No jackets allowed, even if the building is super cold

No wonder so many kids are out sick

14 No tank tops

I think as long as it covers your bra and it's not too low cut, then that should be fine.

Why, I don't get it! - Scr3aM

15 No playing in mud

You want school to be fun... - Scr3aM

16 Hugging is considered sexual harassment

Don't really have that at my school. I sometimes see kids hugging my math teacher, does he yell at them? No.

I do it sometimes too, and does he yell at me? Nope - Stazemar000

What if it’s just a friend hug? - 3DG20

17 The only hats or beanies allowed are ones with the school logo

That defeats the purpose of having a hat or beanie. And if you change schools, ex: go from middle to high school, you gotta change your hat too, you can't wear that same one. What a waste of money. I think they should just make the rule that it cannot be too inappropriate, not just the school logo ones.

18 Lunch is only 40 minutes long

Mine is 15 min long

Mine is 45 minutes. - 3DG20

Mine's less than 40._. - BlueBobYT

Mine is 30. - Ilovestephanie

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19 Late for even 1 second it's an automatic detention


20 No talking

Well, the first amendment was thrown out the window.

Sersiouly though...

21 No saying anything violence related

This goes along with #2. - Scr3aM

22 Elementary school gets out at 3:15 PM

My elementary school gets out at 2:45

My elementary school gets out at 3, and my current school gets out at 2:45. - 3DG20

My elementary school gets out at 3:45 PM - BlueBobYT

I get out at 1:15

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23 School starts at 7:30 am
24 No snacks during class
25 Doctor's note is required if you're out for 5 days even though it is a family emergency
26 No best friends allowed

How can they stop you from having best friends, and why would they ever do it in the first place? - Lilypadgaming

27 Only healthy food is allowed

I feel bad for you... my 4th grade teacher recommended to us that we should bring in healthy snacks for lunch, but she never really banned it completely. Dang. - Lilypadgaming

We are all exposed to junk food all the time. It's unavoidable. DEAL WITH IT! >:(

28 No money in lunch account, you don't get food at all

A situation like this actually happened on the news, and the county had to apologize for what the school did. Don’t make a kid go hungry, just bill their parents. It’s that easy! - Lilypadgaming

29 No Pads in School
30 No Fortnite Dances

Some school districts have a feeling that doing Fortnite Dances on school grounds is considered a form of disrespectful behavior and may lead to bullying

When take the L on someone

31 No electronic devices allowed
32 You are not allowed to throw snow balls in the snow

We weren't even allowed to GO NEAR IT!

33 Listen to all adults in the building
34 5 minutes to go to your next class
35 Family emergency is not a valid excuse for lateness

I’m pretty sure you should have sued your school, dude. - Lilypadgaming

36 No food in library
37 The nurse is for emergencies only
38 No farting in class

I've never taken blame for a fart and never will - BlueBobYT

This one is understandable unless it’s an accident. - 3DG20

39 You need a hall pass If you want to leave during any class
40 No sunglasses
41 Note from parent is required if you need to be excused from Phys Ed

When I was in high school once I just started my period in the same day that my phys ed class was starting swimming. Despite telling the teacher, she said that I needed a note from my parents in order to be excused.

42 No class parties allowed
43 No food in classroom
44 No swearing
45 No hitting
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1. No bathroom breaks
2. Crap is considered a "swear word"
3. If your bus is late, your lateness is not excused
1. No crushes
2. No saying kill or any other "violent words"
3. No playing tag


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