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1 Season 24

A complete snore fest. Every episode from this season was by far the worst, especially the Lady Gaga episode. I can't believe the Simpsons was renewed for another season after this shipwreck. Hopefully, Season 25 won't be so bad.

The Simpsons seasons has ages because of its long life: golden age, silver age, Bronze Age, and the ordinary age in where it can be compared to family guy and American dad. This season IS the ordinary age. the Bronze Age is seasons 23, 25, 22, and 21

This season is truly forgettable, with drag episodes like "A Test Before Trying" and "Homer Goes To Prep Schools" and of course the shockingly bad "A Tree Grows in Springfield". The only good thing I can say is that "The Day The Earth Stood Cool" was good. That's right the BEST EPISODE in the season was only GOOD!

I can completely agree with this one. This season had completely bad episodes such as The Changing of The Guardian,and Homer Goes to Prep School. Although, there have been good episodes in this season, such as The Saga of Carl and Hardly Kirk-ing. - Sboy727

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2 Season 7

Why is this on top and there are no comments?

Now this is not True. Other than King Size-Homer and Marge Not be Proud, but, there were memorable episodes such as Radioactive Man, Homer the Smithers, and Summer of 4ft.2. - Sboy727

3 Season 1

The only reason this was bad was because they hadn't confirmed a general plot yet! Give them a chance! You can't magic genius in a matter of seconds!

I find this so unfair, I enjoyed the analogy's and metaphor's that were in Season 1. "Some Enchanted Evening", "Homer's Night Out" and of course "Bart The General" displayed some great issues in life (some in simpsons life albeit, but still). This is where Season 23 should be, might I remind you of "Lisa Goes Gaga".

No such thing as golden era but this season was not the worst its underrated my fave episode is Moaning Lisa, the later are also underrated seasons because you hate the celebrity.

The animation in the season was clunky and I didn’t laugh in any of the episodes

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4 Season 10

Seasons 9 and 10 are not the best, but at least get some funny episodes, unlike Seasons 11 and 12.

Season 10 was very dull and boring and only one or two episodes were good

5 Season 23

Simpsons up to this point are hard to watch (unless you're someone like me, watching them just to see if there is a least some sort of "hidden gem", for me this season had none, some solace may be found in season 20 but otherwise it's a dead end. Season 23 is no different. The absolute disappointments in simpsons episodes are "Lisa Goes Gaga" and of course the "Diving Bell and Butterball" segment in Treehouse XXII. I do agree with IMDB that "Moe goes from Rags to Riches" and "Politically Inept, with Homer Simpsons" were awfully scripted episodes, but to say that "Holidays of Future Past" has the same rating as "Das Bus" is a scar to the name of the Simpsons.

This is where something went wrong. I had no problem with seasons 1-22, but then THIS happened. THIS is when the Simpsons went downhill, not during season 11. I remember, I was exited for the new season, I was watching, and I immediately shut off my T.V. , due to the awfulness of this season. The show now focuses way to much on Lisa and her liberal beliefs, way too many marijuana references, and they had Justin BEIBER ON THE SHOW FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! The show should have ended at season 22. - Megalink

For this, there were some fairly good ones, such as The Book Job and Holidays of Future Passed. and the 500th episode was good as well. But Lisa Goes Gaga, I'd rather take shots of bleach than watch this. Also, Moe Goes from Rags to Riches was awful as well. - Sboy727

By FAR the worst season!

6 Season 2

Why is this on here this season was awesome let me remind you people of some great episodes like dead putting society itchy scratchy and marge dancing homer Bart gets hit by a car one fish two fish blowfish blue fish and many more!

Season 2 is way than they have ranked it

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7 Season 11

Expect for behind the laughter this season was lackluster. It had horrible stories. Characters acting out of the ordinary. If you like no sense simpsons this is for you. Plus the episodes were mostly boring

A few decent episodes, but most of them were boring.

I liked this season. Don't judge

I liked E.I.E.I (annoyed grunt)

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8 Season 17

This wasn't a memorable season at all. They had some episodes that completely dragged, like Bonfire of the Manatees, and not to mention the one where Marge got Amnesia was awful! the remotely only good or alright one was The Italian Bob. - Sboy727

9 Season 25

It's not finished yet, but so far, it's just been awful. Plus, this is the season where they will kill of one of the popular recurring characters, so I'm not looking forward to THAT.

Simpsons lost mojo and entertainment value about 3season ago. Although the last 5 have lost some thing. I have watched every season from the beginning and I think this May be the last

Am I the only one who actually likes new seasons? They aren't as good as the old ones but they aren't bad.

