Worst Season 2 SpongeBob SquarePants Episodes


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1 I'm With Stupid

Yeah, this is one of the only duds in the first season of SpongeBob

V 1 Comment
2 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V V 2 Comments
3 Bubble Buddy

This should be number 1 it's Ban able - bolbi9

V 2 Comments
4 Procrastination V 1 Comment
5 Patty Hype

I definitely appreciate this list, but I love every single one of these episodes! - Kevie16

6 Dying for Pie
7 Band Geeks

Best episode ever! Get it off now!

This is the best SpongeBob episode ever. - Connor360

I honestly I didn't really like this episode. Plus they didn't really make an ending either. - toptenzen

I like this one

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8 Imitation Krabs

Hey! Imitation Krabs is one of the greatest episode ever I seen! Someone's In the Kitchen With Sandy is an insult and rip-off of this episode.

No way! Someone's In the Kitchen with Sandy is plain boring not this episode.

This is just plain boring. Enough said. - Connor360

9 Dumped V 3 Comments
10 The Secret Box

The Contenders

11 Squirrel Jokes V 1 Comment
12 Gary Takes a Bath

This episode was great except for that girl

In my opinion, this and I'm with stupid should be at the top - OhioStateBuckeyes

13 Potty Mouth V 1 Comment
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