Top Ten Worst School Subjects


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41 Reading
42 Oral Communication

I mean who doesn't love a bit of oral. But whilst my peers AND my teachers are watching?! Now that's just wrong...

43 Literature

I used to always do super well or super bad (barely pass/fail). Usually super bad. So I did a summer reading program. My book was the fellowship of the rings. I got 6:8 on all of the quizzes but the last one when I did very bad but I was sick with bronchitis when I took it. Part of literature that is important is comprehending what you read and my teacher told me to read 3 times and I never did that. Looking back I probably should have done that because the more you read something the better you comprehend it. At my school that I went to you could correct stuff but most schools are not like that so it is best to take your time and maybe even check your work once done. I hope this helps.

Literature is super hard!

44 Civics

Compared to math this is a living hell

We get tablets but it's so damn stupid.

Think this subject is really boring

damn yiou

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45 Computer Science V 3 Comments
46 Latin
47 Orchestra

Dumb class I wish I never joined - EpicJake

48 Metal Work

Unless your going to be some sort of engineer this is a waste of time.

49 Arabic

I can't study arabic because I'm asian so I learn english - SpencerJC

Is ho hard to read

50 Social Studies
51 Philosophy Philosophy

My head hurts because of this subject...

52 Greek
53 Botany
54 Theatre Arts
55 Music Appreciation
56 Citizenship
57 Astronomy
58 Business Studies V 1 Comment
59 Oceanography
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