Top Ten Worst Seasons of the Big Bang Theory


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1 Season 8

I agree I hardly ever watch season 8

The show really sucks now! Miss the first 5 seasons.

Last season had a few episodes that were funny, but this season's not keeping my attention.

This show has started to go downhill after season 5

2 Season 7

I have to say, this is my favourite series, mainly because of the song Howard wrote for Bernadette. The character growth in this series is amazing: Sheldon and Amy share their first kiss! Love it! My order from best to worst is 7, 9, 8, 1, 3, 2, 4, 6, 5.

Four words. The Itchy Brain Stimulation. The SpongeBob episodes Little Yellow Book, Your's Mine and Mine, House Fancy and even ONE COARSE MEAL are better than this episode. Sheldon is a jerk for no reason. Amy and Bernadette RAID PENNY'S CABINET LIKE GROSS PEOPLE. Need I say more?

Some season 8 episodes have been a winner... None of these were really good. Overall a disappointing season - keycha1n

Season Seven let me down. Only 1 in 4 episodes I'd say were that good. - PositronWildhawk

3 Season 4

The only bad one in this great show. Luckily all the following ones were much better

4 Season 10

Definitely the worst. I mean, seasons 4-5 and 8-9 had some low points (The Matrimonial Momentum is the worst TBBT episode in my humble opinion), but honestly this was the first season that really bored me nearly all the time. While watching basically every episode, I just wanted it to end, a thing never happened before. No fun at all. Season 11 was mostly filler too, but had also few great episodes like The Bitcoin Entanglement, The Solo Oscillation, The Gates Excitation and the touching two episodes at the end, which while certainly unusual for TBBT, were very well done.

Awful season. Sheldon is not as funny and nerdy as he was in the earlier seasons and Penny and Leonard are always fighting about something. I'm sick of it.

It's sad to see how this show changed. In earlier season there was a group of nerdy scientists always discussing about superheroes and things like that, a dumb blonde waitress and there were also a lot of references to science in the gags.
Now all the episodes are based on the couples' dynamics and their personal problems. I'm not saying this is bad, simply it isn't the show we loved anymore. I hope Season 11 will bring the show back to its roots, but sincerely I don't think this will happen.

Boring season no plot

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5 Season 5
6 Season 6

Boring and depressed season!

This is so boring hell!

No one single laug!

7 Season 1

so funny

8 Season 2

Season 2 was awesome

My order best to worst season 2 season 3 season 5 season 7 season 6 season 8 season 4 season 1

9 Season 9
10 Season 3

Penny is so unlikable in this season.

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