Worst Secret Mountain Fort Awesome and Uncle Grandpa Characters

Here are the worst characters from two of Cartoon Network's very terrible shows, Secret Mountain Fort Awesome and Uncle Grandpa.

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1 Uncle Grandpa Uncle Grandpa

Ah, Peter Browngardt. The jack ass who knows how to make all iof us barf. And since we gave him another chance, thank goodness he gave us yet another unneeded abomination. Uncle Grandpa. Just look how beautiful he looks. Diaper rashes... Uh huh. Moldy armpit sweat... Yep. And hobo stench. Righty-o! A mentally ill psychopath who has a talking purse around his ab of flab, carrying around a leftover pizza who deserves to be eaten, or demolished at the dump, Godzilla and a rainbow farting flying tiger, who has no better name! How stupid! And let's see the rating of this crud! (2 and a half stars) Give them your money folks, they took seconds to think of this gross cartoon!

All he ever goes is "Good Morning, Good Morning, Good Morning, Good Morning". SHUT UP, UNCLE GRANDPA!

Good morning

I remember when Uncle Grandpa and Mr. Gus were leg wrestling with their feet. WHAT?!

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2 The Fart

Does anyone find it creepy seeing a guy made out of butts.

All he does is fart while talking. That is what I call disgusting.

He's literally made out of butts! He is just so creepy and retartded. Yes, he's mature, BUT he scared the living HELL out of me.

Ahh... And Where Should I Begin With This.

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3 Pizza Steve Pizza Steve

He thinks he's awesome and famous but in reality, he's really just annoying. I can't believe everyone believes what he says. The only person with any sense is Mr. Gus and even he's boring. Pitiful, just pitiful.

Why isn't this character number 1 on the worst character list. Pizza Steve is the worst character ever created

Pizza steve is rude. he thinks he's the best while we all think he's the worst - fnafgirl101

Pizza Steve thinks he is the only person alive. Belly Bag is awesome!

4 Festro

He's a purple monster who wears underwear and tennis shoes, and loves to punch himself in the face. Is that supposed to be funny?!

He makes Alfe from the problem solverz look like Naruto Uzumaki.

5 Belly Bag

Does anyone find it creepy seeing a fanny pack talk?

Zip it, Belly Bag!

6 Slog

He just scared the living hell out of me with his black fur and snot.

All the disgustoids suck. They make all the Johnny test characters with the exception of Dukey and Janet Nelson Jr and The Uncle Grandpa characters look like The South Park Gang, The Griffin Family, The Simpsons and every single highly likeable and interesting character from the French horror film Frontier (s). This movie and these shows are all way better.

This guy and everybody else in SMFA and UG suck!

7 Mr. Gus Mr. Gus

He has no personality at all. He never smiles at all.

He's a retarded version of Reptar from Rugrats

I like and tolerate him, unlike Pizza Steve.

Why the hell would somebody vote for him. He's A DINOSAUR!

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8 Gweelok

Gweelok has a very funny accent, but is super creepy with no legs.

A Booger With Red Pimbles Using He's Arms As Feet?!? THAT IS SO DISGUSTING! He's Probably Even More Disgusting Than That Dude Made Out Of Butts.

Gweelok? More like "Greasemock"!

9 Giant Realistic Flying Tiger

She's just Giant Realist Flying Tiger. I don't care about her.

Ya, it's just a cut out tiger stolen from Google, the animators have no talent

A rainbow farting tiger who escaped from a rainbow farting animal zoo.

That is not a name, that is a description.

10 Dingle

He just looks creepy, man. I hate that guy. He speaks retarded gibberish.

He's a retarded version of Reptar from Rugrats.

The Contenders

11 Tiny Miracle
12 Beary Nice
13 Hot Dog Person

What kind of name is Hot Dog Person?

14 Charlie Burgers
15 Xarna, She-Warrior of the Apocalypse

A she-warrior that's voiced by a guy? I don't get it.

16 Frankenstein

This is no Frankenstein to me

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