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1 Season 12

I use to think that season 9 was the worst, but I think I changed my mind. At least season 9 had some pretty decent jokes, but season 12 is just plain awful.
It started out good, with "finder's keepers" and "vestigial Peter", but a lot of its recent episodes were very bad.

Let me give out a few examples:
Life of Brian: the one where they temporarily kill of Brian. it was just sad and depressing.
Mum's the word: wasn't funny. The ending was just horrible and depressing.
Fist full of Meg: violent and awful. I can't believe they let this one air.
Peter problems: wasn't funny. most of the jokes were just stale and boring
Brian's a Bad Father: Had absolutely no funny moments. the ending with Peter in a wheelchair was just disturbing.
Fresh Heir: Ever wonder when Family Guy will go too far? Well, it happened here. Peter tries to marry Chris. HOW IS THAT A GOOD PLOTLINE?

Well, I think that Season 12 is way, way worse than season 9. it's just awful. please, ...more - Megalink

Brian dies and Peter tries to marry Chris, enough said, 'twas a horrid season. I didn't mind the seriousness in episodes but you don't kill the lovable dog. - HTML_RuleZ_D00D


Brian Died!

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2 Season 10

Here's why

Seahorse Seashell Party: Meg says her family is right and not her at the end. They are the problem, Meg is normal and is the PUNCHING BAG. Poor her!

Screams of Silence; The Story of Brenda Q: this pisses me off so much that Brenda wants to be with Jeff despite he is abusing her.

Stewie Goes For A Drive: (no that bad of a episode but... ) Ryan Reynolds says he's not gay though he was acting gay around Peter.

Amish Guy: Ezikiel is a dickhead.

Cool Hand Peter: (would've been a good episode without this) The retarded police man arrests the gang for nothing.

Livin' On a Prayer: I hate the Christianity-obsessed parents of the scotty fella because they say that the lord will help them live! You need medical care at least some time in your life.

Tom Tucker; The Man and His Dream: James Woods back again! <a onclick="$$('#cid4433090').html( $$('#cid4433090').html() + $$('#cid4433090more').attr('more') ...more - sryanbruen

3 Season 9

That's in Season 10, idiot.

Seahorse Shell Party, enough said

In deh - Quintrell

4 Season 1

Why in the hell is this season in here the modern family guy season 8- the last season, season 1 was always a classic for the griffins and other characters like quagmire, joe, and more

5 Season 7

I hated this season.


6 Season 13

Stewie Is Enceinte... that's all I'm saying.

I didn't laugh one bit during this season sorry

Painful past episode 8

I can’t tell when it became borderline unwatchable but this season is just terrible. The jokes fall flat and feel even lazier than usual.

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7 Season 8

It's the worst cause it lacks development and Cleveland left.

The start of the Quagmire hates Brian gag

Terrible. just terrible

8 Season 16

The first 5 episodes were not very good. They didn't seem very focused. Luckily they got a lot better after episode 6.

Just horrible. Boring jokes, boring "plots".

Actually garbage

Really bad. No jokes,boring,unfortunately this is the worst season.

9 Season 11

The last few episodes were kind of boring.

10 Season 14

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11 Season 17
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