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21 Home Economics

I think cooking is very fun. Why is this one so high especially with no comments.

This is a subject?

"Ouch! My fingers! "


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22 English

I mean it would make sense if people who spoke other languages like French, German, Spanish, and Korean would take this class. As for people who speak English already, why do they have to take this class? Is it so they speak English better? They can already speak that. Besides, what good will English classes do for those that already speak the language? If you're a person who DOESN'T speak English, GO AHEAD TAKE IT! This class is for you!

One of the worst subject

It's literal cancer

23 Art

I like to draw, but I do not like it when the teacher wants the art done THEIR way. Isn't art about being creative with your ideas? I know Van Gogh didn't do what the teacher told him... - Turkeyasylum

Art sounds pretty easy, but no. I suck at art, and that's just me. Back a few years ago in Grade 7, we had to do a art project about optical illusions and I screwed up a bit while everyone else did it right, so I had to stay in 25 minutes after school to finish it. I didn't, and then I got a very low grade in art. Worst subject!

From the very first day of Year 7 I already knew it was gonna be painful. The first thing the teacher said was "Draw anime, instant 0. Draw any kind of Asian form of art, instant 0. Draw something which I don't approve of, instant 0. Draw too slowly, instant 0." Then we had 4 stupid assignments, where we had to study the life of Frida Khalo or some woman. Even if I *was* gonna major in art I don't think memorising the life of Vincent Van Gogh would get me a job. Thank god I can drop it next year.

Biggest mistake of my life, hasn't offered anything in the form of jobs etc. Waste of a subject.

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24 Calculus

You thought Algebra was bad? Ha, welcome to calculus.

Oh my god... Calculus? I would rather be counting to 1 trillion and the teacher beside me.

Calculus: the evolved form of algebra

25 Earth Science

Isn't this geography? - TeamRocket747

26 Chemistry

Chemistry is the absolute worst subject I have been to by far! Worse than algebra. Don't get anything there! Math and Science not a good combination at all!

Chemistry is awesome and interesting.

How could you not like chemistry! It is way better then just science.

How tf is chemistry this low! Maybe just my teacher but it is so boring, hard to understand, and not interesting! I love math and science but Chemistry is something else!

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27 Trigonometry

Most people say trig is easy and that is the problem, no one puts in effort to explain to me what anything mean, if it was not for this I would have had way higher marks because algebra is extremely simple to me

28 Band

At my school, we have Music instead of Band. Band is optional unlike Music. The last Band teacher I had before I quit reminded me of a werewolf. The Music teacher I had in 6th grade looked like a witch and the one I have now looks like a vampire. There seem to be a lot of musical monsters teaching at my school lately...

How could band make the list it kicks so much ass! - Artattack

Dude band is awesome! The only bad things about it is that the ban directors get really mad ( at my school) and sometimes you sit by jerks (currently happening)


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29 Drama/Theater Studies

I don't have that at my school, but the 8th grade does get their own play each year. As a future author, putting yourself in your character's shoes is important. You get to learn a lot about a person that way.

It is boring not useful. Not everyone is or want to be a celebrity

At my school it's after school and optional. I wish it were a regular class actually. - PianoQueen

I took art so I don't need to worry abiut this - Captaincrunch2015

30 Music

My music teacher, I'll call her Ms. Smith (Just in case she's reading this) She's an extremely strict and harsh lady who really cares about her music, but what's the point? I'm in Grade 9 and I have to sing songs probably meant for primary-aged kids. Not to mention we use broken old instruments, one time I screwed up while we were using bongos and guess what? I had to write in lined-paper over and over again "I will follow the rules" on both sides, and that's why I'm moving high schools.

One of my Music teachers was a witch. She even looked like one. Thankfully, she left. Now, I have a really pale Music teacher who is basically a vampire. He's no better than my past Music teacher.

I will never take music because they make you perform - Captaincrunch2015

What I Think About Music: No thanks, music is boring. I get in trouble a lot there but good news I don't go there anymore.

Music is my least favorite, math and typing are my favorites. (i can type 80 wpm! )

- Hunterzz

31 Sex Education

The reason why my mind is no longer pure - Absolite

I did my teacher in this class

Is this even a subject? - DaisyandRosalina

Useful if you want to be a doctor or have kids,the worst thing about it though are those immature people breaking their laughboxes - Nateawesomeness

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32 Pre-Calculus

Ever since I started taking this subject. I can no longer understand the meaning of life.

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33 Technologies

I hate Technology, our teacher makes us do pointless assignments that are not even Tech related. If I get one of these kinds of assignments, I usually just say "screw it" and don't do it. I don't give a dime about my Tech grade as it is not an important subject. Damn you Tech Ed teacher, you are a stupid time-wasting moron!

You never really learn anything interesting and the teachers don't know what they are doing. There was this one good Technology teacher, but he moved to Florida. Before we had him, my class had this jerk as a teacher who'd insult us. He wasn't very encouraging and we never really learned anything from him.

It's either too easy or too hard. When it's hard it's hardly technology related.


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34 Geology

Geology was so boring and unnecessary. How is it going to help a future author in life?

35 Drama

Stupid teachers can’t teach drama

Two types of drama
2:popular people - Nateawesomeness

36 Health

Okay, you can't hate this class just because they talk about puberty. This class is actually really interesting. It lets you know that changes will be occurring in your body and how to prepare for them. Who cares if certain body parts are mentioned? - DCfnaf

My health teacher is lazy and doesn't do anything she is just a blob of fat sitting in a chair and when class ends she slowly trudges to another class

I don't wanna know about this. WHY? I hate this class its just awful

This class is boring

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37 Hard Materials
38 Geography

I love this subject.

Most. Useless. Subject.

I can't believe this is not number 1. - Hellohi

It sucks because it's boring as hell.

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39 Literature

I used to always do super well or super bad (barely pass/fail). Usually super bad. So I did a summer reading program. My book was the fellowship of the rings. I got 6:8 on all of the quizzes but the last one when I did very bad but I was sick with bronchitis when I took it. Part of literature that is important is comprehending what you read and my teacher told me to read 3 times and I never did that. Looking back I probably should have done that because the more you read something the better you comprehend it. At my school that I went to you could correct stuff but most schools are not like that so it is best to take your time and maybe even check your work once done. I hope this helps.

They make us read a ton of stupid and boring old books, make sure we take notes on every dang page, then answer a ton of confusing questions that don't make any sense.

Literature is super hard!

40 Chinese

Chinese can be boring and fun at the same time.

Simply Just Very Boring. - GriffinDoge

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