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21 Oxelo

Really Heavy And Does Not Let You Whip

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22 Zinc

Quite a good scooter actually but the grips arnt really the best but the handlebars are really high and I'm short so it makes it harder for me to rride and go to he skate park on also its heavy a lot of my mates find it heavy so its not just me

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23 UrbanArtt

The Bars crumble like rocks and the decks snap after 3-5 10 foot jumps.

24 5star

You have no money you get the cheapest scooters in the world and you can't even do any tricks on it so and your not rich enough to have every scooter you find them in the dumpster and clean them so you don't look bad I have every scooter and way more expensive then anything you have you said Lucky sucks it doesn't you found it at the dump

I got it and rode it and went to grind and the whole front end snapped waste of $300

25 Xspec
26 Crisp

There pretty good depending on what you buy.

27 Hellsing
28 Stunted

I don't know but looks to cheap to be good. - mikey123

Sorry that's my friends opinion above they are great just had a go on one and they r real cheap.

29 Ultra Scoots
30 Fox
31 Southern Star
32 Titan Blazer Pro

Plain bars

33 Flip Tech
34 Gainer

it sucks

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