Worst Seasons

The Top Ten
1 Summer

What summer is great it is a name my birthday is in summer and the best movies always come out in summer -Sausagelover99

I have an entire list of reasons why the summer is overrated. - PositronWildhawk

It gets way to hot with no end in site.

The only thing I like is no skool

2 Spring

I live in Oklahoma and there is a lot of tornadoes, YIKES - 1nyjetsfan

3 Winter

Winter sure is the best season of all time :DD who does hate winter :D Winter should be on the number one not on the fourth place because it's the best season of all time. Snowball fight for the win!

Winter is the best time of year, Christmas, Snow, Winter Break! - 1nyjetsfan

It's only good for Christmas. After New Years, I want winter to end!

I hate snow, snowball fights and I can't go inline skating laugh out loud - Naonao

4 Fall

Guess what pure hell starts in Fall?

The season in which School starts.

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