Top 10 Worst SCPS

Just like Creepypasta, SCPS are prone to being terrible

The Top Ten

1 SCP-231

Shock value at its worst - AgentofAnarchy

It states that if the baby is born the world will end, without giving a scientific explanation. There are briliant scps out there but this one just revolves around sexual abuse just to

A article involving rape=Terrible - AgentofAnarchy

2 SCP-2317

Read this then 231 then back to this

Just another Zalgo ripoff - AgentofAnarchy

3 SCP-420-j

Seriously, a article about weed - AgentofAnarchy

4 SCP-789-j

Stupid as hell - AgentofAnarchy

5 SCP-1548

This OP crap does not belong on SC0 - AgentofAnarchy

*SCP - AgentofAnarchy

6 SCP-076

A Gary Stu who is the SCP version of Jeff the Killer - AgentofAnarchy

7 SCP-682 SCP-682

Another SCP atrocity, seriously, a reptile that kills people and is immortal - AgentofAnarchy

8 SCP-579

I can't STAND THIS SCP. Why is the whole description redacted! - AgentofAnarchy

9 SCP-902

A TICKING BOX! That's the stupidest thing I ever heard - AgentofAnarchy

10 SCP-173

Not THAT bad, but pretty bland for today's standards. - AgentofAnarchy

The Contenders

11 SCP-442
12 SCP-999
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