Top 10 Worst Seasons by an NBA Team

This list talks about singular seasons rather than an entire team's history.

The Top Ten

2011-12 Charlotte Bobcats

I didn't realize such a record was possible.

The season was cut short to 66 games that year. Had it been normal, they still would've gone 8-74 lol - UltraGamer

7-59. Just... 7-59. - UltraGamer

1972-73 Philadelphia 76ers

The worst record for an NBA team in a full, 82 game season: 9-73 - UltraGamer

1992-93 Dallas Mavericks

Oh goodness, a 19 game losing streak, an 11-71 record, a -15.2 point differential and an injured top draft pick? Wow. - UltraGamer

1998-99 Vancouver Grizzlies

They had only one road win in the entire season, lost 13 straight games, and got an 8-42 record. - UltraGamer

2015-16 Philadelphia 76ers

Boasting a horrendous 1-30 start the 2015-2016 76ers scored a terrible 97.4 PPG in a era where teams run up the court flop and get a foul somehow... they only beat one team with a winning record who didn't deserve it either the Portland Trailblazers they also never had back 2 back wins the whole year. They spent 5 years of bottom of the barrel to be Offensively Nasty

Yup. We sucked back then. But we won't for the next ten years. That's for sure. - phillysports

How about starting your season off 0-18 and ending with a 10-72 record? Nice! - UltraGamer

1998-99 Los Angeles Clippers

A 9-41 season which only inches them ahead of the Grizzlies in standings. - UltraGamer

1997-98 Denver Nuggets

They had a 2-38 record after 40 games and ended up with an 11-71 record, tying the 92-93 Mavs. - UltraGamer

2009-10 New Jersey Nets

A 4-46 record after fifty games and ending up 12-70? Great way for a last season in New Jersey! - UltraGamer

2004-05 Atlanta Hawks

Two losing streaks of 13 and 14 games and losing 32 of their last 35 games contributed to their 13-69 record, the worst in Hawks History. - UltraGamer

1998-99 Chicago Bulls

Turns out the team was trash without MJ, posting a 13-37 record, and scoring only 49 points in a game against the - UltraGamer

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