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1 Columbine High School Massacre

This shooting is also one of the few disasters where media violence was involved. Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, and The Matrix were all accused of influencing the shootings at Columbine.

I have met the parents of some of the victims and it was just heartbreaking to see how 2 selfish teenagers could just take the lives of innocent high school classmates! They even shot a person just because he was black... Talk about racism! They also shot a girl just because she believes in god... Wow!

Other pieces of media that were accused of influencing the shooting was the movie Natural Born Killers and the bands Rammstein and KMFDM.

My 2nd Grade Teacher Told me about that

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2 Virginia Tech Massacre

This was a shocker on the news for me.

And I was only 11 at the time.

My mom and grandmother stared at the news report about this.

Everyone at the restaurant we was at stared at the T.V. saddened and devasted about this.

This was another tragic to America.

This was worst than columbine but not Orlando or beslan school seige

This was worst sandy hook and columbine but beslan school seige

3 Dunblane Massacre
4 Sandy Hook Elementary School, Newtown, CT

I feel really bad for the parents because it was a normal day, and than they got a phone call saying that their child died.

This should be #3, this guy killed ELEMENTARY school students

Thank god that the shooter is dead.

Too young they were all too young.

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5 University of Texas Massacre

Got confused with this shooting with the Kent state shooting

Worst than sandy brat school

This was more crazy than sandy hook

Worst than dunblane massacre

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6 Erfurt Massacre
7 Winnenden School Shooting
8 Beslan School Seige

Why is this not number one? For one is isn't just a 1 hour shooting. It lasted 3 damn days and literally over 200 people where killed. And not to mention bombs where used. This makes what happened in Orlando look like a Nerf Gun fight.

Sandy hook is overrated Virginia tech shooting is worst than sandy hook to me it matter how many victims were killed not their age why think about back in the day 18 year old boys got drafted into war 18 they had a life ahead of them and it still happens to this day so f the age is all about how many victims where killed

Far by the worst school shooting should be number 1 even worst than sandy hook Orlando night shooting and 2011 Norway attacks

Worst shooting ever nothing tops it well maybe columbine does

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9 École Polytechnique Massacre

It was horrible that a man with such hatred towards women would kill innocent people. But, sadder still is, the event has since been used to demonize men everywhere, every December 6.

(I'm a woman, by the way. )

Yea this killed lots of girls

10 Kauhajoki School Shooting

Most known for the YouTube video the perpetrator uploaded before he shooting. There's fottage of the video, but the actual video was deleted by YouTube. - booklover1

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11 Rio de Janeiro School Shooting

11 innocent kids were killed by a ex-student of that school.

This massacre should be the number one because he killed INNOCENT KIDS, that had nothing to do with their problems of past (he was a bullying victim when studying on that school).

Unfortunately these kids died but than. thankfully that the assassin died, before kills other kids. - Whosme2011

12 Azerbaijan State Oil Academy Shooting

This shooting was so sad at the oil academy

13 Jeremy Wade Delle

Inspired the song Jeremy by Pearl Jam

A kid who shoots himself in front of his class is no joke. - Caleb9000

14 Colegio Americano del Noroeste Massacre
15 Isla Vista Massacre

Eillot roger did this Because he couldn't get a girl friend killed 6 people

16 Nic Diederichs Technical High School Slashing

I know this isn't a shooting but I just had to include this.

17 Thurston High School (Springfield, Oregon) Rampage

The fact that he killed his parents before he shot children is just wrong. And the fact they had signs of odd behavior and they could have done something about it but didn't is also wrong. It left the community in shock and in devastation, and it still is.

Kip Kinkel deicide to kill his parents before going to school. Then went on a rampage gunning down everybody in sight at the school.

18 SuccessTech Academy Shooting

No one died so its not terrible

19 Umpqua Community College Shooting

This just happend really sad 9 killed I think

20 Chardon High School shooting

Killed 3 teens and showed no remorse

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1. Sandy Hook Elementary School, Newtown, CT
2. Columbine High School Massacre
3. Virginia Tech Massacre
1. Virginia Tech Massacre
2. Dunblane Massacre
3. Erfurt Massacre
1. Columbine High School Massacre
2. Virginia Tech Massacre
3. Sandy Hook Elementary School, Newtown, CT



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