Season 25, I swear to good was a good season! With episodes like Steal this Episode, Homerland, Brick like Me, and Married to The Blob were examples of how The Simpsons can still deliver despite it being on for 25+ years now. - Sboy727

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10 Season 6

Season 6 was the greatest! - RickyReeves

Episodes such as Bart v Australia,Homer the great,Treehouse of horror 5 etc were really good in this season and really stood out. All episodes I at least moderately enjoyed in season 6. SHOULD BE NEARER TO THE TOP

Is this a joke? Season 6th here?! COME ON! "Treehouse of Horror V" is epic, "Bart v.s. Australia", "A Star is Burns" and "Homie The Clown" were hillariously funny, "Homer Badman" and "Homer the Great" had amazingly great plots, so why is season 6 worse then Season 22? P.s. I feel your pain RickyReeves

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11 Season 12

Homer getting raped by a panda is not at all funny. Like Season 11, I really hate this season.

Seasons 12 and 13 are a lot better then people think. I enjoyed several episodes from this season. Way better than 10

12 Season 18

Now, this was a season with good episodes. 24 Minutes anyone? Or how about The Haw-Hawed Couple? I will admit there were some bad ones, even awful ones like The Boys of Bummer. - Sboy727

There were a number of good episodes here, but it was the last of them. It was all downhill from after this. - PositronWildhawk

Boys of Bummer is the worst episode of any cartoon ever. - RalphBob

And ;this season sucks - ActorMan123

13 Season 3

Season three was great it gave us classic episodes like like father like clown radio Bart homer at bat homers odyssey Bart the murderer and brother can you spare 2 dimes

WHAT?!?! HOW?!?! This season had some of the most classic episodes of this series! Such as Stark Raving Dad, Homer at The Bat, When Flanders Failed, and Bart the Murderer! - Sboy727

Why is this before season 27?! Season 3 was one of the high points of the Simpsons!

14 Season 13

Season 13 was brilliant!
Some of the really good episodes were 'weekend at burnsies', Treehouse of horror 12, the episode where marge has a lawsuit against sugar etc.
Way better than most previous seasons! Up there with season 14,15,16,17,2,3,4 and 5

15 Season 19

The treehouse of horror 18 was TERRIBLE on here. After this episode all the other tree houses of horror were crap - Harri666

This season messed up the continuity of Homer and Marge's relationship, and the rest is history.

16 Season 16

Just started thinking about this season. (Barf)

I usually watch a season when I get it on DVD in about 3-4 days this one I started it and couldn't nbe bothered finishing it. - JohnGormleyJG

16 at 16 - TeamRocket747

Brilliant Episodes this time
One of the best seasons

17 Season 21
18 Season 26

These days it seems like the simpsons have a writing staff consisting of drunk monkeys and DR Phil crap it's just crap!

Okay, now I can agree with this argument. Season 26 was an awful season! With episodes like The Musk who Fell to Earth, Sky Police, The Man Who Came to Be Dinner, and Mathlete's Feat. But, there were one or two decent episodes, such as Bart's New Friend, and Simpsorama was one the best episodes in years! - Sboy727

This just in the simpsons hired a writing staff of drunk an d drugged up monkeys

19 Season 14
20 Season 5

Season 5 was the best season ever! it shouldn't be on here - RickyReeves

What the hell is this doing up here this season is great are you forgetting episodes like homer and apu, $pringfield, homer the vigilante boyz In the hood, marge on the lamb and the boy who new to much! I rest my case.

Worst season of all I hated cape fear. - Ilyas678

21 Season 15
22 Season 28

I was REALLY looking forward to season 28, but when they churned out junk like 'The cad and the hat' and 'caper chase', I gave up. I did like 'the great phatsby' and 'there will be buds' though.

23 Season 9

Most of the episodes of 9 were really good, it's my favorite season, but 'The Principal and the Pauper' and 'All Singing, All Dancing' ruined it - RickyReeves

Season 9 was ruined because of Miracle on Evergreen Terence - ShaunFan04

24 Season 4

Marge In Chains Was. Pretty Good - RockStarr

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25 Season 8
26 Season 27

They need to stop letting drunk monkeys writing there episodes :-(

27 Season 29

Worst ever season. All series are total crap!

28 Season 22

Absolutely wrong 22 was the best season of the new seasons

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29 Season 20

It was okay but not that great

WHAT? Season 20 will FOREVER be my crown season.
Sure, you may adore Cape Feare, Last Exit to Springfield and stuff like that.
To me, those episodes are OK.
Radio Bart was the only old episode that actually earned a place in my heart, whereas most of the Season 20 episodes are AMAZING. Double Double, Boy in Trouble is obviously one of the funniest episodes ever.

This season is surprisingly good, especially the episodes "SEx pies and idiot scrapes" and "The old man and the Burns"

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