Worst Seasons of The Simpsons

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21 Season 15

Like Season 14 Some Of The Plots Are Stupid And Annoying - rjbarg042

22 Season 28

I was REALLY looking forward to season 28, but when they churned out junk like 'The cad and the hat' and 'caper chase', I gave up. I did like 'the great phatsby' and 'there will be buds' though.

23 Season 4

Marge In Chains Was. Pretty Good - RockStarr

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24 Season 8
25 Season 27

They need to stop letting drunk monkeys writing there episodes :-(

26 Season 9

Most of the episodes of 9 were really good, it's my favorite season, but 'The Principal and the Pauper' and 'All Singing, All Dancing' ruined it - RickyReeves

27 Season 22

Absolutely wrong 22 was the best season of the new seasons

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28 Season 20

It was okay but not that great

WHAT? Season 20 will FOREVER be my crown season.
Sure, you may adore Cape Feare, Last Exit to Springfield and stuff like that.
To me, those episodes are OK.
Radio Bart was the only old episode that actually earned a place in my heart, whereas most of the Season 20 episodes are AMAZING. Double Double, Boy in Trouble is obviously one of the funniest episodes ever.

This season is surprisingly good, especially the episodes "SEx pies and idiot scrapes" and "The old man and the Burns"

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