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1 2008 Lions

The worst of the worst. Possibly the worst franchise in all pro sports since 1960 sunk to an all-time low in 2008 (0-16). And the stench of the Matt Millen era will linger for a couple more years. - howie115

This team was terrible in every phase of the game. How are the 07 Fins number 2. If it wasnt for the injurys they might have been respectable - gocanes52

To lose a majority of games is one thing, it becomes one hell of a feat to lose every single game in the season and setting a new record in the progress.

Can't argue with 0-16 until Cleveland gets there soon.

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2 1976 Buccaneers

they had more fumbles, less points, and less field goals than the 08 lions - olhrocks

They were a first-year expansion team, so I guess they have an "excuse", unlike the Lions.

think about it. even though the lions had 0-16, the bucs were just... worse.

For 2 consecutive seasons they only won like 2 games

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3 2007 Dolphins

It was kind of funny just listening to guys ask "is this the week the dolphins finally win a game? " - crazyeyes56

*cough, cough* Let's not say anything about that.

I still have respect but this was bad. - alexx3

4 1980 Saints

They are called the "Aints" for a reason

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5 2000 Chargers

Ryan Leaf as QB. Jermaine Fezande leads the team in rushing with only 368 yards... I think that's enough to qualify this team as the worst team ever. I don't think any team in NFL History has ever shown as much offensive inepetness as the 2000 San Diego Chargers

This time just started getting fans they were so bad

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6 1989 Cowboys V 1 Comment
7 2001 Panthers

the panthers were the only team to lose 15 straight in one season, until the lions, they deserve to be much higher on this list

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8 1991 Colts
9 2009 Rams
10 2016 Browns V 1 Comment

The Newcomers

? 2017 Browns

The journey to joining the 08 Lions perhaps this time without Joe Thomas its very possible. - htoutlaws2012

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11 1995 Jets

Led the Eagles late in the fourth quarter and blew the lead and lost,

12 1990 Patriots
13 1973 Chargers
14 2004 49ers
15 1996 Jets V 1 Comment
16 1960 Dallas Cowboys
17 1942 Detroit Lions
18 2006 Raiders

Even if record wise they arent the worst that team was a trainwreck full of egomaniacs and a guy who hadnt coached since the early 90s - Chris-1

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19 1973 Oilers
20 2013 Texans
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