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1 Season 12

I use to think that season 9 was the worst, but I think I changed my mind. At least season 9 had some pretty decent jokes, but season 12 is just plain awful.
It started out good, with "finder's keepers" and "vestigial Peter", but a lot of its recent episodes were very bad.

Let me give out a few examples:
Life of Brian: the one where they temporarily kill of Brian. it was just sad and depressing.
Mum's the word: wasn't funny. The ending was just horrible and depressing.
Fist full of Meg: violent and awful. I can't believe they let this one air.
Peter problems: wasn't funny. most of the jokes were just stale and boring
Brian's a Bad Father: Had absolutely no funny moments. the ending with Peter in a wheelchair was just disturbing.
Fresh Heir: Ever wonder when Family Guy will go too far? Well, it happened here. Peter tries to marry Chris. HOW IS THAT A GOOD PLOTLINE?

Well, I think that Season 12 is way, way worse than season 9. it's just awful. please, ...more - Megalink

Brian dies and Peter tries to marry Chris, enough said, 'twas a horrid season. I didn't mind the seriousness in episodes but you don't kill the lovable dog. - HTML_RuleZ_D00D


I agree

2 Season 9

That's in Season 10, idiot.

Seahorse Shell Party, enough said

In deh - Quintrell

3 Season 10 V 1 Comment
4 Season 1
5 Season 7
6 Season 13

I didn't laugh one bit during this season sorry

Stewie Is Enceinte... that's all I'm saying.

Painful past episode 8

Yea feel 13-14 sucked after the collab what The Simpsons

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7 Season 8

It's the worst cause it lacks development and Cleveland left.

The start of the Quagmire hates Brian gag

8 Season 14
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